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And I Felt Beautiful!

January 10, 2023


I went on an outing to complete my recently failed errands. I wore a black skirt, my new black and white blouse, and my black wedge heels, and I felt beautiful! It was so nice. I went to the bank and I donated blood. I was a man in a skirt, and the world politely did not mind.


My trip to the bank was not very remarkable. I walked in and up to a machine to talk to a teller remotely. The same teller services people inside as well as the cars outside. She only ever saw my upper body. The people in the building could potentially see all of me. There were pieces of furniture in the lobby that blocked their view of me. I am sure a few people could have seen me at times. If they did, I did not notice.

I completed my transaction peacefully. I took a picture of myself. I threw away my trash and the trash of someone who preceded me. Then I walked back to my car. The drive-thru was filling up. I was able to walk behind the cars. I had grown concerned that I might end up having to exit the building to an audience of drive-thru patrons. However, I only had one car that could look at me.

Blood Bank

I walked into the blood bank. The sun was setting. It gave lighting that made me have a good reflection in the glass door to the building. I finally got to see myself in this outfit. I liked the outfit.

I talked to the receptionist and a couple other ladies who were near the front. I sat down and waited. There were not very many cars in the parking lot. There were not many donors nor employees. I waited in the lobby for a while. I drank some water and tried to calm down. I am not too scared these days, but my fitness watch had already praised me for exercising for so long. It interpreted my high heart rate as exercise. I was tense. I tried to actively calm down my heart so that I would be eligible to donate blood.

While I was waiting in the lobby, a man came in to donate. He did his thing at the front desk, and then he walked into the waiting area. I was rather far away from the entrance, because I had walked down to where the water bottles were. I watched him get a water bottle near the front, and then walk into the waiting area toward me. He looked at a table, walked to a trash can, and then returned and sat at chair rather nearby me. We talked a little until I was called into an interview room.

A nice girl took my vitals and left me to do the interview questions on the computer. My heart rate was too high. A different girl returned. I told her I was nervous and said, “Talk to me and calm me down.” She started talking to me about favorite restaurants and food. It was as if she were trained how to do this. She took my pulse and it had gone down to slightly below the cut off. She took me into the room to donate.

There was a woman in a pretty red sweater starting to donate. A man was finishing up. An employee and a trainee were helping the man get disconnected and bandaged up. They looked over to see who was getting onto the bed. Then, they looked at me for an extra couple seconds. I laid there on the bed and felt SO beautiful. I was happy in my soul.

The employee who talked to me about restaurants came to me to get me started donating. She took my picture for me.

We talked a lot while she was getting me connected. Then, she left me alone to donate. Soon, the man from the lobby was brought in and started donating platelets across the aisle on the bed to my right. A second man was placed on the bed to my left. I spoke tot he second man a little.

My attendant came back at some point and took another picture of me.

She actually took several pictures of me. When I was editing my pictures for publishing, I discovered that the people in the background had noticed that she was taking my picture and they all smiled for one of them. Let me tell you that my heart was touched!!

I finished up. I went to the snack room and ate a snack. I did not feel stable yet, so I had a second drink and snack. While I was in there, the man who had started donating platelets arrived. I did not ask, but I assume he must have had to abort his donation. Donating platelets takes well over an hour to do. Normally, you can watch a complete movie while donating.

The man and I talked for a few minutes while snacking. Then, we both left at the same time.

Ice Cream Shop

Like usual, I did not want to stop being crossdressed. I went to an ice cream shop that I like to go to. Outside, I tried to take a picture of myself. It was vary blurry, and unusable.

Inside, I discovered two older women at a table. They looked at me and smiled and waved politely. Perhaps, they started greeting me before seeing what I was wearing. They took an extra second or two to look at me before they looked away. I ordered my ice cream from the two teenage employees. They did not behave as if they even noticed my clothing. I am sure they saw me, but they did not care.

When I left, I looked over at the ladies at the table. They looked at me. They smiled again politely and looked away soon, without the extra second or two. When I reached the door, I saw a reflection of the interior of the restaurant, the two women were looking at me again. As Stana says, “and so it goes…”

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