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Fellowship Time at Church

October 17, 2019


I was able to get a copy of a video of the church service I recently attended.  During the fellowship time, the cameraman panned the room.  (I’m the guy in a skirt with a blurry head.)

One thing is VERY interesting to me.  There is a woman on the right side of the screen who ushers her kids out of the row so that she can get out.  Then she comes over and waits briefly, and shakes my hand.  Afterward, she returns to her seat.  This is the same woman who I saw before the service look across the aisle at me.  She could see my legs and my wedge heels.  She had a look of realization.  No matter what her initial reaction was, this nice woman was willing to come up to me and greet me.  That made me feel so special when I saw that!

In fact, I feel special every time I see it.

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