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I Crossdressed Where I Am A Regular Customer

March 10, 2021


There is a Mexican restaurant near where I work. I get my lunch from there roughly once per week. I have been doing this for years. I have considered, on a few occasions, going there while dressed pretty. I never did because I might go there later with co-workers, and because this restaurant is rather busy. I have encountered people at this restaurant that I know from other aspects of my life. Therefore, I have not gone there dressed pretty. Until last week, that is…

First Visit

I decided to go to the restaurant immediately after they opened. I would wear something pretty. I could have a micro outing and not take much extra time doing it. I would walk in, order my food to go (as usual for me these days), and be done. I was not planning on writing about this outing, so I did not take my camera with me. I wore a khaki skirt, a gray and white striped knit top (tucked in) and a white collared shirt unbuttoned and untucked as an outer layer. I wore nude pantyhose and black flat shoes. As usual, I was presenting male otherwise.

I arrived at the restaurant. There was only one car in the parking lot. I walked in. I was slightly nervous. I entered the lobby and the woman who is always there greeted me like always. She looked down at my outfit and kept on talking to me. She went around the counter to take my order at the computer. While we were talking, I mentioned that I was nervous. “Estoy nervosa,” I said. She asked me, “Why? You are being you. Embrace it.” We finished the transaction and she complimented my outfit. She told me it would take about ten minutes. I thought, “Perhaps I arrived too early! They are not ready for customers yet.”

I went over and sat down in the lobby. Somewhere during that time, a server came over and saw me. She used to work at a different Mexican restaurant I went to when I worked somewhere else. She has seen me crossdressed at that restaurant. I said “Hi” to her.

I sat in the corner of the lobby in the hope that customers entering the restaurant would not be as likely to see me. While I sat there, another woman who is always there arrived at her post in the lobby. She saw me and said hello. I could not tell if she noticed my outfit. Eventually, my food came. I got up and received it. The second woman mentioned that I had gotten three tacos. Normally, I only get one. I corrected her that I had gotten one. “No. Solo uno.” She never reacted to my outfit, even though I was standing in front of her. I left and said good-bye. As I pushed the door open, I looked back at the first lady and said, “Thank you.”

Later, at work, I found that I had three tacos. I figured that I had been so nervous that I had absentmindedly ordered it, and also did not notice the price change.

Second Visit

A week later, I went back to this restaurant dressed in menswear for my normal visit. The first woman was at the counter like normal. I placed my normal order. She was not behaving any differently than normal. She did not mention my fashion choices. Everything was completely normal. I mentioned the three tacos. She confessed that it was her. She had put in three tacos for me, but only charged me for one. I do not know if it was a mistake or not, but it seemed like she was saying that she had given me a gift. Since I was not so early, my food came in two minutes, like normal.

After this second visit, I decided that I need to write about this experience. I do not know what it means, but it was special to me. This woman who is always so nice to me showed me love in spite of how differently I was dressed. The fact that I am a total cheapskate did not stop her from being kind to me. 🙂 I hope that I can be that kind to the people around me every day.

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