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Me in a Couple of Skirt Outfits

September 20, 2022


I have not had any interesting outings in a while. However, I have gone crossdressed to my bi-weekly meeting a couple of times. I asked to have my picture taken of me in the last two meetings. Both of these outfits include a new top. The black top has been featured in some previous posts. — OK, many recent posts. — The gray sweater is a new find that I love. I like it because it fits me loosely, but does not look too big.

Clearly, I forgot to suck in my gut for this picture…….. I have put back on 25 pounds, but it seems to have all collected in one spot. I worked off all of that weight at one point and could dress pretty without shapewear. I felt so pretty and comfortable. I feel ashamed when I see myself looking like this. Guys should not look pregnant. However, in ladies’ clothing, I do!

I like this green top, but it always seems too slouchy. It has such a light fabric that it looks rather limp. The black top, which I have apparently worn for many of my recent outings, fits snugly and has a very soft texture. This black skirt has some spandex in the fabric and has always made me feel like I look good. These shoes are worn out and need to be replaced.

This is my new gray sweater. I went to a consignment store and I looked through the tops. I cannot shop in situations like this very successfully. I looked at the four employees. I selected the one who was dressed the most fashionably. I asked her if she could help me. I was dressed in menswear at the time. I told her that I was a crossdresser and was looking for tops.

She swiftly selected several tops for me to try. Several tops were more bold in color or pattern than I would have chosen. I tried them all on, and this sweater fit the best. I had selected a skirt to try on with these. I purchased the sweater and the skirt. This sweater is gray with small flecks of sparkly silver. It is soft and it hides my figure in good ways. The skirt I purchased is black and light gray patterned, and is not pictured.

This skirt is a larger skirt. It used to feel too big on me. It fits well at the moment. It is not stretchy. It will restrict my leg movement when I go up stairs. I like the length of it, and the quality design of it.

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