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I Finally Had A Minor Outing!

August 17, 2019


I recently posted how I have not worn a skirt in a long time.  That helped motivate me to pack up an outfit and go out yesterday.  I took my red A-line skirt and my black top that has a built-in cardigan.  I wore nude pantyhose and black flats.


Picked Up Paperwork

I needed to stop by an office to pick up some paperwork.  I debated whether I should do this.  I finally decided to go for it.  I parked in front of the building.  There was a man near the entrance who was smoking and using his phone.  As far as I could tell, he never looked up.

In the lobby, there was a receptionist sitting behind a window.  There was no one else.  I walked up to the counter which was near the entrance.  The receptionist did not look up until I was at the window.  Because of the window, she may have been unable to see anything below my shoulders.  She got the paperwork and handed it to me through the window.  She sat back down and I turned to leave.  As far as I could tell, she looked back down and returned to working.

Outside, the smoking man was still on his phone.  I think he never looked at me.  There was someone sitting in a car nearby.  It was hard to see into the car, but I think they were also on their phone.

Invisibility for the win!

Beauty Supply Store

I went to a store that sells beauty supplies in order to get some cream bleach.  I have been to this store before in a skirt.  When I walked in, I saw that the cashier was someone I had never met.  She asked me if I needed some help.  I told her that I thought I knew what I needed.  I went in, selected my product, went to the counter, and paid.  The cashier spoke pleasantly while ringing up my order.  She was young and had a calm demeanor.  I asked her to take my picture.  She complimented me on my colors.

I bought Surgi Invisi-bleach.  This is my second time buying it.  I have previously used Jolen cream bleach.  I went back for Surgi because I found it easier to use.  With Jolen, I had to measure a powder and a cream into a bowl.  Then I would have to mix it and eventually apply it onto my body.  With Surgi, I squirt a line of the first cream onto my leg, and then squirt the second cream in a second “line” in the shape of a U around the first line.  That guarantees a two-to-one ratio of the creams.  Then I blend them on my leg.  I do not know which product provides more bleachings per dollar.  I paid around $7 (USD) for the Surgi Invisi-bleach.  Similar to Jolen cream bleach, I need more than one application to make my brown leg hair become very hard to see.  However, my hair is not obvious under pantyhose after one application.

Ice Cream Store

I went to an ice cream store that I had previously visited while wearing a skirt.  I looked in the windows when I arrived and saw around eight children.  I got back into my car and drove away disappointed.  I was looking forward to the ice cream!

Sandwich Restaurant

I drove on, looking for another place to find ice cream.  I ended up going to a sandwich restaurant that I have visited numerous times while dressed pretty.  Apparently, it was closed and there was one remaining customer.  I walked in and the owner and two employees were sitting in the dining area socializing.  She invited me in and gave me a cup for a free fountain drink.

She invited me to sit down and join the three of them.  I drank my drink while we sat and talked.  I did not stay long.  I eventually got up, said my good-byes, and left.

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One Comment
  1. Pat permalink

    Just getting dressed pretty always feels good and to be able to get out and about as you do is a bonus. I like the red skirt with the black top. It is a good look for you

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