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Love Your Neighbor


This post is not about crossdressing. Instead, this is about something that I recently discovered about myself and how a guy I know made me a better man.

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Crossdressed at the Dermatologist 4.0


It was time for my fourth, and final, dermatologist appointment. It all started with a red spot on my face that would not go away. He froze the spot twice. This new appointment had two purposes: to check the spot, and to do a full-body exam. I crossdressed for all of my three previous appointments. I decided to wear my gray skirt, my black/white/gray printed top, black pantyhose, and my new shoes.

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Road Trip In My Little Black Dress


I went to a family event that required a two hour drive to attend. I packed some womenswear for the drive home. After the event, I changed into my black dress, black pantyhose, and my strappy black flats. While I was getting dressed, I realized that I forgot to bring a colorful cardigan. I did not like being so monochromatic. I decided that I needed to do something to change my outfit. I made several stops on my way home. In a small, rural town, I shopped in a pharmacy, a shoe store, and a thrift store. Later in my trip, I went to an outlet store and a gas station while dressed as a man in a dress.

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All Day Outing In A Skirt


Monday was a national holiday. I took the day off from work. I had a load of errands to accomplish, so I did it in a skirt! I wore a black skirt, a gray sweater, black pantyhose, and black flats. I was just a man in a skirt for seven hours. I felt beautiful, and I felt welcome in public.

Side note: I was able to wear black pantyhose because I have started shaving my legs for the winter! I bleach my leg hair during the summer so that I have hair, but it does not show through my pantyhose, so I can wear skirts of any length all year. Unfortunately, the light-colored hair will poke out of black pantyhose and be visible. Therefore, I do not wear darker hosiery for most of the year.

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Me in a Couple of Skirt Outfits


I have not had any interesting outings in a while. However, I have gone crossdressed to my bi-weekly meeting a couple of times. I asked to have my picture taken of me in the last two meetings. Both of these outfits include a new top. The black top has been featured in some previous posts. — OK, many recent posts. — The gray sweater is a new find that I love. I like it because it fits me loosely, but does not look too big.

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I Wore a Skirt to My Doctor’s Office


Full disclosure, I only had to go in for some bloodwork, so I did not see my doctor or her nurses… but I did it. I have no intention to go be seen by my doctor while dressed pretty. This outing was misguided enough! Recently, I had to go in for some bloodwork. The numbers were a little off, and I had run out of a medicine a week before the bloodwork, so the doctor scheduled more bloodwork. I wore androgynous ladies’ clothes last time, so I was probably completely stealthy. This time, I decided to go back in a denim skirt, a black top, with black flats. From a distance, it might not look like womenswear, but from up close, there would be no doubt. Afterward, I ate breakfast while dressed pretty.

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Crossdressed at the Unusually Friendly Blood Bank


In my previous post, I told the story of going to the dermatologist again. After that, I went to the blood bank, a clothing store, and dined-in at a restaurant. I wore a multi-colored, printed dress, nude pantyhose, black wedge heels, and a black cardigan. In order to make the blog post shorter, I broke that story in half. Here is the rest of the story.

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Crossdressed at the Dermatologist 3.0


At my last dermatologist appointment, a “probably nothing” red spot on my face was frozen with liquid nitrogen. I was scheduled to return in three months for a follow-up appointment. I crossdressed for my last two visits. I had to go look at my blog posts to make sure I did not wear the same outfit this time as I did previously. This time, I wore a multi-colored, printed dress, nude pantyhose, black wedge heels, and a black cardigan. It went OK.

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Dignity in Crossdressing


There is a lot of indignity in crossdressing. I want to talk about that for a minute and then relate a funny story. So, this is mostly an opinion post…

Dignity is the ability to hold your head up and not be ashamed. Dignity is being respected by yourself and perhaps others. Dignity is feeling like you belong and are valuable. Crossdressing, does it come with dignity? There is a lot of indignity in how my crossdressing life has played out. Here is a list of what comes to mind…

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Man in a Green Skirt


I went to a meeting that I go to every other week. Normally, I crossdress to these meetings. This time, I wore something that I have not worn in a long time, my green maxi skirt. I wore a form-fitting, black tank top, and a black cardigan, and my black, stiletto, bootie heels. All I did was dress up, go to the meeting, change back into menswear, and go home. I was not going to post about it, but my friend told me the skirt deserved to be posted on my blog.

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