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Crossdressed at the Unusually Friendly Blood Bank

September 1, 2022


In my previous post, I told the story of going to the dermatologist again. After that, I went to the blood bank, a clothing store, and dined-in at a restaurant. I wore a multi-colored, printed dress, nude pantyhose, black wedge heels, and a black cardigan. In order to make the blog post shorter, I broke that story in half. Here is the rest of the story.

Blood Bank Lobby

I parked at the blood bank. The parking lot was not much fuller than usual. I did not hesitate. I got out of my car and went inside. A female donor was at the check-in counter filling out her paperwork. There were three employees on the other side of the desk. I started filling out my paperwork.

A lively country girl asked for my ID while I did my paperwork. The woman doing the paperwork turned to look at my face to see who was beside her. I did not see her acknowledge my outfit. Perhaps five other employees came/went to/from the front desk while I was there. This included the man who paid a lot of attention to me a previous time I was there. He welcomed me back.

I finished my paperwork and walked into the waiting room and sat down. I did not see the three people in the lobby (including the woman who was at the counter) look at me as I went in. The woman from the counter was called back. A few seconds later, a tall, thin, pretty woman in her late 20’s called my name. I was surprised that I was called back before the other people. Apparently, they were not donating blood. They were just waiting on a donor.

Interview Room

I sat down in the room while the employee took my vitals. She left open the door on the opposite side of the room. I found this to be unusual. My heart rate and blood pressure were normal. I was not very nervous. I commented to her that I do not always dress up like this, and am normally nervous and need to have my blood pressure or pulse rechecked after a few minutes. She expressed that it did not matter with a facial expression and a hand gesture. I do not remember what she said in addition. She did not mind that I was dressed in womenswear.

The employee stayed in the room and asked me the questions from the questionnaire. When she was done with the questions, she had to get her supervisor to approve the survey on the computer. She said that she was a trainee. She went to get him, and the man who welcomed me came in and did something on the computer. He told me, “Your bed is open and waiting for you.” I said, “My bed? I have a specific bed now?” He replied, every time I have seen you, you have been in that same bed.” I asked the girl how tall she was. She said five foot ten inches. I asked her if she had trouble finding clothes. This resulted in a conversation where she even looked up some stores on her phone. She spent a lot of time on this with me.

Donating Blood (and Talking a Lot)

I went to the back to give blood. “My” bed, the second bed in the room, was taken by a man who was almost done donating. I got in the first bed in the room. The girl attending the man to my right turned and said, “That is such a pretty dress.” She smiled kindly. Another girl was on the other side of my bed. She talked to me a lot. At some point, she complimented my cardigan. She was a new hire going through her training. She happily chatted with me continuously. I asked her to take my picture.

The lively, country girl arrive to take my blood. We all three chatted while I laid there. I noticed the chatty girl trying to take a look toward my legs. Being chatty makes it hard to break eye contact. I was rather self-conscious because my leg hair was visible through my pantyhose. I had bleached my leg hair before this outing. However, before that, I had not bleached my leg hair in over a month. One bleaching is not enough to make my dark leg hair become invisible.

Both women stayed with me the whole time I donated my blood. At one point, the chatty girl mentioned that she had helped her uncle with dress shopping. She said that he had started to live as a woman, but stopped because he wanted to find a wife. He married, and he lived as a man while they were together. Now, he is divorced, and he lives as a woman again.

When I finished, the three of us kept chatting. They both seemed like they did not want to leave me. The country girl went to the front and retrieved for me my reward for giving blood. The other girl even offered to take me to the snack area. I did not accept her offer.

Snack Area

The female donor who was at the front desk was the only person in the snack room when I arrived. She was standing up, getting her snack. I looked at the snacks on my end of the counter. I asked her if she wanted the only Rice Krispy Treat. She said no, so I took it. Then, she said, “I’ve got to ask. I hope it is OK. Are you a ‘man who wears women’s clothes?'” I thought the question seemed a bit silly, since I was a man wearing a dress and heels. I said yes. She apologized for asking. I said, It is OK to ask polite questions.” She said, “I originally thought you were wearing a kilt and you were Irish.”

Then, she asked me, “Are you a ‘transvestite’?” I said, “I use the term ‘crossdresser’.” She asked, “Why do you do it?” Then, we had a fifteen minute conversation. We discussed lots of topics. I mentioned my wife at one point. She stopped me, surprised that I have a wife. She asked for clarification, “You are married to a woman — a real woman?” I told her that I was, and that, other than my clothes, I am a rather boring, typical man. I added that being gay is a completely unrelated thing to crossdressing.

This woman was very curious, and not hateful. She was completely inexperienced with the topic of crossdressing. Eventually, we both needed to leave. She thanked me for talking to her.

Clothing Store

I went to a clothing store. I shopped briefly in the tops section. Then, I went to the back to see if they had any shoes my size. I crossed paths with a couple women. One young woman was tall and slender. She was dressed similar to one of the Bratz dolls. She had long black hair. She was wearing a halter top, a black mini skirt, white ankle socks with a lace fringe at the tops, and black shoes with five centimeter soles. This girl later came through the shoes section where I was. I saw her approaching. She made eye contact before she turned to go down a row of shoes. She later appeared in the shoes area on the other side of me. She had gone around the racks so that she did not have to cross my path and/or get in my way.


For lunch, I went to a Mexican restaurant that I have not been to in a while. I have gone here crossdressed and dined-in on one occasion. It was after three, and I expected that there would not be many diners. A group of people were standing outside of the restaurant. I decided to wait in my car for them to disperse. Three women from the group got into the car beside my car. I made eye contact with the driver and smiled.

They were taking a while to leave. I decided to get out of my car and go on in. I walked past the front of their car and went to the entrance. I looked back and saw the driver looking my way. I went in and seated myself. There was only one other table occupied. I saw that they noticed me and one person was looking my way. I ate my meal and spoke to the server some. She was very friendly. Another server whom I have spoken with on other occasions saw me and she welcomed me with big smiles.

After that, I changed back into menswear and went on my way.

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  1. Another successful outing with no hostility. Great that the Dr wanted to talk to you and showed a genuine interest.

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