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Vaccinated in a Dress

March 29, 2021


A couple weeks ago, Stana, posted on her blog at a post named “Passing in the COVID-19 Vaccine Line“. I read that title and I was hooked on the idea of wearing something pretty to my vaccine appointment!

I wore my black dress, nude pantyhose, black wedge heels, and a black sweater duster with brown accents and decorations. As always, I presented male.

If you squish your arm into your side, you look like you have taken
better care of yourself than you really have!

In Line

I was a bit nervous about this outing. I was going to be “trapped in a line with randomized people. Would someone I know be in line with me? A vaccine appointment is worth driving a long distance. I risked it. I peeked in the door before walking in. I saw nobody in line.

I walked in. A girl sitting at the front desk checked me in. She may have never looked at me until she handed me my vaccine card. When she did look at me, she looked at my face and never looked down.

I walked down the path and got in line. There were two women in front of me in line. I spoke to one of the women about the “bling” she had on her shoes. She spoke freely with me.

When I was at the front of the line, I spoke with the young woman who was controlling the line. She was polite and chatty. However, during this time, I saw a man waiting after his vaccination. He looked at me. I thought, “I should watch out for that guy.”

In the Vaccine Room

When it was my turn, I went into a little room. A woman spoke to me happily. She asked the medical questions and chatted casually with me as well. She gave me my shot. I asked her to take my picture. Unfortunately, you cannot see what I am wearing very well in that picture.

This picture was taken later.

Waiting Area

I left the room and went to the waiting area. You have to wait for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine to protect you in case you go into anaphylactic shock. In the waiting area, only one man was sitting. I think he never looked up from the screen on his phone the whole time. He may have never seen me. Two women joined me later. I spoke briefly with the woman who sat near me. The other woman was behind me briefly in the original line.

The man that I thought I should keep an eye on finished his 15 minute wait. He walked past one end of the aisle where I was seated. He walked down the adjacent aisle unusually slowly. I could see the top of his head. I wondered if he was getting ready to sneak a picture of me. He walked past the end of my aisle and had his phone in his hand in a way that *might* have been useful for taking pictures, but his hand was covering the camera, I think. He took a second pass, but I looked away, just in case. It is possible that he was just waiting for the woman he was with to finish her 15 minute wait.

Clothing Store

I went to a nearby clothing store and shopped around. The sales person told me that my outfit was good, but my silver necklace was not the right choice. She gave me a couple options to try. I felt like they all seemed too big and (maybe silly) for me. However, I trusted her and I bought one. It was cheap enough to take a chance on. I found that it does not make me feel the same way once I was wearing it. I put it on and asked her to take a couple pictures of me.

There’s my new necklace.


As usual, I could not stop being dressed pretty. It had been less than an hour by this point. I decided to eat lunch while dressed pretty. I went to a sandwich shop that I have been to a few times while crossdressed. An employee was walking in at the same time I was. She held the door for me. As I entered the restaurant, she said, “You look very nice today.” No one was in line. I stood at the counter. Another employee approached and took my order. She said, “I haven’t seen you in a while.” There must be something recognizable about me… A girl of ~11 years was in the restaurant. I assume her mother works here. She was looking at me. I looked over at her. I smiled and waved. She smiled back and waved. I looked away. I glanced back at her and I smiled bigger. She did too. Then, put her attention back to her tablet.

I ate in the restaurant. This is the 6th time I have eaten in a restaurant in over a year. Half of the times, I was dressed pretty. Dressing up must lower my safety standards! The restaurant was basically empty, and this sandwich was not car food. So, I gave in to my desire to eat-in.

The girl never paid me any more attention. There was one other woman in the restaurant working on a laptop. She ignored me. Other customers came in and got in line. I finished up and went back to work.


About the vaccine. I understand that a lot of people are unsure about this vaccine. I relate. Here are my thoughts that resulted in me trusting it. So far, 30 million Americans have gotten COVID-19. 560,000 of them have died. That is around 2%. 80 million Americans have gotten the vaccine. I have not heard of any negative consequences of getting the vaccine other than one day of COVID-like symptoms. I also know that the CDC and FDA (and numerous, similar, international organizations) are checking up on these companies to make sure that their research is legitimate. Furthermore, the American court system indirectly guarantees that if these vaccine manufacturers are not honest and careful, that they will get sued heavily. There is a lot of motivation to get this right. They took a year trying to get this right. I do not know if this vaccine is going to stop everyone from catching and spreading this virus yet. Yet, I do not worry that the vaccine is going to hurt me. Talk to a medical professional that you trust about which vaccine you should receive, or and whether you should receive it at all. Do not listen to some knucklehead (like me) on the Internet when it comes to medical advice!!

If you do get the vaccine, and if you wear a dress while you do it, let me know! 🙂

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  1. Jamie permalink

    The law is different for drugs and vaccines. Vaccine manufacturers are protected from civil suits.
    That being said, everyone needs to make their own decision about the vaccine. My worry is the lack of testing for this one. There is no vaccine for the cold virus, herpes virus or HIV. How did we get this vaccine in a matter of months? Disclosure, I’m not a lawyer or biologist.

    • Alvie permalink

      Jamie, I hope you’re vaccinated by now. We just lost a wonderful man, a loving father and grandfather, and tough but caring employer, who gave a job to everyone he knew who ever needed one. Regrettably, he’d bought into the radio nonsense and none of us were aware he’d gone unvaccinated. We’re all heart broken by this absolutely pointless loss. It proves nothing. It’s not a political statement. It’s a health crisis.

      Despite the scare propaganda, Jamie, you’re much, much safer being vaccinated than getting the Covid-19 virus, which has lasting systemic effects not all of which are yet fully understood. Far from leaving you “stronger,” the disease can damage you so severely that you’re a pushover for Round 2. By contrast, a vaccine ups your immunity without damage. There was ample testing on these vaccines, and now hundreds of millions of people have also been fully vaccinated without any long-term side effects. Follow-up studies show that when the fully vaccinated do suffer a breakthrough infection, it is much less severe, far less likely to cause any long-term damage, and far less transmissible to family members.

      Be safe. You matter. Everyone close to you does too. Take care of them by getting the vaccine.

  2. Nina Lanyon permalink

    Got first jab yesterday. I didn’t have the nerve to wear a skirt, no idea why as I have been going to cafĂ©s and supermarkets dressed in skirts and even with a bra under my jumper for ages. Anyway I dressed in a pair of imitation snakeskin trousers, crocodile shoes, a nice white blouse, and a pretty lightweight jacket. Two of the marshals, women, commented; one said I was “Thoroughly stylish” and the other said I had “The shoes of the day”! I felt like I was walking on air for hours after even though my shoes are actually a little too small and wore a hole in my tights!

    • Alvie permalink

      Yay!! Good on you! Getting vaccinated is taking care of you––and all those close to you.

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