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I Wore a Skirt to My Doctor’s Office

September 4, 2022


Full disclosure, I only had to go in for some bloodwork, so I did not see my doctor or her nurses… but I did it. I have no intention to go be seen by my doctor while dressed pretty. This outing was misguided enough! Recently, I had to go in for some bloodwork. The numbers were a little off, and I had run out of a medicine a week before the bloodwork, so the doctor scheduled more bloodwork. I wore androgynous ladies’ clothes last time, so I was probably completely stealthy. This time, I decided to go back in a denim skirt, a black top, with black flats. From a distance, it might not look like womenswear, but from up close, there would be no doubt. Afterward, I ate breakfast while dressed pretty.

Doctor’s Office

I parked as close to the building as I could. It was an early appointment. There were not many people. I walked in and two maintenance men came out of the elevator. One spoke politely to me. Both glanced up and down at my outfit. I took the stairs to the doctor’s office.

You can see under my mask a band-aid covering the spot that my dermatologist froze when I was recently crossdressed.

I walked into the office. Only one of the receptionists could have potentially seen my outfit as I entered. I approached, checked in, and took a seat. I was the only person in the waiting room. Eventually, a woman called my name. This was not the kind woman from last time. I walked up to her, and she held the door. She walked behind me into the lab. I slowed down and she lead me to her area.

We did not talk much. She went to work. While she was working, the kind woman who did my blood last time entered the area and warmly greeted me. Since I was seated, she might not have seen my outfit. After she took my blood, I asked the lady who was working on me to take my picture. She kindly did it. She did not seem accepting nor disgusted. She was kind and professional and helpful. That is good enough.


I drove a few miles to a cafeteria-style restaurant with a short-order cook. This restaurant is attached to a large business. I have crossdressed here before. I walked in. The woman who has taken my order on previous occasions was working. She was helping another customer. Another woman came over and took my order. I got in line to pay. I was behind a woman who was dressed in a pretty dress and shoes. Others got in line behind me. I paid and sat at a table to wait.

People came and went. Three women were waiting at a table in front of me. They probably saw me walk in and then later walk to my table. They paid no further attention to me. I waited ten minutes. Eventually, my food came. It was excellent. Other people were waiting for their food. I gathered my nerves and got up. I discarded my trash and walked past people on my way to the exit. It is possible that no one even looked at me.

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  1. Thanks for the story as ever and I like the simplicity of that outfit. You’ve posted several lately – have you made more trips or have you made more posts? Given how many times you report that you have had no reactions to being dressed pretty, are you becoming any less anxious about it over time?

    • I have posted three times in the past “week”, but two of those posts were about one outing. Two outings in one week is more than I normally have. If I crossdress in public, I almost always post about it. An exception is: I have been going to see a counselor every two weeks. I battle anxiety. I cannot determine how much crossdressing adds to my anxiety. But work contributes a lot to it. I told her on my first visit that I was a crossdresser. Ever since then, I have dressed on most of my visits. I have only posted a few times about those “outings”. When I see her, I just go somewhere, sit and talk for an hour with someone who already knows about me, and then I go home. Not much to talk about.

      Am I becoming less anxious over time about going out dressed pretty? HA! It’s funny that “anxious” comes up after my first paragraph! Well, consider this a different anxiety. I am WAY less anxious than I used to be. I used to physically shake while going on an outing. I used to cold-sweat before I even changed clothes. I used to sit in the car and build up my courage to get out. I used to drive an hour away from home, and then sit and scan around, looking for acquaintances, before getting out of my car. I used to peek into a store with just my head, and look for any acquaintances, before walking in. I used to be scared to talk to people. I would walk through the racks of a store instead of the main aisles (in order to hide). I used to look to see everyone’s reactions. I used to search the Internet on days after an outing to see if anyone posted pictures of me. Oh, I used to be SO scared! But these days, I am a bit nervous in the first hour of an outing. After that, I can be quite relaxed. If I am not close to home, I can arrive, get out of my car, walk in, and speak to everyone I see. I do pay attention to reactions from the people before me, but I am not scanning for reactions. When I take off my clothes after an outing, they are dry (no sweat). I am still cautious and nervous, but much less than I used to be. HOWEVER, My fitness tracker tells me that I have been exercising during parts of an outing. My heart rate is apparently elevated during at least the early parts of an outing.

      That was probably more answer than you wanted.
      Have a great day, Steve!

  2. I like the flats and skirt. I don’t know if I will ever be able to do this, I desperately want to. Even though I’ve had a thing for nylons since I was a kid, being 51 I am just now accepting this for myself. My thing lately is just going for a drive with shorts and tights, the most I’ve done lately is get gas. As I read your posts I can feel them, the few times I completely dressed (with a wig as well) I felt that nervous excitement. The hesitation if someone was parked close to me. Although I don’t know you I’m happy that you’re doing something that like.

    • I visited your blog. If that is you in the black dress, then 51 has been better to your metabolism than my 40’s have been to mine!
      Wearing something in public, especially when I am far from home, has become easier. I have grown to expect that no one really cares.

  3. Alvie permalink

    There’s such a curious tension in your work! It’s personal, but in a way it’s also like performance art. You’re continually testing boundaries. On the one hand you write, “I have no intention to go be seen by my doctor while dressed pretty.” But clearly, you did go to the office where you might have encountered the doctor on the way in, out, or passing through. The possibility was always there that you two would meet––and when you don’t, you paradoxically conclude, “This outing was misguided enough!”

    The reader is continually drawn into this conundrum. You have a clearly articulated desire to “dress pretty” and that men doing so would be accepted everywhere, juxtaposed against the consideration that each further venture could involve social, if not outright physical risk.

    Even the largest of cities are just collections of villages. With just “6 degrees of separation” between any two people in all the world’s villages, it seems likely that sooner or later your “away” world and your “near” world will overlap, whether you choose them to or not. I can’t speak for what goes through your mind, but the reader is constantly confronted with, “well, what’s the worst that could happen if they did?”

    Then again, there’s a strong possibility they already have! There’s no way of knowing how many different ways your social network and those of everyone whom you encounter randomly may intersect. Some may choose to ignore. Others might rush to spill. But all villagers talk. One might simply stumble across your blog and say, “Hey, I know ‘Joey’!”

    What happens if work colleagues, neighborhood acquaintances, old friends, family and business connections ALL know that from time to time you harmlessly but openly express this side of yourself? Depending on your work, some may make a stink. Many might not care. Boundaries might be drawn.

    This work to stand up publicly for your inner self––its needs and values––is not without risk, entails real courage, and that is always admirable! Thank you for writing.

    • I choose not to go to my primary physician for an appointment because I don’t want her to write in my chart that I am a crossdresser or have some gender variance. The reason for that is: I know a lot of nurses. If I ever go in for surgery or a hospital stay, a nurse I know might pull up my chart and know my story. The doctor seeing me “in the wild” does not concern me. I am not worried about my physical safety. The worst that I anticipate that will happen is that I might embarrass my children and embarrass/upset my wife. I have a brother who has always seemed disappointed in me, no matter what I have done. I dread him knowing about this more than the rest, I think.

      • Alvie permalink

        “I have a brother who has always seemed disappointed in me”

        Boy does that resonate! But as I’ve outlived the cranky cuss, I’m caring less and less about such types. “Family” are those who reciprocate one’s love, I think. Spent years trying to bridge the gap & looking back it was mostly wasted effort!

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