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Lunch Outing

December 19, 2019


Today, I wore a black skirt, a black and gray blouse, with an unbuttoned green shirt as a cover, with my black wedge heels.  I felt good about this outfit.  Sometimes, I thought that the green top did not hang as beautifully as I would have liked for it to hang.  I also tucked in my top, which is not normal for me.  I think I like how it worked out.  I also rediscovered that I love this lined black skirt.  It is not restrictive and it fits well.


Clothing Store

I visited a clothing store that I have gone to several times.  I started browsing.  Eventually, a clerk in her 60’s offered to help me.  She never acted like what I was doing was a surprise or unusual.  She recommended several outfits.  She started a changing room for me.  I tried on some of the outfits.  I stepped out of the dressing room in a couple oft he outfits.  The clerk gave me advice on them.

One dress she recommended that I try on was a black dress.  I love how this dress hangs on me.  I felt so beautiful in this dress!  I have thought about it several times.  I think I will go back and buy it.  I will have to buy a thin shirt to wear under it because the neck line is too low cut for me.

(I have repeated something before on my blog that a fashion blogger once wrote, and I have used it many times:  Go to a store, try on several things, then leave.  If you think about an item two or more times, go back and buy it.)


I had some checks to cash.  I went into my bank and I was served by a new teller.  It was a completely ordinary transaction.  One of the other employees greeted me like usual from a distance.  A third employee and I discussed an educational website that I had recommended on my last visit.  …Because, that’s what guys in skirts do at the bank.


I had intended on going out for an early lunch to avoid the crowds.  However, things came up and I went out on a rather late lunch/outing instead.  I walked into a restaurant and found that there was only one other customer.  I was seated by a familiar server who has seen me in a skirt before.  She was smiley and welcoming, like usual.  She asked me if I was cold.  I did not have on a jacket.  I said no, it was not bad.  Later, I thought, “Was she asking because I was in a skirt?  That never crossed my mind!”

I received my food and finished quickly.  A couple had come into the restaurant and seated themselves while I was finishing my meal.  I got up and walked to the cash register.  The man from the couple saw my outfit.  I assume he told her.  She made a laughter/gasp sound.  I looked over and she and I made eye contact.  Then it was over.  (I did not give her a stern look.  It was just a glance.)

I paid the male employee at the cash register.  He and I spoke briefly.  Then, I went back to my table to leave a “big” Christmas tip on the table.  I had to walk past that couple twice.  By this point, the server was talking to the couple at the table.  They paid me no attention.

The end.  🙂

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  1. Pat permalink

    I do find your outings of interest and I also think that to an extent I draw some inspiration from you. While I think my preference is to be fully dressed, around the house most of the time I am in hose, heels, dress or skirt and top. That has become the new normal for me. It has not also become more normal for me to go out in the warmer weather wearing beige/nude pantyhose under my shorts with a regular guy top. I have been so attired for several restaurant meals with my wife.

    Last week I had a last minute business trip. If you follow the blog Kandi’s Land ( I sent her a few emails that she will publish in her blog over the next few weeks.

    After a 5 hour+ ride in a black skirt, red turtle neck, hose, heels, wig I arrived at my hotel. I removed my wig and the light makeup that I had applied had mostly worn off, and I walked into the hotel and across the lobby to check in. The clerk asked for my ID and compared my license to my face.

    Again on check out I wore the same outfit without my wig and only very light makeup. After getting in my car I added my wig and breast forms.

    Thanks to you I know that presenting as a male in a skirt and hose, for most civilians, is not a problem.

    • The website is where a lot of guys (who dress like me) interact. In fact, those who post about passing as a woman find their posts taken down. That site has a strong posture. They call going out in women’s clothing as a man “fashion freedom”. Now, you have dabbled in fashion freedom.

      I look forward to reading your story!

      • Pat Scales permalink

        I like the concept of fashion freedom.
        BTW I like your outfit with the black skirt, black wedges, jacket over the a very nice blouse.

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