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Using With Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach to Bleach Leg Hair

June 25, 2020



I tried a new product for bleaching my leg hair.  It is called Sally Hansen Bleach Creme/Cream.  (Online, they use the word “Creme”, but on the package it is “Cream”.)  Here is a quick review.  Short summary: It was very effective and I was pleased with the results.  UPDATE: I will probably only use this Sally Hansen product if I cannot get to any Surgi Invisi-bleach.  (My review of Surgi Invisi-bleach.)


I was shopping at a store that was conveniently close.  They only had Sally Hansen bleach products.  There were a few to choose from.  I bought the Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach.  There is a gentler version for your face.  I went with more power!!

There are three bottles inside:

  1. A pre-conditioner
  2. An activator
  3. The cream bleach

The instructions say to wash the area to be bleached first, then apply the pre-conditioner.  Next, the instructions say that you should mix one part powder activator with two parts cream.  I did not pre-wash, nor use the pre-conditioner.

The instructions say to apply the creme and leave it on for eight minutes.  Then, scrape off the cream and and see if the desired lightness had been achieved.  If not, then re-apply the removed cream for five more minutes.  I left the cream on my legs for 13-15 minutes.  Warning: a product like this can irritate your skin.  I am not recommending that you disregard the instructions when you apply these chemicals to your body.

My hair was very light after one application.  Normally, it takes two or more applications to achieve this lightness with the other products that I have used.  I am pleased.  My leg hair was invisible under nude pantyhose.  My hair was somewhat invisible when I was bare-legged

When I mixed up the ingredients, I used double what they recommended because I have needed a double batch to cover both legs with previous products.  This amount was enough to cover both of my legs well.  At this rate, I estimate that I will roughly get only three leg bleachings per package.


In my experience, you should not wear black shades of pantyhose with bleached leg hair.  My hair turns blonde when bleached.  Several hairs will eventually stick out of the pantyhose.  The blonde hairs are rather conspicuous against the dark fabric.


For effectiveness, Sally Hansen Bleach Cream was excellent.

For ease of use, Sally Hansen Bleach Cream was less convenient than products where both ingredients to be mixed are creams.  For this product, I had to use a bowl and something with which to stir, because this product has a cream and a powder.  Therefore, there was extra clean-up.

On this post, you can see a picture of my seemingly shaved legs, thanks to Sally Hansen Bleach Cream.

UPDATE: After consecutively going through two boxes of Sally Hansen Bleach Cream, I am not likely going to keep using this product.  I dislike having to mix the powder and creme together.  Also, when the product dries on my legs, the powder recrystallizes and tends to drop off leaving bleach sand on my floor.  I joyfully bought two boxes of Surgi Creme Bleach for my legs for the rest of the hairy season.

UPDATE2: I also noticed that after roughly three bleachings, my leg hair started breaking off.  On my shins, the hair is about three millimeters long.  This might happen with all bleaching products.  I do not know…

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