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Lunch Outing


There is a restaurant that I frequently go to in my normal mens’ wear.  About a year ago, I started occasionally wearing womens’ wear to eat there.  I started in womens’ slacks and a sweater.  Several months later, I ate there in ladies’ shorts and a top.  Eventually I wore a skirt on two occasions to this restaurant.  However, I normally wear mens’ clothing to this business.

On my last mens’ wear visit, I was feeling down.  The hostess was very happy and smiled broadly.  She greeted me warmly.  Previously, she has seated me while I was crossdressed.  I felt touched at how nice this woman was treating weird, old me.  It helped me feel a little less down.  The way she made me feel welcome on that day might have inspired me to wear a skirt to her restaurant today.


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More Christmas Shopping


It finally happened.

I will define probability as a measure of the likeliness of some event happening if you tried once.  Therefore, if you try multiple times, the probabilities add up.  Eventually, the event will happen…  You know, like getting caught while crossdressed in public.

Oh, speaking of being crossdressed in public, I went on an outing recently.  I had to do some Christmas shopping.  It was “far enough” from home that I decided to make an outing of it.  I wanted to wear another Christmas outfit.  This was my third outing in Christmas colors!  I brought a brush stroke abstract patterned, black and white, stretchy skirt that came to below my knees.  For up top, I brought a red pull over long sleeved shirt.  Over that, I had an unbuttoned, white collared shirt.  For below the skirt, I had shiny off black pantyhose and black flats.  I thought the outfit looked very nice.  I felt good about myself when I wore it.


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Lunch and an Errand


I needed to go pick up my recently dry cleaned suit.  I dropped off my dry cleaning while dressed pretty.  I selected another Christmas outfit to wear for picking it up.  I wore a black top, a red pencil skirt that falls below my knees, off black pantyhose, black suede heels, and a white collared shirt that was untucked and unbuttoned.


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Lunch and Supper Outings


It is Christmas time.  In the United States, Christmas is a month of get-togethers, eating, singing, gift giving, and wearing pretty Christmas outfits.  Christmas colors are primarily red and white, but also green.  So many women wear pretty Christmas outfits.  Sometimes I yearn to join them…

I put together an outfit: a black top, a red cardigan, a brown and black skirt, off black pantyhose, and black flats.


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December Haircut in Pants


For quite a long time now, I have been going out for a haircut while dressed pretty.  This month, I did it in menswear.  I went to a different barbershop as well.  If you are interested, I wore gray tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a blue, pull-over, long-sleeve shirt.

I looked back at my old posts.  I believe that I have dressed pretty for all of my haircuts in the last two years, except for two occasions.  Once, I went with my son to get a haircut.  The other time was this week.  I needed the haircut and did not have the time to wait.  In the United States, Christmas is more than just one day.  It has grown into weeks of decorating, celebrating, coming together, singing, eating, and loving.  Therefore… I’ve been busy.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Shopping Outing 2017 – Part 3

November 17, 2017

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Hosiery Outlet
Every year, when I have a shopping outing in this town, I visit a hosiery, etc. outlet.  I walked to the hosiery outlet in the outdoor mall.  I passed a lot of people on my way.  My shoes were starting to hurt the balls of my feet.  Some people looked at me as I passed by, but mostly, I was not noticed, or I was ignored.

striped_skirt_purple_top_navy_cardiganThis is the outfit that I changed into at the end of my outing.

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Christmas Shopping Outing 2017 – Part 2

November 17, 2017

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Part 2  <– You are here
Part 3

Toy Store
I have gone to the same toy store every year when I have gone Christmas shopping in this town.  This year, the toy store seemed busier than usual.  I think it is because I shopping on a Friday instead of on a Monday.  Not only were there a lot of people, there were a significant number of children.  My first stop was to the Lego aisle.  Some people came and went while I shopped.  Sometimes, I went elsewhere if I did not want to be around a customer.


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