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Happily Married Crossdressing Man

December 1, 2020


Before I married her, I told her that I was a crossdresser. Back then, things were different. I lived with my parents. I only wore garments that I could easily hide (basically, only pantyhose). I had tried on other things from my mother’s or my sister’s closet. I told her what the truth was at the time. She did not leave me.

(This is a happy true story.)

We married and I would wear something around the house infrequently. She did not like it, but she did love me. I sensed her disapproval (it was sometimes spoken). I would go out in public crossdressed when she was not around. I was scared and my outings were very minor. I did not tell her about my outings.

I did not like keeping secrets from her. Eventually, I had crossdressed outings that she knew about. She would be uncomfortable, no matter how far away from home I went. Eventually, I was able to tell her about planned outings, but not every outing.

I created this blog so that I could keep this history of my life somewhere. I did not tell my wife about my blog because if she visited it, she would know all of the places I have gone and the things I have done. However, I did not want to keep secrets from her.

Over time, I told her bits and pieces of my journey. Our conversation about my crossdressing became healthy. At times, she would get uncomfortable and I would back off. I was not making much progress to my goal of telling her everything and introducing her to my blog.

Perhaps it was all of the time at home during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, or the fact that my kids are getting older. In any case, I have been alone with my wife more and in a better relationship. This year, I made a lot of progress catching her up to the present.

Two nights ago, I finally decided that whatever remaining stories that I have not shared with her do not matter. I decided to stop putting it off. I told her that I have a blog where I have recorded basically everything. It made her uncomfortable to find out that I have had a blog for so many years with her being completely unaware of it. She did not get angry. She thanked me for letting her know.

Later, in bed, she snuggled with me (without me initiating). This is uncommon. I like to snuggle with her, but she does not like it as much. (It has something to do with my “frozen fish feet”… I don’t understand…) She came toward me and was affectionate. We laid there for a long time holding each other. I think we both fell asleep for a little while. I felt SO loved. (Physical touch is my love language.)

Our relationship has seemed closer in the days since this conversation. We have not discussed my blog since then. She has not asked to see it. She now has access to the whole story; past, present, and future.

So… I am indeed a happily married, crossdressing man. My goal of having no secrets from my wife has technically been reached. She may still read my blog and come to me saying, “You did WHAT?!?” I doubt she will find anything too shocking in here. I have told her so many things that there are no bombshell revelations left.

My wife married me knowing that I crossdress. She has stuck with me through it all. She knows basically everything. She still loves me. Also, I love her.

Thank you, Doll. You have touched my heart again.


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  1. David permalink

    Dear Mrs Joey (?), If you do happen to read this, please know that not only do you have a completely wonderful husband, you are married to a man who is an absolute inspiration to so many. I have read every one of his stories from the very beginning. I am always so struck by his thoughtful posts. He has such a well developed sense of who he is and has seemed to grow more and more comfortable with himself over the years. You have no doubt contributed the love and support that makes it possible for your partner to write and speak for countless men who share his love of dressing pretty.

    Joey’s blog has been an important gateway to some “courageous conversations” I’ve had with my own bride. It has been a blessing to be able to refer to Joeypress when trying to explain how I share the desire to wear clothes designed for the opposite gender.

    I’m sure you must know how fortunate you are to enjoy such a strong, loving and completely honest relationship. I wish both continued happiness.

    Stay well,

  2. That is such good and encouraging news.
    I discovered your blog a couple months ago, and started reading from the beginning. My wife is stuck in the “I don’t want to know” and”I don’t want too see it” stage and is uncomfortable talking about it, which makes me also uncomfortable, That at least helps with the bad feelings of hiding things from her. And if I am up early reading my email and she walks in while I’m in a skirt, it isn’t too stressful.
    Life could be worse.

    • Thank you. My wife may still carry some of the feelings of not wanting to know or see my fashion peculiarities. However, when it comes to whatever force inside of her that wants to love me and keep me, any opposing force my crossdressing applies is clearly inferior. How VERY thankful I am for that!

    • One more thing. 🙂 You read my site from the beginning? You must be a very patient and forgiving person to put up with my writing for so long! Thank you for that.

      • (smile) Although your dressing “style” is very different from my own, it is interesting. I prefer the soft, frilly things which scream “cross dresser” when I’m out. But if I tone it down I do almost pass. And I can’t play dress-up and be out in public more than about once a year, very unsatisfying.

  3. Smolt permalink

    A medical condition has enabled me to wear medical support hosiery and a kilt or sarong openly at home.

    I don’t tell my wife everything, but I love her and do not intend to leave her for another woman.

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