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Hue Luster Opaque Tights Review

November 8, 2020


I bought some Hue Luster tights in black because I was seeking some opaque tights that are shiny. This was my first experience with Hue tights. So, I decided to write a review of them. I did not receive anything in exchange for writing this review. Short story: they were comfortable; they fit; they were pretty; they were almost completely opaque; they were only slightly shinier than my other opaque tights; I liked them pretty well.

What I Wore

I wore these tights to work all day. I wore them under my dress pants (trousers… you British!! 🙂 Stop giggling!). On my late lunch break, I wore them with high heels and a dress and had an outing (link eventually).


I wore a size labeled large/extra large. This size claims to be for heights up to 6 feet (183 cm). Here is the size chart on HUE’s web site. I felt like these fit me well. The waist band felt snug by the end of the day, but not bad. I have 34 inch (87 cm) waist and a 33 inch (84 cm) inseam. There might have been a couple extra inches left in the legs for even taller people than me. These tights never tried to pull down on me in the crotch.


I bought these in black. They were nearly fully opaque. There was a subtle shine in the right light.

In the store as well as online, the Hue Luster Tights also come in the color gray. This looked like a bright gray, just as opaque, and with a bit of a shine/sparkle to it.


I saw “Luster Tights” and “Blackout Tights”, “Sweater Tights” and “Compression Tights” in the store. I bought the Luster tights because I wanted shiny opaque black tights. The Luster tights that I bought are control top.


I believe that these tights are sufficiently pretty. I do not like it when tights bunch up at the ankles from being too loose. I did not see these do anything like that. I felt like my outfit was very bold. It was definitely more bold that I normally wear. Therefore, I felt self-conscious. ….but I always feel awkward and self-conscious!!


The texture of these tights was lovely. They felt very nice to touch with my hands and they felt pleasant when my legs brushed each other.

These tights interacted well with my dress pants as well as with my slip and dress. I did not feel like there was any tugging or abrasion going on between my fabrics.


Hue Luster Tights in Size L/XL were long enough for my legs. I am 6 foot 3 inches (190 cm) tall. These tights stayed up all day. When I tried to pull up the legs, there was very little to pull up. They had not fallen. The crotch stayed in place all day.


The shine was more than most tights, but it was rather subtle. I was hoping that these would be more shiny. I wanted something about half as shiny as satin compared to cotton. I feel like these are at best 25% of the way from cotton toward satin. These are definitely not glossy.


TBD. They survived one wearing so far.


There was no obvious scent in the unwashed new pair.


The waistband is about 2 inches (5 centimeters) wide. It felt tight by the end of the day. I wore these tights for at least 12 hours. The waistband rolled down a few times. It was not uncomfortable. When I pulled up the rolled waistband, it stayed flat for a few hours after that. It may have been user error.


The seams of these Hue Luster Tights were flat. I have not owned very many (if any) hosiery with flat seams. I felt very posh!


The price on the package was $15 US. They were on sale for 30% off. After taxes, I paid roughly $11 for these tights.


I am happy with my purchase. I do not wear opaque tights very often. I will try to wear these a few times. If I wore tights more often, I might consider purchasing this brand again.

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  1. Great review Joey. I prefer wearing opaque tights especially when I haven’t shaved my legs for a few days. 🤪

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