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Crossdressed in Public Haircut and Lunch

August 4, 2022


I recently bought a black tank top. It fits close to the skin. It is made out of a plain looking, but delightfully soft fabric. I decided to wear it today. I went to a barbershop while wearing the black top and a black skirt with a red cardigan and with black wedge heels. (I was following the two out of three rule for fashion.) Then, I changed into black shorts and black flats and went to a restaurant for lunch.

Barber Shop

I went to a Latin salon for my hair cut. This place primarily serves Hispanic customers. In fact, if you call them, the answer they phone in Spanish. I have crossdressed here on several occasions over the years. I walked in, and the woman who runs this salon greeted me with a smile. She said, “It’s been a long time! It’s good to see you.” A man was in the lobby. He looked my way and then looked elsewhere. She called him back for a haircut. I sat in the lobby and waited. Eventually, he left and it was my turn.

I got up and went to the chair. A man was there waiting on a woman who was getting her eyebrows done. He looked at me as I approached. He smiled and said, “Hola.” He acted like he was glad to see me. I asked the owner to take my picture before she cut my hair. There was an older man sitting behind me waiting. There was a woman near him waiting on her hair dye to set.

After we were done, I paid and said good-bye. She told me to come back soon. You may have noticed that I have stopped posting about crossdressed hair cuts. I have stopped crossdressing for hair cuts recently. I have been going to an all men’s barber shop. I have been doing this for a good purpose that is growing me (unrelated to crossdressing). It has been very good.

I loved her colorful stretchy shirt!


I went to a restaurant that I had gone to recently in androgynous women’s clothes (shorts, Keds). I changed into black shorts and black flats. My outfit this time was not as androgynous as before. The haircut had taken longer than I had expected, because I had to wait. It was lunch time. The restaurant was busy. I decided I would not eat in the restaurant. However, I did walk in and wave to the server. She came to me and gave me a hug. I told her that I was not going to eat because they were too busy. (I should have eaten before the haircut.)

The server grabbed be by the arm and said, “Come on! You have got to learn to love yourself.” I cooperated and I went in and sat where I felt safe. I was in a large booth. I asked the server to take my picture. Then, I scooted in far enough that my shoes would not have been seen for the rest of the meal.

I ate my meal. It was a non-event. The server said something while walking away that sounded like her brother was the same way. I assume that she means that he is transgender. Maybe I will find out in the future…

When I was leaving the restaurant, I passed a couple who were dressed up. I wondered if they were a pastor and wife combo. Another woman was waiting in the lobby. They all looked at me as I passed by them. It was not clear that they paid my outfit any attention, until I passed the single woman. She was watching my obviously women’s shoes as I walked past her. Oh well…

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  1. Alvie permalink

    Goodness. Was this the same restaurant where the waitress hugged you? It seems incredible to have lucked into two such positive encounters in the July post!

    • Yes. It was the same restaurant. I went back because the first experience was so happy.
      Maybe one day soon, I will get up enough nerve to go there in a skirt at an odd hour when it is not busy….

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