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Wearing a Skirt Around My Wife and Having Zoom Calls

July 13, 2022


My kids have been away all week. They are at camp. In addition, I was able to work from home this week. All week, I crossdressed around my home while with my wife, while working, and while I was on a work Zoom call. This was a week of special times and some first-time experiences!


Monday, I went grocery shopping while crossdressed.


Tuesday, wore a khaki skirt, nude pantyhose, white Keds sneakers, and a men’s T-shirt. I wore the shirt out of respect for my wife. My wife does not like the fact that I am a crossdresser, but she still loves me and she puts up with me. I think it made both of us feel less awkward for me to be in the T-shirt. I worked from home in a skirt. I also had lunch with my wife while dressed like this. The lunch was the most special part of it!

In the middle of my work day, someone requested a Zoom call (video teleconference). I considered it and decided that it was safe. I was in a video call while partially dressed pretty, and they never knew. Later in the afternoon, I walked up behind my wife in the kitchen and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She immediately looked down to see if I was still crossdressed (as if to determine if she was willing to enjoy my affection.)


Wednesday, I had two scheduled Zoom calls to attend. I decided that, since it went well on Tuesday, I would crossdress again. I wore my black skirt, skin-toned pantyhose, and black flats with a men’s Polo shirt. Again, the people on the calls had no way of knowing that I was wearing a skirt. My wife and I ate a private lunch together again. It may have been over ten years ago when I was last able to walk around my house in a skirt while I was not home alone. This was an excellent experience.


Thursday, my wife took the kids to the camp again, and then she went to an appointment. I bleached my leg hair, and then took a shower. I got dressed in my black dress, nude pantyhose, and my black wedge heels. I was working when my wife got home, so she did not see me. I felt uncomfortable knowing that I was going to be around her while was dressed in a dress and heels. She infrequently sees me dressed pretty, and this outfit felt extreme. Around lunch time, I came into the kitchen where she had started working on her lunch. We spoke a little. She eventually said, “I feel awkward.” I said, “So do I.” We both smiled. Then, we finished making our lunches and we sat together and ate them.

Later on Thursday, I had a scheduled Zoom call to attend. I wore my black dress that day because it looks a lot like a black shirt that a guy would wear. As far as I am concerned, no one could ever know that I was wearing all womenswear while I was on the call.

Would you know that this guy is wearing a dress if he was in your Zoom meeting?


On Friday, I wanted my wife to actually like what I was wearing. I got up, showered, and shaved. I put on my best suit and tie. This was an intentional act of love for my wife. However, I did NOT get the reaction that I was hoping for. I was hoping that she would be happy that I wore something that she likes on me. Instead, she had an untrusting reaction of, “What are wanting?” I told her that I was a little disappointed. “I wanted you to be happy because I dressed nice for you.” After she realized that I was not trying to “woo” her, she was more appreciative. Later, she even complimented me on my appearance. Marriage is complicated, but good! 🙂

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  1. Smolt permalink

    Some of us have done many days’ homeworking in women’s clothes.

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