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Grocery Store and Clothing Store Outing

January 27, 2020


I went on a short, evening outing.  I stopped by a grocery store and a clothing store.  It was uneventful, except that I made a friend.

I wore my knee-length black skirt with my purple top and a black cardigan.  I wore some jet black Sheer Energy Leggs pantyhose and my black wedges.


Grocery Store

My wife asked me to pick up one item at the grocery store.  Without much significance, I went to a grocery store and roamed until I found the item.  It seemed like very few people ever looked up when I was around them.  There were not many people in the store.  I went to the cashier, bought my item, and left.  Totally a non-event.

Discount Household Store

I stopped at a nearby household items store.  I shopped around and found nothing that I needed.

Clothing Store

I visited a clothing store and looked through the ladies’ tops.  A woman was one rack over looking at the medium sized tops.  She passed by my aisle and browsed on the sweaters rack.  She asked me, “Having any luck?”

We started talking.  Eventually, she started telling me about her medical situation and how she has changed weight.  She started telling me about her niece, who is my height.  I immediately asked, “Where does she shop?”  Online, and special order were the answers.

We ended up standing on the same row talking about fashion and health for fifteen minutes.  She did not care that I was a dude in a skirt.  She eventually told me about a neighbor that she used to have in an apartment complex who confided in her that he was transgender.  She said he eventually asked her to be his person to dispose of his lady things if he were to ever die.

She said that he asked her to see him transition into a woman.  She said she watched him go through all of the work of becoming a woman.  Then, she said, they went out shopping together.

So… I see why she was so casual about drumming up a conversation with me.  🙂

One interesting (and troubling) thing she said was, “I think I have seen you out before.”  That bothers me.  Am I out in public so much that I am running in to people multiple times?!?  That means that I am statistically at risk of running into people I do not want to see me dressed pretty.

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  1. Pat permalink

    It really does seem like you found a friend and ally. She may have recognized you because she was sensitive to TG people having been a friend to one. Having seen you before made an impression.

    You only need to look back to the first few paragraphs of this post to know that most people do not pay any attention at all. You came and went in the first two stores without any notice or reaction. I think that is the case most of the time with most folks not caring one way or the other if the encounter a TG person. This lady was sensitive and as such she may have noticed.

    I think that it is similar to if we see someone with pink hair or lots of tattoos. Neither are totally normal but we see enough and do not car about pink hair or tattoos to really notice BUT if we were into pink hair and lots of ink perhaps we would notice and recall seeing them in the past.

  2. Your encounter in the clothing store was rare IMHO. There ARE women who have no qualms, even enjoy/are attracted to MEN who CROSSDRESS.
    Upon recently ‘coming out’ to my wife that I CROSSDRESS, SHE revealed the is one woman who finds herself ‘turned on’ by men dressed ‘enfemme’. We have never been happier. We both ‘get dressed’ and then we go shopping (she took me shopping to buy PANTIES!) or we lunch at various restaurants… NEVER have we had a problem.
    Never have we been happier!

    • Hello V!
      Thank you for visiting and even more for commenting. 🙂
      I consider getting to go on an outing with your wife a special treat. I have only had a few of those, and they were all basically Halloween events. You are living a sort of dream, I suppose.

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