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Ten Years Ago

January 4, 2022


Back in 2012, ten years ago as of this writing, I decided that I wanted to collect the stories of my crossdressing experiences onto a platform that I controlled. I collected experiences that I posted on the two places I primarily posted in those days:

  • LAUF (Legwear As a Unisex Fashion) forum, a forum where men write about wearing pantyhose, tights, and other forms of “legwear” with their menswear. (They will block you if you talk about wearing skirts, or being a “crossdresser”, etc.)
  •, a forum where mostly male-to-female transgender people and crossdressers write about their lives.

I collected all of these stories and attributed dates to them the best that I could. Then, I started backfilling with stories of my earliest crossdressing memories. Eventually, on February 29, 2012, I posted my first post onto this website,

In the past ten years, I transitioned from being very nervous (with sweats, and shakes) when I would go out in public crossdressed to being rather confident and relaxed. I have taken lots of risks in crossdressing near home. I have gone to church several times in a skirt. I have donated blood. I have made friends. I have gained followers. (I have also put on weight, gone gray, and lost a noticeable amount of hair…) I have raised my children part of the way to adulthood, I have maintained a job, and I have tried to learn how to be a better man.

Where Things Stand

Below is a WordPress stats page. At the moment, you can see that I have roughly 50 visitors every day. Sometimes, a new visitor will read lots of pages. Return visitors only read new content, I assume. On the left of the graph, you will see a large bump where there were lots of unique visitors. That was the day that I posted a page on my blog. Those are subscribers, who were notified of my new post, coming for a visit. On that day, there were 181 visitors. Sometimes, I have periods of strong statistics. I attribute those times to when more popular blogs, such as, have a link to my blog on their site.

Notice on the left side, there is a list of the most viewed pages for that day. My posts that receive the most hits contains the terms “Halloween”, “First Time”, “Party”, and “With Wife”. Almost every day, those same posts are in that list of top visited pages. That causes me to feel the temptation to title my posts with those terms. However, I try not to spam my feed, and I refrain from following the temptation.

Finally, look at the nations visiting my blog. Normally, the list is topped with the names of English-speaking nations. After that, it is a fascinating blend. Occasionally, I receive visits from people whom, I assume, might get arrested for crossdressing (based on my understanding of their nations).


Sometimes, people leave me comments on my blog posts. That really helps. I am not trying to “expand my platform” or make a profit from this blog. I am just writing my experiences down for me (and for you). When you leave a comment, it makes me feel like I am not alone. Thank you. I use the blogging platform. WordPress allows users to leave anonymous comments. All I see is: what you post, your IP address, whatever you choose to put into the Name and Email fields, and your comment, of course. You can select to be as anonymous as you choose to be. So please leave me a comment when you visit, even if it is only “Hey, Joey!!” each time. Please let me know you are there. …because the numbers on the stats page do not feel nearly as personal as a friendly hello πŸ™‚ .

Please feel free to ask me questions about blogging, if you like. I am not a professional blogger, but perhaps I have something useful to say. πŸ™‚

Thank you for visiting my little blog!

Example anonymous comment (It took a few tries before I found an email address that had not been entered into Gravatar!!):

Here is what I see:

If I click on User Info, I see this (I changed my IP address.):

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  1. Chris D'Orso permalink

    We have extraordinarily similar styles, my friend. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself!

  2. Hey, Joey! Keep at it. People do read what you are writing, as you know.

  3. aaaa permalink

    This is Joey leaving an anonymous comment as an example.

  4. Hey, Joey!!!
    Well, I already complied with what you ask in your post LOL.

    Thank you for sharing all this information. As you rightly mention, sometimes you need to feel that you are not alone in this world, and a little human warmth is always welcome.

    • Thank you, Miss Jessica. It is nice to meet another blogger. I visited your blog. I am unable to leave comments on Blogger websites, for some reason. So, I’ll have to say it here. Hey! πŸ™‚

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