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Bloodwork and Breakfast

July 17, 2022


I needed to go have some blood taken at my doctor’s office in preparation for my annual physical that is coming up. I decided to go to the lab appointment in womenswear. I wore white shorts, a white top with black stripes, skin-toned pantyhose, and white Keds sneakers. I assumed that my outfit would be not very noticeable. I had to fast for my bloodwork, so I scheduled it for first thing in the morning, and planned on going out for breakfast afterward.

This is the same outfit, but this picture was taken on a different outing.


I was a little early for my appointment, so I went downtown to a park and walked around a pond, etc. There were a couple other people out exercising. A couple people crossed paths with me. Nothing notable happened.

Doctor’s Office

I arrived at the doctor’s office. I cautiously checked to see if anyone I knew was in the lobby. No one was in the lobby except for a man at the counter. I approached the counter and spoke with the the available receptionist. I looked over at the man. He was looking down at my shoe. I was given some paperwork to fill out. I sat in the lobby and completed my paperwork. Another person arrived in the lobby. I returned the paperwork and waited very briefly.

A woman called my name. She took me back to the lab and had me sit in her chair. I pulled up my sleeve in preparation. She came over and took my blood. We spoke briefly, and then I left.


I returned downtown to Main Street. I was hoping to go to a food court full of restaurants. I entered the food court. I young woman was at the first business. I asked her if she had food, or just coffee. She only had coffee and some pastries. All of the other restaurants were not open. They were getting prepared for lunchtime. I walked down the street to see if another restaurant was open. It was closed. Scheduling my bloodwork so early in the morning was working against me!


I drove around looking for a restaurant that A) was open for breakfast, and B) I was comfortable going to while dressed in women’s clothes. I finally chose a restaurant. I entered the lobby and looked around. I did not see anyone I knew in the dining area. A server, who was roughly my age, beckoned me to come to her area, and she seated me. In a few minutes, she finished with another table and came to me and said, “You are so cute!” and then took my drink order. Then, she asked me about my shoes. “Are Keds back? We used to love those when I was in school.”

She went away and came back later with my drink. I asked her why she called me cute. She said, “Because you are! You are dressed so nice today.” Eventually, she brought my meal. She was gone when I realized that I needed some silverware in order to eat my meal. I got up and walked to where she could see me. I motioned that I needed some silverware. I did not walk any further because there were several families eating in that area. She walked toward me with a bundle of utensils in hand. Then, when she was half way to me, she said in her full voice, “You are just SO cute!” Then she adjusted as she got closer and said, “–Handsome. You’re handsome.” I thanked her and returned to my seat to eat.

I ate my meal. Eventually, I asked her for the check and she brought it. Later, when she came back to take my money, I stopped her and asked her about her reactions to me. She commented on how my clothes were all color-coordinated and looked good together. I asked her if she noticed anything else about my outfit. She said, “No,” and then looked at me and saw that I was wearing pantyhose. She silently held out her fist for a fist-bump. Then, she smiled at me warmly and walked away.

I finished up at the table and started to walk away. She was at the server station nearby. She said good-bye and then told me on which mornings she works and invited me to return to see her again. Then, suddenly, she had an idea. She walked a couple steps toward me and gave me a hug.


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  1. Alvie permalink

    Wow, that’s some positive affirmation you got there! I’m trying to imagine her back-story. Did she grow up in a family that affirmed differences? Or did events lead her to that conclusion on her own?

    Why people are the way they are is often a wonder for me. If you ever heard that opening line from the late ’50s TV anthology series . . . “There are eight million stories in the Naked City. This is one of them.” That’s so often the way I feel in public. So many stories walking by––good and bad––that hardly anyone will ever know.

    Happy to read that things went well at home as well.

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