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Crossdressed at the Dermatologist 4.0

October 28, 2022


It was time for my fourth, and final, dermatologist appointment. It all started with a red spot on my face that would not go away. He froze the spot twice. This new appointment had two purposes: to check the spot, and to do a full-body exam. I crossdressed for all of my three previous appointments. I decided to wear my gray skirt, my black/white/gray printed top, black pantyhose, and my new shoes.


I got out of my car in the parking lot. There was a man walking around on his cell phone. I ignored him, immediately got out of my car, and walked in. I got in line behind three people. No one was seated in waiting room. No one in line looked at me until they were seated.

When I finished in line, two people were seated in the waiting room. I sat somewhat near an older woman in some stylish navy and green plaid pants. She never looked at me.

A perky new woman called me back. She was friendly and welcoming. She led me to the room and instructed me to strip down to my underwear and get under a large paper sheet to prepare for my full-body exam. I asked her to take my picture (before the strip-down). She seemed rather happy to do it. She took a couple camera angles to make sure she got a good one. Then, she left the room for me to strip.

I took off ALL of my clothes, and put on a pair of loose, light-weight shorts. I had to do one of these exams several years ago, and I decided that I did not want to ever have to be there in my underwear ever again. The doctor and the perky lady came in later. He quickly did his exam, and I did not have to be in my underwear in front of people. I win.

After they left, I dressed and checked out without incident.

Blood Bank

I went to the blood bank and walked in. No one was at the front desk. I filled out the paperwork. Eventually, someone realized that I was not being helped and came to me. He had painted fingernails in Halloween colors, with ghosts, etc. painted onto them. I wondered if he might try to start a conversation with me. He did not. He told me to go to the waiting room while he checked me into their system. I was alone in the waiting room. A girl called me back. She was polite and quite friendly. My heart rate and blood pressure were not high (from being in public in a skirt).

I was given a bed to lie in. Only one other man was donating. A woman came to me and started working on me. She was sweet and friendly. She talked to me comfortably. She stayed with me while I donated, and she talked to me the whole time. We talked about our children and work. I filled up my bag quickly and was finished.

I went to the snack room and ate my snack alone. Near the end, a woman came in. She was waiting on her husband. We spoke only a couple of sentences. She was not donating today. Soon, her husband came in to join us. He had been refused, and did not donate. They left, and I left soon afterward.

I changed clothes and went back to work.

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  1. stevem180 permalink

    Thanks for the new story, always a pleasure to read. Do you even get nervous nowadays? It doesn’t seem like it from your writing… keep it up 😊

    • I do get nervous, but not as badly as I used to! I used to peek around corners to see if anyone I knew was in the next room I was entering. I used to feel every glance at me. Now, I do look for familiar faces in the first few places I go. I’m aware of some of the people who look at me. But, after being out for a short while, I sort of forget that I am crossdressed. I think I have learned how to feel normal in crossdressed situations. I have forgotten that it is weird. People react to my crossdressing like they do to people with lots of piercings, or tattoos, or people with handicapping conditions, or significant obesity, etc. They see me as something that stands out from the rest of the crowd, but then they get their look and continue on with whatever they were doing. We all do it. We see something that stands out, we look for a moment. Then, we try to act normal and be polite.

      • stevem180 permalink

        Great reply, thanks! I agree about there being any number of differences that might make people stare, and equally not otherwise react.

        I would love to see you expand a little on your reply and use that reply as the basis of another post – I’m sure you have many followers who are themselves concerned as much about how they might feel as to any reaction they might get…

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