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Running A Few Errands While Crossdressed

June 26, 2020


I needed to go across town to take care of some business, so I crossdressed for part of my outing.  I wore a beige skirt, a navy top, a white cardigan, and brown wedge heels.  I felt pretty.  This is the first time that I ever put this outfit together.


Post Office

I needed to mail some packages that were too big for the slot in the mail drop boxes.  I walked into the post office, looked around for where to place them.  The employee was helping someone.  A couple other people were in the room.  The employee noticed me and told me where to put them.

When I approached the exit, a lot of people were coming and going.  People were holding the door for each other.  We were all waiting on each other and saying thank you.  I was right there in the middle of it giving and receiving thank yous.


I went to the pharmacy to find something, but they did not have it.  I bought a package of candy instead.

Mexican Restaurant

For lunch, I went to a Mexican restaurant.  I arrived at 11:30, before the lunchtime rush had fully begun.  A new girl was hosting.  I told her that I needed food to-go.  I was not the only person in the lobby, and she did not immediately take care of me.

Across the room, I saw a waitress who has served me several times (including times when I was in either mode of dress).  She came into the lobby.  She started talking casually to me.  I placed my order with her.  Then, I waited in line to pay.  I sat at the counter (bar) while waiting for my food.

All during this time, the hostess took a few glances at me.  A man was at the cash register paying for his food.  He glanced over, but only looked at my shoes.

The waitress brought me my food and wished me well.  At the door, I looked back to wave good-bye, but no one was paying me any attention.

Consignment Shop

I visited a consignment shop and was happy to see the owner was well and still in business.  I asked her to take my picture.


I tried on a two tops and a beige cardigan.  I bought the cardigan.  I almost bought a top that was very form fitting.  It looked OK to me, but the employee said it was too tight.  The employee told me how I could loosen it if I really wanted it.  Another customer, who was nearby in the dressing room (you can see her behind me in the picture of me seated).  She came out of the dressing room in the outfit she was trying on.  She started giving her advice for stretching out clothing.  I eventually did not buy the top (because it was dry clean only).

I did buy the beige cardigan.  I am excited about that.  It is so soft and pretty.  I have been wanting a khaki-colored cardigan for some time!  🙂

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