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Meeting, Lunch, and Errands in a Skirt

October 18, 2019


I had another scheduled meeting with my coach.  I decided to dress pretty for this meeting as well.  I also needed to go to the bank.  I wore my gray skirt and my black and white blouse with my black wedge heels.


Meeting with Coach

I went to the office of a coach that I have been seeing.  I entered the lobby and sat down.  There were two women in the lobby.  It was hard to tell whether they even saw me.  One woman made eye contact and smiled at me at one point.  Otherwise, there was no interaction.  Eventually, I was called away.

I met with my coach again.  This was our last meeting.  Again, she gave roughly no reaction to my outfit.  At the end of the meeting, I thanked her for helping me.  I also thanked her for “letting me” dress pretty for our meetings.  (I never asked her, I just showed up in a skirt.)  I told her that it was very nice sitting and talking to her while dressed like this.  It was a new frontier for me.  She told me that she did not care about it.  If something is not hurting others or being destructive in my life, then she did not see it as a concern for her.  She added that I was well put together.  That was nice.

Grocery Store

After my meeting, I went to a grocery store that has a buffet with a dining area.  I walked in and walked around the store for a few minutes.  No one seemed to take notice of me.  At one point, I saw an employee.  She had tattoos all over her arms.  She was cute.  She did not seem like the rebellious type, but more of a hipster type.

I went to the cafe and bought some food.  There were two occupied tables in the dining area.  One table had two women at it.  They were talking and never seemed to notice me.  At the other table, there was a woman who was working.  She had documents and devices in front of her.  She looked at me for a few moments while I was at the cash register.  She never looked at me again after that.

I finished eating and discarded my waste.  I walked back through the store and found the tattooed employee.  I asked her if she would take my picture.  She happily did.  I told her that I do not get to go out like this very often.  She said, “I am glad you felt safe to come here.”

Ice Cream Shop

I went to an ice cream shop for dessert.  I walked in to find a mother and her three year old daughter at a table.  The girl paid some attention to me, but not the mother.  I placed my order and took my dessert with me and left.


I took a couple checks to my bank to have them cashed.  All three of the ladies I normally see there were at the same counter.  They greeted me and we talked briefly.  I asked one of the ladies to take my picture while I was completing my transaction.  The other woman decided to jump out of the picture.  We talked fashion and colors and personalities.  I eventually said good-bye and left.


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  1. Pat permalink

    Your actions, while out and about, are almost becoming mundane. Your ability to connect with the women you meet and have them be supportive of you is very encouraging. I suppose most women know that they have nothing to fear from a skirt and hose.

    I wonder if we are coming to the end of the ‘post tattoo’ period. A few decades back tats were mostly the province of military men and bikers. If you saw a pretty young lady with a body full of tattoos you may have had a reaction…not so much any more. If people elect to cover their bodies with ink that is becoming so commonplace that it is universally accepted. If you and I elect to cover our bodies with dresses, skirts, hose and heels that is also becoming more and more acceptable.

    • People hardly react any longer to me being dressed up in public. Years ago, I would see people suddenly turn around and whisper to the people they were with. These days, I have seen people not bother to tell their company about me.

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