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What Do You Think? (Part 5)

May 19, 2020


What do you think about these outfits?  How well did I put them together?  How could I do better?  How could I pose better?  Posing is a tough challenge for me.  I feel so put on the spot!  Please, comment below and teach me how to do the best I can.

Please comment below and tell me:

  1. Which is/are your favorite(s)?  (Which should I definitely wear again?)  Why?
  2. Which should I never wear again?  Why?
  3. What would you change about the outfits?
  4. If something works well, why does it work, in your opinion?
  5. How can I pose better?

If this is your first “What Do You Think?” experience, please go comment on Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5.

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  1. Veletron permalink

    Your outfits all look nice, I liked the first one with the beige skirt most of all. Red is a very bold statement colour, you wear it well. Some of the cardigans are a little frumpy though.

    You should be out there in your skirt enjoying life, not seeking too much reassurance. Best to generally ask one close friend about their outfit, then just get on with it.

    • Thank you. I just have nothing else to write about right now, so I thought I would put on a fashion show and learn how to dress myself… 🙂

    • Ivor permalink

      Hi mate

      I found this page and want to thank you for the great clothing styles. I liked the beige skirt with the stripey top picture the most. I have just bought some tights, boots, underwear, skirt and cardigan to copy your look. I am scared about going outside though. My sister doesn’t want me wearing her things or stealing her shoes, so I promised to buy my own. Dad is not happy, he wants me to get a proper job and be a builder like him and he calls me all sorts of terrible names.

      I answered the door to a UPS courier whilst in a mini skirt and he laughed. I found it so sad. How do you get to be so confident and look so good?

      • Sometimes I say that I am “either bold or stupid”. My Facebook feed suggests that confidence and intelligence are not directly associated with one another! HA!

        Welcome Ivor. I’ll be more serious now. Thank you for your feedback. I have grown less afraid due to numerous outings. I have only been laughed at a small number of times compared to how many times I have been around people in public. Very few times.

        I shop in stores where the employees can give me advice. I’ve stopped shopping in thrift stores. I have saved up money and bought new things. I also shop in consignment shops where the owners are picky about what they put on their racks.

        If your parents and siblings know about your dressing, then you are more brave than I am.


  2. Ivor permalink

    Thanks for the kind words. I am out today in my local park. I am wearing a chino pencil skirt with stockings. I try to be careful to sit well, but when I open my legs ever so slightly, the breeze up my skirt is delightful! I am wearing a regular men’s shirt with it (I found a guy online called MarkMark who showed it is possible to still be a man and wear nice skirts, tights and heels). I wish I could send you a picture to see if my look is okay. Some boys laughed at me but I told myself it doesn’t matter.

    Please add more stories as it is encouraging me. Thanks

    • Rachel permalink

      Hi Ivor. I sure know that great feeling of a breeze going up my legs. I also love the clicking sound of my high heels. These are things that we enjoy and should be able to do in public. We are not hurting anyone by doing this. Ivor, I would love to chat with you. Can you please email me at so we can chat. Hoping to hear from you. Rachel

  3. Hank permalink


    #1 Is nice every day look
    #2 I like it very nice
    #3 I Love it very classy
    #4 It’s ok

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