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I Donated Blood While Crossdressed

February 15, 2021


It was ten years ago, perhaps longer, that I tried to donate blood while “crossdressed”. Then, I wore some white pantyhose with no socks under my men’s pants. I do not remember if I had on ladies’ sneakers or men’s. I was very nervous, and it showed in my vitals. I was refused. This week, I finally built up enough courage to try it again. This time I wore my black dress with gray brushstroke print. I did it!

In retrospect, I should have done something beforehand to calm me down. If I had eaten lunch in public while dressed pretty, then most of my anxiety would have subsided. Instead, I ate lunch at work and had to hurry to dress and get to the blood bank on time for my appointment. Lesson learned…

Blood Bank Lobby

When I walked into the blood bank, I was immediately greeted by a man at the reception desk. He gave me some paperwork to read and to fill out. I filled out my paperwork in the waiting area where another donor was seated. The other donor was a 60+ year old man. He looked over at me when I sat down, but he did not speak to me.

Blood Bank Counseling Room

Later, I was called into the counseling room by a business-like 20-something woman. She was not very talkative. She took my vitals. My pulse was 122 (much too high to donate). I confessed that I was nervous because it was the first time I had ever gone to the blood bank in a dress. She became more talkative and said she would check my pulse again later. She left me alone in the room to complete the infamous blood bank questionnaire. I breathed slowly and deeply. I drank some water. When I finished the questionnaire, I played a game on my phone.

A different employee came in and reviewed my answers to the questionnaire. I told her that I was nervous because I was wearing a dress. She said, “We would rather have you wearing a dress than wearing nothing.” I assured her that I was not going to attempt that! We laughed together. She took my vitals again. My pulse was down to an acceptable level!! I was going in!

Blood Bank Donating

She sent me into the donating room by myself. She told me to just select a bed. There were several men donating. I selected the only nearby, open bed. There were quite a few donors. And all of them were men. On one side of me was the man from the lobby. On the other side was a man watching a movie while he donated. None of the men appeared to ever even look at me.

I laid there waiting while wearing my pretty clothes. The business-like woman saw me in the bed and said, “You made it!” I held up both arms in a gesture of conquest!! The employee who reviewed my questionnaire came to me and started prepping me for donating. We talked some. I started noticing the staff look over at me. Several female staff were gathered together, taking glances at me. That group moved around together.

I asked my phlebotomist if they get men in dresses. She said that they get a couple. She did not elaborate.

She left me and I started squeezing a ball and donating. I took my own picture. The herd of women showed up again. Not many glances this time. Some, but not many. Other employees walked by me. A few would steal a glance at my legs. It all made me feel like they rarely experience men in dresses donating blood…

Eventually, the man from the lobby completed his donation and left. A woman arrived and got into his bed. A male employee came to her to start her donation. The herd of women followed him. Finally, I understood. I asked one of the women if they were all trainees. She said they were. She and I spoke for a few moments until he was done cleaning the woman’s arm.

I finished rather quickly. I presume it was because of how high my blood pressure and pulse were. The business-like woman came to me. I asked her, “Are you the boss around here?” She was. I had seen her instructing other people what to do. She seemed very young to be the top person. She must have the knack for administration. She took my bag of blood and went away.

Another woman came over and finished me up. I asked her if she would take my picture. We talked briefly. Then, she told me where I should go next.

I sat up on my bed. I waited to make sure I was not going to become light-headed. I started walking across the building toward the snack/waiting area. I walked past another herd of employees (or perhaps trainees). Several of them took glances without greeting me.

Snack Room

I found my way to the snack room. A man was at another table. He was using his phone. I never saw him look up at me. I got me some crackers and a drink, and I sat down. Eventually, an employee came in and cooked some popcorn. We spoke briefly. Other employees would walk past the room. Some would make eye contact with me. As is usual in my experience, people do not seem to notice my outfit when I am sitting at a table.

I finished up and decided that I was ready to drive. I got up and discarded my trash. I walked into a “photo booth” that they had set up in a small alcove. I took a picture. Then I left.

Clothing Store

I visited a clothing store briefly. I did not want to stop being dressed up. I also wanted another picture of me. I shopped around. Eventually an employee came over to assist me. She was very talkative and friendly. I did not buy anything, but I did get a picture.

Ice Cream Shop

I did not want to change clothes. I went to an ice cream shop that I go to sometimes. There were some men sitting at a table outside. I walked on in and I bought myself a dessert. There was a family inside at a table. It was a pretty day. I decided to go sit at a table outside. I sat at a table between the table of two men and a third table occupied by two women. I sat at my table with my legs crossed and enjoyed my dessert. My legs sparkled in the sunlight. I felt pretty and I felt VERY successful!

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  1. mpc844 permalink

    Well done, you look great. So many tales of non-reactions, which I take to be a positive.

  2. Jamie permalink

    I admire your courage. And it paid off. Successful outing.

  3. Nina Lanyon permalink

    Just want to say how good you look. Your outings encourage me to be confident in my own. Keep up the good work!


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