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Eating Fast Food While Crossdressed

October 8, 2021

October 7, 2021

I had the house to myself for three hours. I needed to drive to town to take care of an errand. I decided to wear something pretty and run my errand. Later, I decided to eat supper while I was out. I wore a black knee-length skirt, my nice, orange, autumn blouse, a brown and black duster sweater, and black wedge heels. I present male when I crossdress. So, I was a man in a skirt in public. It was a nice experience, and I received a compliment!

Leaving The House

Since I had the house to myself, I was able to get dressed up before leaving. (My kids do not know that I crossdress.) Getting dressed in the comfort of my home is a rare blessing. I packed a bag of menswear to put on for my return home, or for some emergency. I walked around the house taking care of minor things. Then, I walked to my car in the garage and drove away.


I took care of my errand while crossdressed. The people who work where I went have seen me dressed. So, that was not a notable adventure. After that was over, I said to the woman there, “I don’t know what I will do next. I probably ought to go do some work at the house. She said, “You should go out to eat.”


I did not want to go out to eat close to home, because my crossdressing is a secret from the people who know me. I drove to the next town over and looked for a restaurant that was not very busy. I was also looking for a restaurant at which I would not mind eating. I did not want to drive all of the way to the next big town. I finally settled on a fast food restaurant. This was not ideal, but it would suffice. When I pulled into the parking lot, I realized that this restaurant was attached to a gas station. I took a moment to observe the situation. There were no customers to be seen. The employees were busy serving drive-thru customers.

I got out of my car and walked into the restaurant entrance. I walked up to the counter. One female employee turned and looked at me as I approached. The rest of the staff were busy working with their backs to me. A man turned and walked over to take my order. I filled my drink and then sat at a table to wait. Eventually, the female employee came to the counter with my meal. I got up and received it. We did not make conversation.

I sat and ate my meal with my legs crossed and feeling happy. Customers started to arrive. A man and woman came in first. Next, a man, woman, and girl arrived. Finally, a man who was alone got in line. All of these people were in line at the same time. I believe that only the dad in the group of three ever looked at me. When I was finished eating, I collected my waste and went to the trash can. The woman from the first couple was getting her drink nearby. We did not interact.

I walked out the door. Fast food at a gas station/restaurant combo, done. No big deal.

Grocery Store

Nearby, there was a small, one dollar style grocery store. I decided to stop there and get some milk and eggs. I walked in and saw myself on the security television. I went over to the milk. There was a woman shopping there. She was dressed casually in a maxi skirt with a slit on one side up to her knee, and flip-flops. She turned and came toward me. She smiled at me as she passed. I got my milk and eggs. Another woman was at the end of the aisle. I did not pay enough attention to her to know if she looked at me.

I walked through the store for something else, but I did not find it. There were customers on almost every aisle, which surprised me. The parking lot was not very full. I walked past one aisle where a woman was shopping. She was in her work clothes for a factory job, perhaps. She had neat hair and looked athletic and smart. She was surprised to see me dressed this way and turned her head fast and looked. I gave up searching and went to cashier line. There was a man being checked out. So, I waited. Then, I heard a voice.

The athletic woman was behind me. She asked if I was going to use the self-checkout. I told her to go ahead of me. She thanked me, and then added, “You look nice,” as she passed by me. She did not look back for a reaction.

I went to the cashier and bought my groceries, and left the store.

Return Home

I called my wife and told her that I had bought the milk and eggs. They were still away, and were not going to get home before me. I drove on home and put up the groceries while still in my skirt. I left the house dressed pretty, and was able to return the same way. That was a real treat! AND, I was complimented while I was out.

I changed clothes and started watching a movie while folding clothes. Not very long afterward, my family returned home.


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  1. Mark Kent permalink

    what a Amazing Lady .i do say LADY ..mark.x

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