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A Day Visibly Crossdressed on TDoV

April 3, 2021


Today was the Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV). I do not call myself “transgender” because I do not change my gender when I am crossdressed. BUT, close enough. Each year I try to do my part on the TDoV. We can call it CDoV just for me…

For my outfit, I followed Hallie Abrams’ fashion advice from her blog, The Wardrobe Consultant. She introduced me to The 2 Out of 3 Rule. This rule is a rule that a low-fashion dude like me can handle! Wear two garments of one color and one garment of a bold, different color. I wore a black top, a black skirt, black flats, with a cardigan in deep red. I felt very well put together. Thank you Hallie!

Gas Station

Before work, I went to a gas station for breakfast. I wore a pair of black slacks instead of my skirt for this. I had to wait 5-10 minutes for my food to be ready. I went here because of a young woman who works here. I honestly cannot tell if she is transgender or if she just has an androgynous style. She wears her hair short, a work shirt, brown pants, a thick belt, and sneakers that probably from the women’s section. She appears to have a wallet in her back pocket. Her voice could go either way. Her name on her nametag is feminine. That is enough for me. I call her “miss” and “ma’am”.

I have dressed in a women’s outfit at this gas station before here. On that day, she was not working. I was happy to see that, today, she was working. I got in line while she was at the cash register. I paid the other employee, but said good morning to her. Later, while I was waiting on my food, she came near where I was and stocked shelves. I did not speak to her again. I was not certain that she noticed my outfit. (However, I went back the next day and spoke to her and she had noticed.)

Hardware Store

I changed into my skirt and I stopped in at a hardware store to get some things on my list. I eventually had to ask for some help. A man, possibly the manager, helped me. He ended up helping me a few times. I shopped around the store and found some of what I needed. I really relaxed and enjoyed it.

At the cash register, there was an adult woman. I don’t know if she saw my outfit or not. She was very friendly and talkative. I complimented her red fingernails. She chatted about that. Eventually, I said, “I am going to confess something… I painted my toenails red one time. One time.” She responded enthusiastically, “I’ve done it twice!” I finished up there and left.

Post Office

Next, I went to a post office to drop off some packages. I just went in, put my packages in the receptacle, and came out. Nothing much came of that. Then I changed into my menswear and went to work.

Clothing Store

I took my lunch break early. I went to a clothing store. I found some shoes in my size. A barefoot customer walked up to the same area where I was. She was looking at the size 11 shoes. I wear 12 or 13. I asked her, “Do you have hard-to-fit feet too?” She said, “Big feet? Yes.” We talked a little. I asked her what she thought of the shoes I was trying on. She responded, “I like them. I like them better than those (the shoes I had worn into the store).” She mentioned the merits of them. She did NOT gush over them, or call them cute or beautiful. Let’s say that her reaction was a 6 out of 10. I did not buy the shoes, but I will give myself some time to think. If I keep thinking about those shoes, then I will go buy them.

I shopped around the store. I quit caring that the store was getting busier. I ended up speaking with an employee some. I never bought anything. I am no longer significantly nervous when I am out like this. I worry about running into someone who knows me. I do not care about being seen by strangers any longer. In fact, I am becoming unconcerned if everyone did NOT see what I am wearing. (Because, I think, we are wanting to be seen when we crossdressers go out.)

Shoe Store

I walked to a shoe store next door. I shopped a little. They did not have anything in my size.

Shoe Store 2

I drove to a different shoe store. I shopped in the women’s shoes, but did not find anything in my size. I tried on some men’s athletic shoes. I bought those. I am glad. My current athletic shoes (that I bought in this store while wearing a skirt) are falling apart.


I went back to the sandwich shop from last week. I got in line behind a woman and two men. The woman was wearing black slacks, black dressy sandal flats, and a long black top. She had on a gold-colored necklace with an object at the bottom that had a column of gold chain tassels hanging from it. Her hair was black and pulled back with a long clip. It bushed out behind the clip. I thought she her whole appearance was excellent. After she paid, she walked to the entrance and stopped and waited on something.

The man in line placed his order and paid and exited. As he went by, she turned and said why she was waiting. I made eye contact and said, “Your hair is beautiful.” She thanked me and smiled big.

I ordered my food. I asked the employee if she would take my picture. She is the employee who complimented me last week. After I paid, she came around the counter and took my picture. She talked to me briefly. While this was going on, the man who had been ahead of me in line was sitting at a table eating and watching.

I sat down at a different table in the middle of the room. He was about three meters to my right. I was in front of him. We were the only customers in the restaurant. At one point, I looked his way and made eye contact. He said hello. I responded. There was a second interaction when he mentioned the weather.

When I got up, I looked his way and said, “Good-bye and happy Easter.” He responded with, “Bye and you too. He is risen.” (“He is risen” is a somewhat common saying by Christians at Easter. Easter is the Christian holiday season when we remember/celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Easter Sunday is the day that Christians celebrate the resurrection. It is my understanding that early Christians, from 1-2 thousand years ago, would say to each other, “He is risen,” and the response is, “He is risen indeed.”) I fumbled the response a little. I said, “Yes sir. He is indeed!” I think observed some surprise on the man’s face that I was familiar with the custom. I refilled my drink and went back to work… in man pants.

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