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Using Surgi Invisi-Bleach to Bleach Leg Hair

May 1, 2021


I discovered recently that I do not have a page where I review/praise Surgi Invisi-Bleach. This needs to be fixed! I bleach my leg hair so that I can have leg hair in summer when I want to expose my masculine legs, and still wear skirts that expose my pretty legs. I have tried four different bleaching products and Surgi Invisi-Bleach is my favorite. Functionally, it performs as well as Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach and Jolen Creme Bleach. Surgi is my favorite because of how much easier it is to mix, and clean up.

No one gave me anything in exchange for this review. I am simply sharing what works for me. My links are not affiliate links. This is nothing but an expression of my excitement for this product!


This product is superior, in my opinion, because it consists of two bottles of cream. I apply to my leg a several-inch line of the first, smaller bottle. Then I apply a line on either side of the first line from the second bottle. After that, I blend them together and leave the cream on as long as the package recommends. That is it.

Other products require a powder to be be measured out and a cream to be measured out, and then they are to be mixed. After that, they can be applied to your legs. I have found that one of these powder-based products did not dissolve the powder well. Then, crumbs dropped off of me, and I had to clean the floor afterward. Surgi Invisi-Bleach required no mixing dishes to be cleaned and has no powder to drop.

I find that it takes two or three applications to make my dark leg hair blonde. No one has ever commented on my light-colored leg hair when I wore shorts. No one seems to see my blond hair under my skin-toned pantyhose. It is a win-win! If you look at my blog posts from summers since 2019, you will see examples of my hairy legs that have been bleached. (Before that, I wore maxi skirts in the summer.) Below is a picture of a hairy legged man (me) in June 2020 in a skirt (the blog post it is from):

Here is a closeup of just my legs, since WordPress resists letting you receive the high-definition version of my image:


These cream bleach products put off a chlorine-like smell when I apply them. I assume that the active ingredient is Peroxide, but I am unsure. I open a window to reduce the intensity of the fumes.

These bleach products can bleach the color out of fabrics. For me, it is primarily wash cloths and towels that have been bleached. Beware!

Blonde leg hair is rather noticeable when it sneaks out of my dark pantyhose. I never wear darker shades during the summer for this reason. I suppose that people with darker skin than me may have persistent problems with light-colored leg hair. Ideally, the leg hair should be the same color as your skin for maximum invisibility. I have no suggestion for how to achieve that if your skin is not a sickly, pasty white like mine. 🙂


I am able to buy a package of Surgi Invisi-Bleach for $6-7 (USD). I can get at least three bleachings from one package.

I buy it from a beauty supply shop in town. I love the owner of this store. She is always friendly and complimentary.

UPDATE: 7/18/2022: I have been experimenting with using significantly less of this product in one application. Then, I apply the bleach several times. I believe that I can get similarly good results by using less product. I might be able to get 50% more value out of one package with this technique. The trade-off is that I have to bleach on several occasions.

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