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Crossdressed at the Dermatologist 3.0

August 29, 2022


At my last dermatologist appointment, a “probably nothing” red spot on my face was frozen with liquid nitrogen. I was scheduled to return in three months for a follow-up appointment. I crossdressed for my last two visits. I had to go look at my blog posts to make sure I did not wear the same outfit this time as I did previously. This time, I wore a multi-colored, printed dress, nude pantyhose, black wedge heels, and a black cardigan. It went OK.

Check In and Lobby

I was running a little late. I got to the office entrance and peeked into the glass door to see if anyone I knew was in the lobby. It looked safe, so I went in. The room was quiet and my heels made those familiar sounds on the tile floor. I felt quite self-conscious. Especially because an older man in the lobby was carefully watching me. I checked in without incident and sat close to the door where the nurse will eventually appear to call me back. The older man was still watching me. After I sat for a few moments, I looked at him and waved. He looked elsewhere. The other four patients in the lobby did not pay me any special attention.

Another blurry picture of the lobby. I tried to take enough time to get a good picture.
The brown bag in my lap contains a pair of athletic shorts. I bring shorts, just in case they tell me to strip down to my underwear. I would prefer to have something more modest to wear than underwear.

I tried to discretely take a picture of the lobby. I have never gotten a good picture when doing that. Then, in less than two minutes from sitting down, a new nurse entered the lobby and called my name. This nurse was all business. She was not friendly or chatty. I felt like she might not like me for being dressed this way, so I did not engage her in conversation while we were in the room. When she left, I took a picture of myself in the room. (Let me insert here that I feel obligated to take pictures on my outings these days. I never used to do this, and people reading my blog started asking me to include pictures… Now, I might do it too much.)

After a couple of minutes, the doctor and his assistant arrived. The doctor greeted me and shook my hand like he usually does. He never acknowledged that I was dressed unusually. He checked my spot on my face that he had previous frozen. He thinks it is nothing bad, but he froze it again. Then, we were done.

The doctor left the room, but his friendly assistant remained. I asked her to take my picture. She did something people normally do not do when I am seated, she took my picture from in front of me. Then, we left the room. I went to the check out area. There was no line. Checkout was very fast and uneventful.

After this, I went to the blood bank, a clothing store, and dined-in at a restaurant. To keep this post from being too long, I will make that a separate post…

EDIT: Here is a link to my fourth (and final) trip to the dermatologist.

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  1. Love the dress, the whole outfit suits you.

    • Thank you. I go back and forth about this dress’ pattern. I don’t like it, but later I think it looks good as an outfit.
      I seldom wear patterned clothing. Basically my only patterned clothing is womenswear. So, I feel too noticeable or something.
      I overthink everything, don’t I? 🙂

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