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Supper and a Haircut


I recently bought a new gray and white striped top.  I wanted to wear it, and I needed a haircut.  Since I seldom get haircuts in menswear these days, I just *had* to wear it…  I matched the top with an orange maxi skirt, a blue cardigan, and my wedge heels.  I also wore the gray necklace that I recently bought.  It is plain enough to not seem girly.


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Supper Outing and A New Gray Dress


I have not been posting about any small outings lately for a couple of reasons.  Mostly, they cannot be all that interesting to read about.  Also, for the past month, I have been rather busy and have not had many opportunities to dress up.  I needed an outing, even if it was tiny…

I wore a black and white striped maxi skirt, a purple blouse with a black cardigan, and black flats.  I wore a maxi skirt because I stopped bothering with bleaching my leg hair.  I went out for supper at a small, family-owned restaurant.


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Flying Pretty Again


It was time for me to fly down to be with my family.  I had enjoyed having the house to myself for several days.  I decided to take this trip in a skirt.  I wore pants to the local airport.  It would have been nice to have left the house pretty.  I chose not to risk it.

I wore an orange top, and a royal blue maxi skirt that has white, tie-dyed horizontal lines on it.  I wore nude pantyhose and white Keds.  I felt confident about my outfit, but I have since wondered if I looked bad.  You know what?  I do not care very much.  I felt good about my look.

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Church and Ballroom Dancing Outing


My family went on trip ahead of me.  I still had to work.  For the first time since I became a father, I had the house to myself for days.

On Sunday, I decided to go to church while dressed pretty.  I got dressed, got in my car, and left the house.  Did you catch that?  I was able to dress pretty, get into my car in my garage while dressed pretty, and drive to a destination.  Just to express my strong will, I did so without emergency clothes.  I went with no options, other than to change into a second pretty outfit I brought for ballroom dancing.  I felt like leaving the house pretty was a great achievement.  This is the first time I have done this since I went out for Halloween with my wife many years ago!

I wore my “invisible” outfit.  It consists of a knee-length, gray skirt, purple top, black and white top over it, invisible nude hose, and black flats.

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Red Dress


I have always wanted to have a red dress.  They are so beautiful and powerful.  Eventually, I was very pleased to own some red items, a top and two skirts.  Recently, I tried on a red dress in a store.  It was a great find!  It falls to my knees, it has long sleeves, it is stretchy and shapes to my body pretty well — perhaps too well.  However, it was too expensive.  I decided not to buy it.

The sales person told me that it was going to be on sale soon.

I went back.

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Interesting Comments


I have had some intriguing comments and some saddening ones in the last two months.  Normally, no one makes any comment about my clothing.  I am not sure if I am dressing differently, or if I am dressing more openly… I just do not know.

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Feeling Invisible in Gray


Recently, I bought a new outfit.  The skirt needed to be altered.  I took it in about one inch (2.5 cm) on the sides.  Today I wore it.  The skirt is a knee-length, gray pencil skirt.  The top is a silky black and white patterned blouse.  I also wore a red pull-over shirt so that my chest hair did not show.  I wore my go-to black flats.

I was mostly invisible.

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