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Crossdressed Grocery Shopping


Recently, I bought a new beige cardigan.  I have wanted a beige cardigan for a long time.  It is beautiful.  I just had to wear it… and we are running low on food… So, I went grocery shopping while dressed pretty!  I wore my beige/khaki-colored cardigan, my striped top, a black skirt, and my black flats and went on an outing.


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Running A Few Errands While Crossdressed


I needed to go across town to take care of some business, so I crossdressed for part of my outing.  I wore a beige skirt, a navy top, a white cardigan, and brown wedge heels.  I felt pretty.  This is the first time that I ever put this outfit together.


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Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach Review



I tried a new product for bleaching my leg hair.  It is called Sally Hansen Bleach Creme/Cream.  (Online, they use the word “Creme”, but on the package it is “Cream”.)  Here is a quick review.  Short summary: It was very effective and I was pleased with the results.

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Talbots Silky Sheer Pantyhose Review


I was shopping in a Talbots recently.  They had a 50% off sale for any full-price item in the store.  I did not find any outfits, but I did finally decide to try their pantyhose.  Here is my review.

What I Wore

I wore a pair of Talbots Silky Sheer Pantyhose under my khaki pants and socks.


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Current Events


I am going to break my normal habit of only speaking about crossdressing/fashion topics.  As I write this, we are almost two weeks into the series of protests about racial injustice/inequality.  I do not want to be quiet at this time.

Black lives matter.

These protests are not about the death of one man.  These protests are about the death of yet another man in a tapestry of many other deaths and many injustices and many inequalities.  I do not understand it all.  I did not experience any of it.  Regardless of me, it is real.

I am working on improving my understanding.  I am ashamed of how ignorant I have been.

Please find a person of color and ask them questions about their experiences.  Definitely do not argue any points.  Just listen and learn.  “What injustices/inequalities have you experienced?”  “What have you done/plan to do to in order to instruct your children how to stay out of racial trouble?”  “When do you feel unsafe/unwelcome/unjustly treated?”  “Have I ever done anything that made you feel unwelcome, unequal, inferior, etc.?”

You can ask these questions of people of other races too.  I have discovered that they have their own race-related stories.

Black lives matter.

Please make sure that black lives matter to you.

Thank you.




Appliance Shopping


I needed to go across town to buy an appliance for our kitchen. This was going to be my first opportunity to have a crossdressed outing in a couple of months. I packed my black and white striped top, my black skirt, some black pantyhose, and my black flats. (No cardigan this time!)

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What Do You Think? (Part 5)


What do you think about these outfits?  How well did I put them together?  How could I do better?  How could I pose better?  Posing is a tough challenge for me.  I feel so put on the spot!  Please, comment below and teach me how to do the best I can.

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What Do You Think? (Part 4)


Once again, I ask you, “What do you think about these outfits?”  I have been posting these sets of images in roughly chronological order.  I feel like my fashion sense has improved over time.  Definitely, I think more highly of these outfits than I do of some of the others I have posted.  (I have not included pictures that I am ashamed of!!)

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What Do You Think (Part 3)


Round 3!  Please tell me what you think about these outfits.  Teach me how to dress myself better.  I want to hear feedback like: “#7 is good because of a…b…c…d…, but it could be improved if you e…f…”  “#8 does not suit you because of g…h…i… and it is just plain ugly.”

Please do not make me cry, but tell me your true opinion.  I will chew on it and try to improve my fashion skills.

I have been getting more feedback from these posts than I have from any I have ever written.  Thank you!  Also, I am hearing perspectives that are new and I appreciate it.

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What Do You Think? (Part 2)


Let’s try another batch!  Previously, I asked for your opinions.  Let’s do it again.  Last time, I was somewhat surprised that everyone liked my black and white dress.  That was a special dress because I had never been able to find a dress that I could wear.  I bought that dress on sale at an upscale clothing store as well.  I have only worn it a few times.  I believe that I have developed a sense of prejudice against that dress.

Here are some outfits that I have worn in my adventures in women’s wear.  Please give me your opinions!

What do you think of the following outfits?  Which ones do you like?  What would you change?  Please post a comment in reply.  WordPress permits anonymous comments with no log in.  Just type your thoughts, click anonymous, and submit.

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