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May Haircut and Lunch


Today, I went on a haircut and lunch outing.  In my previous few haircuts, I went to a new salon.  I went in my common gear for the hairy-leg season.  I wore a maxi skirt, top, cardigan, and flats.

I was debating going back to the previously mentioned salon where I have been warmly welcomed while also receiving concerned/frightened looks.  That salon is always busy with women.  I sometimes worry I will run into someone who knows me and my hobby will be publicly known.

I was also considering a barber shop that probably would be filled with just men.  The windows to that shop are darkened.  Not knowing what was inside has made me hesitant to try it.

Chain Haircut Business
On my way to the previously mentioned businesses, I saw a chain haircut business.  I decided to stop there and give it a try.  Inside, I found three young, female employees.  One was cutting a man’s hair.  One girl got up gave my outfit a look while she smiled and welcomed me.  She got some information from me and then had me come to her seat.

The man getting a haircut finished and left.  Another man came in for a haircut.  Then a woman came in.  My barber was a friendly, talkative lady.  The other employees talked to each other.  They did not seem to care very much about the man in the skirt in the other chair.  I received a haircut and a wash.  I paid my bill.  The girl gave me her card and encouraged me to return.  I asked her if I was her first man in a skirt.  She said no.

Sandwich Shop
Next, I went to a sandwich shop I have gone to for my last few haircuts.  Each haircut outing I go on occurs a little closer to noon than the previous outing.  I used to avoid noon in order to avoid the crowds.  Apparently I am disinterestedly creeping toward noon.  I arrived in the sandwich shop’s parking lot and I looked in to see if I would be comfortable eating there.  There were several laborers in there.  Men who work with their hands.  Tough men.  Men who might not relate to me.  Men who might mock me…

I decided to go in anyway.  I considered getting my food to-go.

I walked in.  I got in line.  There was a man in a suit ahead of me.  He looked over at me and presented a friendly smile and greeted me.  An employee started taking my order.  While I was in line, one table of men got up and left.  Also, four women in scrubs and a woman in a dress came in and got in line behind me.  I think a man was also behind me.  I forget.

I paid for my food, filled my cup, and sat down to eat.  Another table of two laborers left.  At yet another table, there was a long-haired man with glasses and a tablet computer.  He appeared to work a desk job.  He never noticed me.  Everyone in line got their food to go and left.

Eventually, a somewhat androgynously dressed woman arrived.  She had on a ball cap and short hair.  She had on no noticeable make-up.  At first, I thought she was a woman who is presenting male.  However, she was not suppressing her breasts and she had painted toenails pointing out of her flip-flops.  So, I do not know how to interpret her appearance.  While she was at the register, I finished up.  I got up and re-filled my cup, threw away my trash, and left the store.  The hat-woman looked over at me at some point during this process.  I left the restaurant and returned to my car.

Thrift Store
I left the sandwich shop.  I wanted to go somewhere else.  I did not want to end my outing.  I drove to a thrift store that I have visited before.  As I entered, an employee welcomed me.  I shopped around.  Other customers paid me no attention.  If they saw me, they neither approached me nor avoided me.  It was like normal.  Later, another employee saw me and she also very politely greeted me.

I shopped around, but I did not buy anything.  As I left the store, one of the employees saw me and wished me well.  I happily went on my way.



Lunch, $1 Store, and Consignment Store Outing


I had some time for an afternoon outing today.  I put on my orange maxi skirt, white top, navy cardigan, and white Keds that I had in my “outing bag”.  I wore this for only an hour in my previous outing.  I like how this outfit looks quite a lot.  My goal was to eat lunch and go to a consignment store that I frequent.  The last time I went there, I tried on an orange and white dress.  Since then, I have thought about that dress several times.

Mexican Restaurant
First, I ate a late lunch.  I went to Mexican restaurant that I had never visited before.  I walked in without much fear.  I had seriously considered going to a buffet-style restaurant, but I felt too uncomfortable with that idea this close to home.  The Mexican restaurant was almost deserted.  I expected this from how empty the parking lot was.

In the restaurant, I saw a table of Hispanic men in one direction, a table of women in another direction, and an individual man at a third table.  I walked up to the hostess stand and waited for someone to seat me.  I saw the man sitting alone at the table looking at me.  I think some of the women were looking too.  I did not care very much and I chose not to look at them.  I wanted to be confident and just “own it”.

A male employee saw me and had a bit of an unsure moment before he walked over to me and seated me in the area near the table of men.  I gave him my order and I crossed my legs and waited.  The men never paid me any attention.  My drink was brought by one woman.  My food came shortly later in the hands of a second woman.  I do not think they noticed my outfit.

I ate my small meal quickly and without incident.  I walked up to the cash register when I was finished.  I did not look to see the people whom I believe were all still at their tables.  I figured I would pay quickly and leave.  Instead, the man who seated me started talking to me.  I had used some of the little Spanish I know when he had seated me.  He started asking me about where I learned Spanish and what was my mother tongue, etc.  (I do not know how to take this — my Spanish is not THAT good.)

$1 Store
I left the restaurant and went to a discount store.  I wanted to get some candy.  A woman was at the counter trying to get her previous purchase corrected.  The cashier was a man who was older than me.  I got in line behind her.  They helped the woman in a way that, I think, will make her like the store and come back.  They did well, I feel.  It made me glad.

When it was my turn, the man talked to me politely and offered a little small talk as well.  I paid and left.  I realized that I was so comfortable and unconcerned that I did not feel apprehension at talking to a man while I was dressed pretty.  I did not care.  Awesome!

Consignment Store
I finally arrived at the consignment store where the orange and white dress was.  I found that it was still there.  I also asked the owner for some other dress options.  She selected a couple dresses that I would not have chosen.  I started trying them on.  I would come out and get her opinion about each one.  She loved them all on me, although she admitted some did not fit me well enough.

While this was going on, another customer arrived.  The customer and I spoke a time or two while she was shopping.  She and I neither one seemed to care that I was a man in a dress.  It was delightful!

One of the dresses I tried on did not appeal to me.  But then, I gathered up the fabric to make it fit me better.  Then, I loved it.  I thought, I could try to alter this and even if I do not like it, it would be a good experience.

I finally tried on the orange and white dress.  It also needed some altering.  I started to feel like it was too short.  I gave it the “sit down test”.  It was too short.  When I sat and crossed my legs, it showed too much of my under-leg.  It also rode up too much in the back when I bent down to pick up something.

I was sad.  This dress was not going to work!

I changed back into my clothes.  I decided to buy the other dress.  It has a bold, non-feminine pattern on it.  It is also sleeveless.  I do not shave my arm pits.  I will have to wear something with it if I ever wear it.  I will also have to alter it.  It was low priced.  It seems daring (for me).

While I was finishing up, another customer arrived.  She was there to consign some clothes.  The consigning woman sat down in a chair near the register and waited.  Ahead of me in line was the customer I had spoken with.  I was waiting for her to pay.  I spoke to the woman who was sitting.  She was wearing scrubs.  We started talking about scrubs.  Eventually, I paid my bill and took my stuff out to my car.

I returned to the store with my “outing bag” because I wanted to change back into my menswear.  The consigning woman was talking to the owner.  I heard the owner mention me.  The consigning customer spoke about someone else whom she called “she”.  The consigning woman left.

The owner told me that the consigning woman asked if I was transgender and if I was transitioning.  She said that she told the woman that I was a married man and a father.  She told her that my dressing up was not gender-related.  The consigning woman told her that she was going to recommend the store to her transgender neighbor.

I changed into my menswear.  While this was going on, another customer arrived.  She was a woman I had met on a previous visit to the store.  She and I spoke briefly before I left the store.

It was a very nice outing!




Use Hand Lotion to Help Pantyhose Stay in Place

Although I have mentioned this trick before, I decided to reiterate it after what I experienced today…

Normally, before I put on my pantyhose (sheer tights), I massage enough hand lotion into my legs, hips, and tummy to moisturize them.  Afterwards, my pantyhose stay in place pretty well.  Eventually, after about nine or ten hours, they will start to slide some.

I normally pump about eight pumps of lotion into my hands and that is enough to cover whatever skin the hose are going to touch.  I have to use so much lotion because I have a lot of leg.  I just use whatever cheap lotion I find in the store.  I do not normally use my more expensive Avon lotion.  I save that for my hands.

Sometimes I have worn Leggs Active Support pantyhose without lotion and observed that they stayed in place pretty well (but not as well as with lotion).  Today, I wore Leggs Sheer Energy in medium support without lotion.  They started sliding down immediately.  I went to the restroom and pulled up about four inches (ten cm) of material on the legs.  Shortly later, it happened again.  This same pair of pantyhose did not do this the previous two or three times I wore them with lotion.  It made a BIG difference!

If you have never tried using lotion to help hold pantyhose in place, consider trying it and letting me know if this is a general truth or if it only works for me.

FOLLOWUP: I have once again worn the pair of pantyhose that were SO loose that day.  This time I applied lotion prior to putting them on.  They stayed in place all day.  Man, I love this discovery!

Two Recent Outings


For a recent outing, I wanted to wear a beautiful, new red skirt I had bought.  Unfortunately, the skirt hangs only to my knees and my legs are not shaved.  I could not wait until next winter to wear it.  I decided to put on black, opaque tights, the red skirt, and some black flats, with my black top with that has a built-in cardigan.

I went to a restaurant that I had never visited before.  It did not look too busy.  I arrived near 11:00 AM.  The lunch crowd had not yet arrived.  As I walked into the restaurant, the hostess tried not to look down at my skirt.  She did rather well.  She stopped at my waist and returned to my face.  She seated me politely and casually.  I sat, ordered, and ate my food without consequence.  While I ate, people steadily arrived in the restaurant.  Eventually, I walked to the counter to pay.  I stood there for a minute or two while paying and then I left.

Greeting Card Store
Next, I went to a store that sells greeting cards.  I was shopping for five different cards.  Mother’s day, etc.  One employee came to me and offered to help me.  I was pleased that she was willing to offer me help, but I declined.  I did not understand how she could help me select an item that is as personal as a greeting card.

I shopped for quite a while.  The cards I saw typically were at one of two extremes: “I hardly know you, but…” and “I basically worship you and bask in your perfection…”  I also observed that there were quite a few crude greeting cards.  While I was shopping, several customers passed by.  To some I said, “Hello.”  Everyone was polite.  It was a quiet, pleasant shopping experience.

Eventually, I did need some help finding a themed card.  I found the girl and told her what I was looking for.  They had some children’s cards with characters, but the store did not have what I was looking for.

I made my selections and went to check out.  I stood in line waiting to pay.  A woman was in front of me and she was taking a long time.  A man was behind me.  That is it.  A guy can go shopping in a skirt and it can be that non-interesting…  I paid and left.


Toy Store
A few days later, I went to a toy store to get an item for my child (to go with the greeting card).  I have been to this store in a skirt on a couple occasions.  On one occasion, the owner helped me and was uncommonly warm and friendly.  I knew what I wanted to buy on this trip.  I entered the store and went directly to where it was.  The owner was at the cash register dealing with a customer.  The owner saw me and smiled and welcomed me.  While I was choosing between the different versions of what I came for, another customer arrived.  She saw me and politely returned my greeting.

I selected my item.  I decided to walk around the store while the owner was still busy.  Eventually I got in line.  The woman in front of me left and the owner and I completed my transaction.  She offered to wrap my gift.  She talked to me happily and naturally while she wrapped.  It was very nice.  (She was a bundle of sunshine.)

Ice Cream Shop
After I left the toy store, I did not want to change.  It felt so nice feeling my legs rub against one another and my slip.  I forgot to mention what I wore on this outing.  I wore my light orange maxi skirt.  It is ankle-length on me.  I wore a white top with my navy cardigan.  I wore white Keds and some rather new (and therefore good feeling) nude pantyhose.  I felt very good in this outfit.  I think the colors are happy and go well together.

I went to an ice cream shop that I have been to many times in a skirt.  I bought some ice cream and spoke for a moment with the woman who is always there.  She is always very friendly and talkative.  I took my ice cream with me and left.  It was delicious!

Thank you for reading!

Lunch, Haircut, Shopping in April


I dressed pretty and went for a hair cut again.  This time was different in a few ways.  I received some cold reactions from some people,  a mysterious comment from a man that was either a compliment or an insult, and some direct, friendly engagement from complete strangers.

Sandwich Shop
I dressed in an orange maxi skirt; a zebra print, stretchy, knit top; nude pantyhose; and flats, and went out for a haircut and lunch.  As usual, I was a man in a skirt.  First, I went to a sandwich shop I have frequented in a skirt.  The time of day was shortly before noon.  I normally avoid the lunch crowd by going out on skirted outings earlier than this.  As I drove into the parking lot of the restaurant, I tried to see into the restaurant.  I thought I saw a few men inside.  I normally feel less comfortable being dressed pretty around men.  I was not sure if I wanted to go in.

I parked deep in the parking lot.  I walked up to the entrance.  I would not be able to see inside the dining area until I got to the door.  When I arrived at the door, I found two men eating lunch outside.  I immediately decided to go into the restaurant no matter what.  I walked in to find three men eating at different tables.  The only women in the restaurant were the workers.

I went up to the counter to place my order.  I noticed one of the men look over at me for a few seconds.  He was possibly 55 years old.  Let’s call him “the looker”.  I placed my order like usual.  Two female workers talked to me.  One of the women is slightly older than me and she has spoken to me on most of my visits to this restaurant.  I paid my bill, filled my drink, and found a seat near the door.  It is humorous now that I think back about it.  All four men in the restaurant were evenly distributed.  Just like how men space themselves in the men’s room.

At one point during lunch, I made eye contact with “the looker”.  We both greeted each other as is common where I live.  Other customers came and left with their to-go orders.  Once, a man who works in the restaurant came near where I was sitting.  He noticed me and greeted me like normal.  “The looker” finished his meal.  He walked past me to the trash cans.  On his way by, we made eye contact again.  Again we greeted as is common.  But this time he smiled — or perhaps I should say he smirked.  He said , “I like your dress.”  I could not tell if he was complimenting me or making fun of me.  His unusual smile, and the very nature of being complimented by a man made it feel ambiguous.

“The looker” left the trash cans, walked over to the drink machine, back to his seat, and back to the drink machines for a straw.  All this time, he avoided looking at me.  I could not tell if he was feeling awkward for complimenting me or awkward for mocking me.  I honestly could not figure out how to receive his words.  Eventually, he walked past me to the door.  We made eye contact one last time and told each other “good-bye” and “have a nice day”.

I eventually finished my meal, filled my cup, and left the restaurant.

Hair Salon
I walked into the hair salon I have recently started going to.  I believe the workers in this establishment are particularly conservative, morally.  I walked up to the counter.  One employee was putting a permanent curl into a customer’s hair.  Both she and her customer could easily see all of me.  The employee looked at me with no expression.  The customer appeared to be shocked and possibly disapproving.

The woman who has previously cut my hair was not visible.  Only one other employee was in the room.  Let’s call her “smiley”.  I asked if my regular person was available.  “Smiley” invited me to her seat.  She greeted me and introduced herself when I was close enough to shake hands.  “Smiley” is the woman who had said, “Please come back,” when I first visited this salon.  She is a happy person who laughs and smiles a lot.  We had a pleasant time talking and laughing during the hair cut.

At one point, the woman who normally cuts my hair appeared.  She was in the back working with another customer.  She greeted me nicely.  The customer also gave me a look, but it did not seem to be as disapproving as the first one.  She did not speak to me.

At one point, I asked my hair cutter if my outfit was too wild.  I am not normally a person who wears “prints”.  I primarily wear solid colors.  When I wear women’s wear, I often look very plain.  This zebra print top is a very bold change for me.  I felt like “smiley” was made a little uncomfortable with my question.  I think she was being nice to me, but still disapproved of how I was dressed.  I may have put her into a situation where she had to either compliment me or say she did not like it.  I clarified  my question when she hesitated.  “Is this shirt too wild?”  She told me she thought it was not too wild.

After my hair cut, I was taken to the back to wash my hair.  Then I finished up.  I said good-bye to “smiley”, then to both the woman who cut my hair last time and the customer she was working with.  The customer responded appropriately.

Grocery Store
My intent was to go to my friend’s consignment store next.  However, I did not want to stop being out in public yet.  I drove to a grocery store.  I decided to get some milk and some candy.  I am nervous about going to the store because it is a big room and I never know if an acquaintance is nearby.  The parking lot was not very full.  It gave me confidence.

I walked into the store and no one was near.  I walked through the store.  A few people saw me.  However, no one stared or spoke.  It is SO refreshing to go to the grocery store crossdressed!

I made my selections and walked the checkout lines.  I stopped and debated over which candy bar to buy.  The cashier said playfully, “It’s a hard choice.”  We talked while she checked me out.  She was friendly.  She did not seem uncomfortable.  I would describe her as possibly being unsure how to behave, but willing to be nice.

I think I love going to grocery stores in skirts!

Consignment Store
I finally went to my friend’s consignment store.  I shopped around and selected a few items.  There was a gray haired woman shopping.  She had a lot of personality and one lock of purple hair.  While I was shopping a few feet away from her, she started talking to the employees.  She was debating buying one dress.  They said that it was a short dress.  They said she could either wear it with leggings as a top, or as a dress if she was bold.  The woman said, “I am bold.”

She tried on the dress.  She came out wearing it with her pants and they discussed it.  She decided to buy the dress.  She walked by me after purchasing it and said, “If you wanted this top, you can’t have it.”  I assured her it was OK if she bought it and told her to enjoy it.  It made me happy that she spoke to me, a man in a skirt, when she did not have any reason to.  She exited the store.

Another female customer entered the store.  We spoke our hellos.  I picked out a couple unlikely items to try on.  I tried on a black dress.  It was too big and was too “grandmotherly”.  The woman expressed some interest in a dress I was wearing.  I returned to the dressing room and took it off.  I told the woman the size of the dress and she declined it.  My friend suggested a better dress for me to try on.  It was orange with white stripes.  I thought it was rather bold for me.  I tried it on.

A third customer came in.  I came out of the dressing room.  The third customer and my friend complimented the orange dress I had on.  I asked the employee if it was too bunched under the belt.  The customer immediately responded.  Then, the customer came over to me and started adjusting how the dress was bunched under the belt.  Now people…  Can I stop and ask just what planet am I on where women ask to try on a dress I am currently wearing and other complete strangers come up to me to help adjust my ladies’ clothes?!? Also, what planet am I on that I took all of this in stride as though it was normal?!?

I have this no-floral-patterns rule that I tend to obey.  I am not interested in being dainty or girly.  I just like wearing women’s clothes and staying masculine.  The top of this orange and white dress has what I perceived to be floral silhouettes across the upper chest and shoulders.  So, in spite of all of their compliments, I did not buy the orange and white dress.

…However, I am still thinking about it…

Lunch, Haircut, Shopping


It was time for another hair cut.  I did not want to wear a skirt.  I wanted to wear a dress!  I do not get to wear dresses very often.  I am taller than most women (and most men).  Most dresses’ waistlines do not fall near my waist.  I do not wear a bra or have breasts.  Therefore, I avoid dresses that have a dart in them and extra fabric up top.  I am a V-shaped man (though I am approaching U-shape) and most dresses are not V-shaped.  Dresses that fit me in the shoulders and also fit me in the hips are particularly hard to find.  Also, I do not wear dainty/girly patterns and styles.  Ladies’ business styles normally work well for me.  Dresses that I can/will wear are hard for me to find.  I only own three dresses that I have ever worn out.

For this outing, I chose my dress that has a brush stroke pattern of black, and gray.  Under it, I wore a black shirt.  I also wore off-black pantyhose, and black flats.

It is the time of year when I stop shaving my legs.  I thought my leg whiskers would not be very obvious yet.  I wore the darker hose to help hide them.  When I got dressed, I thought, “Oh, no!  My hairs are kind of easy to see!”  I did not stop because of this.  I just hoped that they were not noticeable from over six feet (2 meters) away.

Sandwich shop
First I went back to a sandwich shop I have eaten lunch at a couple of times.  It was a non-event.  There was a family at one table eating.  They finished and left while I was placing my order.  A woman who has served me in the past took my order.  I paid for my meal, sat down, and ate my food.  I chose a seat in the corner.  I was able to watch the many customers who started pouring into the restaurant around noon.  They all took their food to go.  None of them paid me any attention.  Eventually, a couple ladies sat at the booth next to mine.  One made eye contact with me a couple times.  I could not tell if she had noticed my outfit or not.  When I got up to leave I noticed that she looked down at my legs.  I did not watch her or her companion to see any further reaction.  When I exited the restaurant a moment later, I turned my side to the door.  I glanced at the ladies.  They were talking and paying me no attention.  Win!

Hair Salon
I returned to the hair salon that I went to last month (same link as above).  This was my second visit to this salon.  Once again, I was the only man in the room.  I was not the only person in a skirt/dress.  An elderly woman was also wearing a skirt.  Otherwise, it was a pants-only establishment.  From the waiting area, I waved at the hairdresser who gave me my haircut last time.  I had an appointment with her for this visit as well.  I took a seat in the empty waiting room and waited.  The front desk woman was elderly.  She gave me a strange look.  After a moment, she asked me if she could help me.  I told her who I was waiting for.

Eventually, my hairdresser came for me.  I had gotten the impression that this salon was a rather conservative place.  The magazines in the waiting room had holes cut in the covers where women’s bodies were exposed.  I had visited their web presence.  I had clicked through to the pages of several hair dressers.  Several had information indicating that they were ladies of religious faith.  When I decided to go for my first visit, I wondered if they were going to ask me not to return unless I was dressed in menswear.  My clothes were never mentioned.  They accepted me as a customer.  My hairdresser was very social with me.  She seemed slightly more casual than last time.  A couple other hairdressers spoke to me as I walked to my chair.  The owner of the salon remembered my name.  This is interesting to me!

My hairdresser completed my haircut.  She washed my hair.  I paid her.  We even stood and talked for a couple minutes before I left.  I am a regular in a conservative women’s hair salon!

Consignment Store
My last stop was to the consignment store where I find nice clothes and get good advice.  I call the owner my “big sister” for fashion advice.  I arrived and the owner greeted me.  I asked her to give me something to try on that will grow me.  I am too conservative in my color and style choices.  I think I am doing better, but my fashion tendency is more toward librarian and grand mother than toward the middle-aged extrovert that I am.

The owner selected a black and white zebra print top.  It was made of a very soft, stretchy knit fabric.  It is a lovely fabric!  Another customer came in.  I continued browsing the racks while the owner dealt with her.  The customer looked at me but did not speak to me.  I assumed I made her uncomfortable.  I selected a few other items to try on.  I went into the dressing room.  I could hear the customer talking to the owner while I getting dressed.  I was not discussed, of course.

I put on a red skirt with the black and white top.  I stepped out of the dressing room.  The customer looked over at me.  The owner said it was the best thing she had ever seen me wear.  I looked over at the customer.  She said, “It is a very good outfit.”  I found myself between two women who were giving me positive feedback on how I looked a rather bold colored, skirt and blouse.  These are weird days, my friends!

I tried on another skirt with the zebra print top.  Another customer arrived in the store while I was changing.  The owner started helping the new customer.  I came back out of the dressing room.  The first customer talked with me about this skirt with the top versus the other skirt.  An additional woman arrived.  She appeared have been either the owner’s friend or perhaps an employee.

I tried on another skirt.  I came out and asked for the owners opinion.  This time, three women gave me insights on the outfit.  Their opinions were all different on the last one.  I decided to buy two skirts (the red one and a black one) and the zebra top.

While I was changing into my men’s wear in the dressing room, I realized that my camera was in my bag.  I forgot to get a picture of me in my gray  and black dress.  I did not dress back up just for a picture.  Perhaps I will produce one later…

Grocery Store Outing


I went on another grocery shopping outing to the same store I went to on a previous grocery shopping outing.  I wore a red a-line skirt, black and white horizontally striped sweater top, a long, black cardigan, off-black pantyhose, and flats.

When I walked into the store, I had to walk past the cash registers.  There were no customers.  There were, however, five female employees gathered near one of the registers.  Most of the ladies looked toward me when I walked into the store.  One young woman smiled politely (while glancing down at my lower half) and welcomed me to the store.  The others did not speak.

On one of the first aisles I went down in the store, I came upon an employee.  She turned and saw me when I was about ten feet away.  She spoke kindly to me.

I started this outing later than I wanted to.  Elementary schools had released their students.  There were some children in the store.  I tried to make sure I was never seen by any children.  Being concerned about being seen by the children caused me to feel more stress than the last time I had an outing in this store.  After I had shopped on a couple aisles without seeing any children, I stopped being concerned about them.

I did my shopping.  I visited every aisle.  Unfortunately, I did not have a fellow shopper who crossed paths with me frequently.

It might be because I was not watching people as much as last time, but I saw even fewer reactions from other customers.  However, one older, burly looking man appeared to change his mind about entering an aisle I was shopping on.  Shortly after I left it, I noticed that he was on the aisle.  I wondered if he was avoiding me.  Perhaps I am misinterpreting the situation.

After completing my shopping, I arrived at the cash registers.  My cashier and “bag boy” were both significantly older than me.  The cashier moved a shopping cart in behind me while I was in line.  She spoke to me and said, “Don’t let me bump you.”  She explained that after she finished with me, she was going home for the day.  I asked her how long she had been there when she started to check out my groceries.  We had a short, polite conversation.  When I exited the checkout lane, the man who bagged my groceries thanked me for coming.

I went to a second grocery store to find a couple things that I did not find in this store.  Soon after I entered this store, I passed a female employee who was on the floor stocking shelves.  She turned her head and looked at my face.  She smiled and said, “Hello,” and returned to her work.  I think she did not notice my outfit.

When I was waiting in the checkout line, a woman in a dress got in line behind me.  Suddenly, I was not the only person in the store in a skirt and pantyhose!  We stood there waiting.  At one point, she made eye contact with me.  She smiled a friendly smile and greeted me.  I asked her if she was dressed for an occasion or if she dressed like that for work.  She had attended a funeral.  I asked her about her deceased family member.  We talked until the cashier had finished with my order.  We said good-bye to each other and I left.

After that, I visited a clothing store that I shopped in during my previous outing.  I saw the employee from my previous visit.  We spoke briefly.  I asked her to take my picture.  Shortly after that, I had to go home to put up my groceries.