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Dud Outing

January 3, 2023


First post of 2023!

I had some time off for the New Year’s holiday. Since January 1st fell on a Sunday, today was the holiday from work. I tried to go run some errands and do some of it while dressed pretty. Several parts of it were not successful, but a dud while dressed pretty is better than not dressing pretty! I wore my new black dress, a new pair of my favorite brand of pantyhose, Shimera, black wedge heels, and a nude/taupe cardigan. As usual, I was presenting male otherwise.

Shorts and Pantyhose

The first part of my day, I spent some time wearing menswear with shorts and skin-toned pantyhose. Part of the time, I was around a lot of people, but no one showed any signs of noticing. I am pretty sure I was sufficiently invisible. If anyone noticed, they did not express any positivity or negativity toward me. I was remarkably relaxed.

During this time, I came upon someone familiar looking. I eventually realized that I knew who she was. I had not seen her for several years. We spoke for a few sentences and then went on our ways. I was so surprised that I was not afraid to be standing in front of her dressed this way. I kept the conversation short and maintained eye contact so that she would be less likely to notice my clothing. I was fine with it. Amazing! Years ago, I saw someone who barely knew me when I was on an outing. It was very scary and I hurriedly left the store. This time, just kept doing what I was doing. (It was a big place where it happened, and we never crossed paths again.)


I put on my dress and heels. I tried to go to a branch of my bank that I felt safe to go to. They were closed for New Year’s holiday.

Consignment Stores

I considered visiting two consignment stores that I like to go to. I remembered that both are normally closed on Mondays.

Blood Bank

I went to the blood bank. I walked in bravely. The women at the front were very friendly and sociable. I filled out the paperwork and sat in the lobby. A man called me into the interview room. He is a guy who on previous visits has paid more attention to me than men normally do. I think that may have made me nervous, because he might be somewhere in the LGBT spectrum. I do not know why that would make me nervous, but I had an elevated heart rate. I was not allowed to donate. Instead, we talked for a few minutes in the interview room. He did not reveal much about himself in our conversation. He did say that long ago he allowed some people to dress him and do his make-up and wig. He mentioned that briefly. I did not ask any further questions. In any case, he was friendly and kind. I asked him to take my picture since I did not get to donate.


One errand was a success. I needed to thin out my clothes. I bagged up a lot of skirts, tops, and dresses that I have not worn in over a year and took them to a thrift store. I drove into the donation lane. A man watched me get out of my car and get my bag from the trunk. I brought it to him and told him, “Just a bag of clothes.” He asked if I wanted a receipt. I declined and went on my way. No big deal.

Small Store

I wanted to visit a small store while dressed pretty. I drove by it and saw a sign in the window that the store was closed on Mondays.

So, three errands could not be completed (the consignment store was not an errand). I will need to go on another outing…

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