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Dermatologist Trip 2.0

May 19, 2022


Three weeks ago, I went to my dermatologist about a spot on my face that looks like a mosquito bite. It has been there for a month or two. I decided to go to the appointment crossdressed. That was my first time going to a medical appointment as a man in a skirt. It was good outing. Today, I had a follow-up appointment. I wore a black dress with brush stroke accents, a taupe cardigan, and black wedge heels. It was good too. I also did quite a few other things.

UPS Store

My wife gave me a package to ship while I was out. I found a UPS store on my way. It was a beautiful, sunny day. When I got out of my car a breeze lifted my dress some. I doubt I exposed more than my legs, but I did not anticipate that happening! I awkwardly gathered my skirt so that it would not fly up again, and walked in.

There was a woman in polka-dots standing at a counter waiting. I went to a different counter and a man helped me. We chatted and processed my package. He started asking for my name, number, and address. I might not have come here dressed pretty if I had known that I would have to give all of my personal information!

A few delivery people came and went while the man helped me. I looked over a few times. I think the woman in polka-dots never looked up from her phone. As I was leaving, a man was approaching the door. He held the door open for me. He paused and looked me over as I came out. He was polite, though.

Subway Restaurant

For lunch, I went to a sandwich restaurant. There were three employees and three customers in the restaurant. While I was being served, two employees talked to me. I collected my food and walked into the dining area. A man in a red hat was sitting alone at one table. A man and his wife were sitting in the middle of the dining area. I walked past them. She was facing me. She looked at me and seemed troubled by it.

I sat at the table just after the couple’s table. The wife got up soon after I sat down. She went to the counter and bought some cookies. While she was still away, her husband got up and walked past me toward the door. He and I made eye contact and said hello to each other. The woman came back and sat down. He walked up to where she could see him and said, “Let’s go.” She collected her things and smiled at me as she passed me. She left the building with him. I do not know what to think about that.

Ice Cream Shop

Next, I went to an ice cream shop that I visit quite often. Three employees were working. They have all seen me many times. All of them spoke to me and were friendly. Two women were eating at a table. One never appeared to look at me. The other probably saw me, but whatever. I took my ice cream to go.


The parking lot at the dermatologist was full. I was early for my appointment. I did not like how crowded it appeared to be. I entered and checked in at the counter. The woman at the counter verified my name, address, and phone number loudly enough for most people in the waiting room to be able to get in touch with me later. Maybe I will get a Christmas card out of it.

The waiting room was crowded. I sat between a man and a woman. There were 12 people in the waiting room. The people sitting by me politely acknowledged me at some point. There were no conversations, just a basic “Hello.” While I waited, almost everyone in the lobby was called away. New patients arrived to replace the previous patients. None of the new patients sat beside me. The new patients were also called away. I tried to snap a few, quick pictures of me in the room, but they were all very blurry. This is the best picture.

When the lobby was only half as full, a woman came in. She was wearing a flowery top, a blue and white striped pencil skirt, and cork wedge heeled, animal print sandals. There were other available seats, but she sat in the seat to my left. She did not speak to me until I smiled at her and said, “You have pizzazz.” She responded, “I simply do not have many clean clothes to wear.” We laughed and spoke briefly. She started playing solitaire on her device. Eventually, she was called away. One of the nurses who called people away was the one who called me last time. She saw me and waved hello with a smile.

I was called back by a new woman. She took me to a room and verified my identity. We spoke briefly. She was friendly and chatty. I asked her to take my picture. She took a couple pictures of me sitting down. Then did something no one else has ever done. She got in the picture with me and took a selfie. 🙂 It was her idea. Very sadly, the picture was not on my camera. She must not have pressed the button successfully. I was really disappointed.

Soon after the woman left me alone in the room, the doctor and his nurse arrived. They were the same people who helped me on my last visit. She smiled and greeted me like an old friend. He was just as serious and focused, and kind as last time. He froze the mysterious red spot on my face. He gave me instructions on how to care for the wound. Then, he set an appointment for visit 3.0.

I went to the counter to check out. I spoke to the woman ahead of me in line while I was waiting. The woman at the counter scheduled my appointment and I left.

EDIT: Here is a link to my third trip to the dermatologist.

Clothing Store

I went to a clothing store that also had a full parking lot. There were more people than usual inside, but I went in anyway. All of the women were dressed very pretty. There were a lot of women in dresses today. Several women and I shopped happily together, looking for tops. Then, I went into the dress section. I tried on a top, that might have actually been a dress. Maybe it was a dress for a short woman who wants to show off her legs. It was not a good fit for me. (Too tight.) I shopped in the shoe section. There were women near me on several sides. I tried to get a picture here as well. Either the pictures were blurry, or I eclipsed the women in the distance.

I did a little more shopping and left.

These are the shoes I tried on the last time I came here. A woman told me, “They work.”

Barber Shop

I went to a barber shop that I have gone to on a few occasions while crossdressed. I have not had a haircut here in a long time due to a change in my work location (and because of the price). A barber, who has cut my hair a few times, saw me and welcomed me. She said that she had a cancellation and had me sit in her chair. We talked like old friends.

Grocery Store

My last stop was the grocery store. I was planning on going to a store near my home, in menswear. I decided otherwise. I stopped at a store far from home. The parking lot was very full. I had second thoughts about going in. I went in, despite my concerns. It was no big deal. I was around other shoppers most of the time I was there. I was surrounded by people in the produce section. Some people never see me. Other people see me and glance at my outfit immediately. Every now and then, some people glance over at me, and then look away, as if my outfit is normal. That happened a few times in this store.

I quickly found my few groceries. I had to wait in line to check out. A teenage boy rang up my groceries. A bag boy used a hand scanner to scan the dog food in my cart. After I paid, the bag boy offered to take my groceries to my car. I said yes. It took me some time to figure out how to do this. This was a first for me. I had to lead the way, and he pushed my cart while following me to my car. He was relaxed and talkative on our way out. This ~19 year old boy chatted with me while following me, a man wearing a dress and heels, across a parking lot. He helped me load my groceries into my car. I tried to tip him, but he said he could not accept a tip. We said good-bye and he walked away.


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  1. I’m amazed how over the years you have become more brave. Remember back when you would neve go into a room full of people. Now you walk in and blend right in. People seem to be more accepting too, and that surprises me because prejudice and hate are so much more prevalent in the past five or so years.

    • You’re right! I was quite fearful. I have changed.
      I don’t know whether people were less accepting back then, though. Perhaps people are more accustomed to the idea of crossdressing these days. But, even when I was a teenager (many years ago!), the public were respectful to crossdressers. I saw it. Maybe a similar level of “acceptance” has always been there. However, I anticipate that these days, after I leave the room, if someone says something mean, that there are more people who would defend me, or at least say, “Hey. What you’re saying is not ok.”

  2. Chris D'Orso permalink

    I’m fascinated at how well you describe every day for me… but you know, I’ve been doing it for so long now, that I don’t even think I could remember what other folks are doing when I’m out and about. I’m so comfortable just being myself now that I don’t even realize (or, honestly, care) what folks think. 🙂 I absolutely get more comments on my nails than anything else, for what it’s worth.

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