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Christmas Shopping Outing 2017 – Part 3

December 2, 2017

November 17, 2017

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Hosiery Outlet
Every year, when I have a shopping outing in this town, I visit a hosiery, etc. outlet.  I walked to the hosiery outlet in the outdoor mall.  I passed a lot of people on my way.  My shoes were starting to hurt the balls of my feet.  Some people looked at me as I passed by, but mostly, I was not noticed, or I was ignored.

striped_skirt_purple_top_navy_cardiganThis is the outfit that I changed into at the end of my outing.

I walked into the hosiery store.  I browsed around.  I looked for some non-hosiery items that my wife wants.  One employee helped me a little.  Afterward, I browsed through the hosiery section.  A second employee spoke to me.  She said, “I have not seen you in about a year.”  She went on to say, “You are from xxxxx, if I remember correctly.”  She was correct.  I assume she is one of those people with perfect recollection of everyone they have ever met.  I have heard of these people.  We spoke politely for a few moments.  I left the store without buying anything.  I also left without asking someone to take a picture of me.

I walked to another store that was a closeout store.  It had lots of random clothes on racks.  I browsed the store.  I visited a dress section.  I continued on browsing into the fancier dress section.  I do not know why I visited this section, all of these dresses were sequined party dresses.  While I was browsing, two men asked a younger woman what the difference between Misses sizes and Women sizes.  She did not seem to know.  I said that the difference between Misses and Juniors was concerning the length of your lower abdomen, from your waist to your crotch.  However, I could not remember which was which.  I also tried to explain what the women’s section was.

Eventually, I asked, “Are you shopping for yourselves?”  They were a gay, married couple.  They were shopping for party dresses for a drag New Years’ Eve party.  So, picture this: I was wearing a dress while standing in the party dress section of a store while advising two inexperienced men on how to shop for dresses.  That was the most unusual thing that has ever happened while I was on an outing.  The young lady whom the men had spoken to earlier kept shopping nearby while listening in.  I wonder if she was amused.  I know I would have been!

Mexican Restaurant
It was past lunch time.  I drove to a Mexican restaurant.  My feet were hurting so badly that I considered changing into flats.  I did not.  I walked in and waited for the hostess to seat me.  I was seated at a table near the bar.  I ordered and ate quickly.  Two men at the bar glanced over their shoulders at me a few times.  They were not threatening, just curious.  I walked to the cashier.  While I walked past an older couple, the man let the woman know I was coming.  The booth was tall and obstructed her view of my outfit.  She leaned over to an almost horizontal position so that she could see me.  I paid and left.

It was time to go home.  I had squandered a lot of my Christmas shopping day buying things for myself…

Clothing Store for a Picture
I ran into a nearby clothing store with a camera.  I asked the employee if she would take my picture.  She did not need an explanation.  She gladly helped me.

Department Store
I had brought a second outfit that I never got to wear.  The second outfit had my pretty purple top in it.  I really wanted to wear it.  I changed into that outfit and started on my drive home.  I saw another store that I wanted to go to.  I went there and bought one more gift for my daughter.  The store was busy, but I did not care any more about other people.  It was a non-event.

Interestingly, while I walked to the cashiers to pay, I passed a male employee who had on red eye shadow.  He may have had some developing breasts.  He spoke to another employee with a male voice.  He did not see me and I did not slow down.  I needed to get on home.

I took a quick picture of my outfit in the parking lot.  Then, I drove home.

That evening I told my wife about my day.  I told her how the three women thought I was an employee.  I told her how it was flattering and made me feel good.  I told her how I am always alone when I have an outing.  I never have anyone to talk to.  I told her how nice it was to have someone want to speak to me.  She smiled and said, “Thank you for telling me about it.”

Later, I asked her if I could show her what I wore today.  She said, “OK”.  I put on my dress, cardigan and heels.  I came out.  She said, “Wow!”  She admitted that she was reacting to the shoes.  She has only seen me heels on a few occasions, and those were a long time ago.  She did not like my shoes.  Apparently, she is not fan of wedges.  We talked for a few minutes about my outfit.  I told her about the woman who said I looked fabulous.

I asked her, “So, does it look fabulous?”  She said the pattern was more bold than she is comfortable wearing.  She said that it looked OK.  She agreed that it was a couple inches too short.  She never called me fabulous.  That would have been a big change for her to say that!  She has come a long way to politely converse with me while I am dressed in womens wear.  I was very happy.  That night, in bed, I came to close to her and said, “I feel very loved tonight.”  I kissed her on her forehead.  Then we went to sleep.

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  1. Pat Scales permalink

    This was a very nice and sweet blog post. I think it would have been nice if you had made a purchase in the hosiery store where the woman employee commented that she had not seen you in a year. While she surely did have a good memory to recall your home town I suspect that the occasional male or CD in a hosiery store is not all that rare and that when there is a male shopper in ladies attire it is duly noted and committed to memory.
    I really liked the ‘debriefing’. It is a very positive sign that your wife has an interest in your outings. It is also positive that she gave you her honest opinions on your attire. I surmise that she looked at your outfit in terms of where you wore it. It was a pretty dress and it did go well with the heels but the entire outfit of patterned, above the knee dress with hose and heels is more dressy than most women, certainly my wife and likely your wife, would have considered proper casual attire for going Christmas shopping. As a fellow CD I liked the outfit and could appreciate you wearing it but you wife may have simply thought it a bit much for a shopping excursion.
    I would be encouraged with what she said rather than discourage that she did not use the word ‘fabulous’. I would have felt very loved as well.

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