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Spanx Pantyhose Review

January 12, 2020


This is my review of Spanx Firm Believer Sheers! High-Waisted pantyhose.


Front of the Spanx package

Price: $30.00 (USD)  This is rather expensive for hosiery.  (I had a gift card.)

Texture: Pleasant.  The feel of the legs of the pantyhose was softer/silkier than Hanes Silk Reflections pantyhose, but possibly less silky than Leggs Sheer Energy (Light support) pantyhose.

Length: Excellent.  The length of these hose (size D) were sufficient for my long legs.  I am 6’3″.  They stayed in place.

Color: Rather natural.  I wore color S2.  It matched my pale skin fairly well.  There is a selection of at least six colors.

Shine: Little.  The legs of these pantyhose were basically matte (no shine).  In direct light, from up close, I was able to see the sparkle of the spandex.  In general, however, they were not very shiny.  The panty section was golden and sparkly.


My leg in Spanx Pantyhose

Durability: For me: bad.  While I was putting on these hose the first time, they tore.  In the back of my left leg, near the top, I tore them.  It was small, but a run zipped down my leg immediately.  While I continued putting them on, I felt a few more of those awkward feelings go down my leg.  The run also went up the leg into the panty section.  Normally, I do not tear my pantyhose.

Since these were so expensive, I was rather disappointed in myself and the product.  I wore them anyway.  When I took them off at the end of the day, I noticed that I also had another small run on the bottom of my right foot.  Apparently, I stepped on something and made a new tear.

On the positive side, the run was hard to see.  The light-weight fabric was so close to my skin color that the run was not very visible.


Back of the Spanx package and sizing chart

Construction: These Spanx Sheers! Firm Believer High Waisted pantyhose have a waist band that can come all the way up to where the bottom of a bra should be.  The panty section is heavier than control top.  The top is a Spanx shaping garment.  I did not find the panty section very tight or uncomfortable.  Size D may have been too big for me in the shaper.  The waist band did not roll down for me.  The controlling panty section extends down the legs of these pantyhose about four inches (ten centimeters).

The crotch of these pantyhose surprised me.  The crotch is made of two overlapping layers that are not connected to each other.  I consider the design similar to the design of the front of men’s “tighty whitey” underwear.  The two layers allow freedom of movement.  (This has a loosening effect if you are a crossdresser who is “tucked”.  It was looser on me, but it was not a problem.)  This style of the crotch gave me a lot of freedom of movement.  It made them more comfortable.  I really liked it.


Front of the insert in the package

Scent: I did not wash these pantyhose before wearing them.  Normally, new pantyhose has a distinct smell.  I believe it is the smell of the dye.  This pair had a scent that I could smell all day.  Normally, I only detect the smell of the dye when I am putting on a new pair of pantyhose.  I do not think that these had a stronger smell than other pairs.  It is possible that Spanx pantyhose have such a high waist band that the smell was finding its way out the neck hole of my shirt.  I do not think that anyone else could have smelled it in normal workplace interactions.


Back of the insert in the package

Conclusion: I liked these pantyhose.  I did not love them.  Because of how they tore twice on the first day, I do not think that I will spend any more money on buying another pair.  I was told that this brand is very durable.  I accept that I may have bought a defective pair that were atypically brittle.  But, I am not willing to chance it again.  Thank you Spanx for the experience.  Farewell.






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  1. Pat permalink

    Thank you for the review. I have not tried Spanx pantyhose. The price tag seems rather steep. I buy most of my hose from “Silkies” by mail. Silkies also has a website. I am rather satisfied with their product and they offer several styles, sizes and colors to pick from.

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