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Invisible in Shorts

April 8, 2022


I needed to go to my doctor’s office to get some information. It would be a quick in and out visit. I decided to wear some womenswear that might look enough like menswear as to not draw anyone’s attention. I wore some white ladies’ shorts, a black and white striped shirt, nude pantyhose (Leggs Sheer Energy in Light Support so they would be invisible), and white Keds canvas sneakers. As far as I could tell, no one at all perceived that I was crossdressing.

Leaving the House

I was home alone, so I got dressed before leaving the house. This time, I went outside and fed the dog while dressed in womenswear. I considered not taking a bag of menswear for this outing, but I eventually decided to play it safe. I got in my car dressed “pretty” and left.

Doctor’s Office

I have heard it said in many places that one can crossdress safely at the doctor’s office. I have never done this because I do not want to risk it being written to my file and having a friend in the medical profession see it on my file if they ever treat me. (I know quite a few nurses.) I decided this was a safe trip because I would probably only encounter front desk staff and a nurse or a technician. I did not anticipate that anything would be written down about me.

I walked from my car to the building in full sun. I love that. I passed a couple people who did not seem to notice anything different about me. I walked into the office and told the front desk lady what I needed. It was lunch time and there were no patients in the lobby. She chatted on her computer with a nurse and told her what I needed. The nurse came to the front with the information and provided it. From start to finish, there was a counter separating me from these ladies. Except for when I was sitting in the chair waiting, they could only see my shirt. I left and returned to my car.


There is a small city center near my doctor’s office. I went there and walked up and down Main Street. I intended on eating at one of the businesses there. This is a small city that no longer has any large businesses in it. There are just a few boutiques, antique shops, bars, and restaurants. The city is healthy, but the large businesses, that have their names in the mosaic tiles at the entrance, are long gone (due to shopping malls in the 1980s, I think).

I got out of my car and walked through the parking lot. I passed a couple people. On Main Street, I found that at least half of the businesses were closed. These small businesses are run primarily by their owners. Their weekend appears to be Sunday and Monday. All of the restaurants were closed.

I walked into one shop that has a café that is in the back of the shop. The café was closed, since it was Monday. This store sells women’s clothes. An employee saw that someone had entered, so she came forth and started talking to me. I was the only customer. I told her that I was not looking for anything in particular. I asked about the café and mentioned the other restaurants were closed. She must have decided I did not want ladies’ wear and followed me around telling me about every restaurant that might be open. She made me feel uncomfortable about browsing. I gave up and left. I returned to my car. I passed a couple people on the street.

Fast Food

I ended up going to a fast food restaurant. A man was in line in front of me. The lady taking orders had low energy. She was not excited or engaging. She did not smile. I wonder if she was in mourning or in pain. The man ahead of me received his food and left. I placed my order, filled my cup, and sat down. I was the only customer in the dining room. When my food was ready, I returned to the counter to get it. I sat down to eat my meal.

After eating, I decided to get a milkshake to go. I returned to the counter and placed my order. The woman walked to the back of the kitchen. I tried to take a picture of myself. Just then, a manager walked up. She was fast and energetic. She asked me if I was being helped. I told her I was and then I asked her if she would take my picture (that picture is at the top of this blog post). I stepped back, she took my picture, and we spoke only a few more words. Then, ZOOM, she was gone. I got my milkshake and left.

Low Dollar Store

On my way home, I stopped at a low dollar store, (a chain of small grocery stores have started popping up in the country to get the business of people who do not want to drive all the way into town to buy milk, etc. The last time I visited this store, I saw that all of their pantyhose were on clearance. I got two pairs and a piece of candy. The employee walked up from the front. She had been stocking shelves. She rang up my order and took my money without ever looking at me. She was in another world.

Returning Home

I called the house to make sure no one had returned home. I got home and walked into my house still dressed in womenswear. That was an unusual treat! I left AND returned home while dressed pretty.

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  1. Sounds like a great day

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