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Talbots Silky Sheer Pantyhose Review

June 11, 2020


I was shopping in a Talbots recently.  They had a 50% off sale for any full-price item in the store.  I did not find any outfits, but I did finally decide to try their pantyhose.  Here is my review.

What I Wore

I wore a pair of Talbots Silky Sheer Pantyhose under my khaki pants and socks.



I bought size C because the size chart suggested they would fit on my long legs.  These pantyhose were long enough for my 33 inch (84 cm) inseam.  These pantyhose were made for a larger body than mine.  They fit well, but they felt looser than most pantyhose that I have worn.  The control top was not tight.



I wore medium nude.  This color was too dark for my rather pale skin.  I did not feel like this was a pretty color.  I felt that the color was closer to a wood color than a skin tone.  Even if I had darker skin, I have doubts about whether I would choose this color.  This product comes in a lighter shade of nude that I may try one day.

Perhaps I am being too negative here.  When I look at the pictures, the pantyhose look nice.  Yet, I do not feel as pretty in them as I would like to feel.


These pantyhose come in Silky Sheer, Light Support, and Opaque styles.  I selected Silky Sheer.


I felt like these pantyhose were good looking, except for my dislike for the color.  None of these pictures show them being less than beautiful.  Here are pictures of my legs with and without a flash.  These hose are rather sheer.  They cover up imperfections, though.  I normally bleach my leg hair in the summer.  I need to bleach again.  Although they were not conspicuous, my leg hair was visible if you looked at my legs carefully.

The first picture was taken with a flash.  The second picture was taken without a flash.

talbots_silky_sheer_with_flash   talbots_silky_sheer_no_flash

Control Top

The control top on the Talbots Silky Sheer pantyhose has a silvery, sparkly appearance.  I know that I will sound like a caveman here, but, shiny/sparkly things are fun to wear.  The size C control top was not snug on me (I wear size 12-14 skirt).  The gusset was larger than most pairs of hose I have worn.  By that, I mean that it extends 1-2 centimeters farther in the front and also in the back.


The texture of these pantyhose was good.  They were pleasant to touch with my hands and they were not abrasive with my other clothes.  I only wore them without pants for a brief time while I took these pictures.  From that little opportunity for my hosed legs touch each other, I felt like the hose interacted nicely with one another.  However, they were not as silky against one another as some brands can be.



I am 6 foot 3 inches (190 cm) tall.  These hose were sufficiently long enough for my long legs.  The crotch did not sag down on me.  Perhaps Talbots Silky Sheer pantyhose would fit up to 35 inch (89 cm) legs, but that is a guess.


These pantyhose are mostly matte in normal light.  I observed that, from at least the wearer’s perspective, they are shiny in direct light.  In the previous picture that was taken with a flash, there does not appear to be much shine from a forward perspective.



After one wearing, a pencil sized hole formed on the gusset seam near my leg.  On the second wearing, the hole grew to 1 cm in diameter.


The tag on these pantyhose says $10.  To me, that is rather expensive for everyday pantyhose.  However, I was able to buy these on sale for $5, which is a good price.


This product had NO scent that I could detect when I took them out of the package.  Normally, pantyhose have a scent to them.  The scent is a mix of the synthetic fibers out-gassing and/or the smell of the dye.  This product smelled odorless to me.  Interesting!


The waistband was comfortable.  It did roll on a couple occasions.  The waistband was not very snug on me because these pantyhose were not the ideal size for my width.  The label claims that these pantyhose have a “more forgiving waistband”.  However, it was comfortable and stayed in place well enough that I never found it annoying at all.


I liked Talbots Silky Sheer pantyhose.  I want to try them again in the same size, but in a lighter color.  If they are on sale, then the price is reasonable.  The sales staff in every Talbots I have shopped in have been very friendly to men.

I do not know what this means, but something changed on their website this week.  A few days ago, I searched for their pantyhose to make sure I had the list of styles correct.  Today, I wanted to look up the name of the next lighter color and got “no search results” in my searches on the Talbots search tool.  I tried searching from a web search engine, and I found links to their hosiery pages.  However, when clicked on, those links returned “page not found” errors.

Finally, I have tried to write a few product reviews lately.  Each one felt about as unpleasant as doing a book report.  I think I might stop doing this unless some product really blows my mind.

UPDATE: 6/30/2020: I posted a new blog post that includes a picture of me wearing Talbots Silky Sheer Pantyhose in medium nude.

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