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Red Dress


I have always wanted to have a red dress.  They are so beautiful and powerful.  Eventually, I was very pleased to own some red items, a top and two skirts.  Recently, I tried on a red dress in a store.  It was a great find!  It falls to my knees, it has long sleeves, it is stretchy and shapes to my body pretty well — perhaps too well.  However, it was too expensive.  I decided not to buy it.

The sales person told me that it was going to be on sale soon.

I went back.

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Interesting Comments


I have had some intriguing comments and some saddening ones in the last two months.  Normally, no one makes any comment about my clothing.  I am not sure if I am dressing differently, or if I am dressing more openly… I just do not know.

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Feeling Invisible in Gray


Recently, I bought a new outfit.  The skirt needed to be altered.  I took it in about one inch (2.5 cm) on the sides.  Today I wore it.  The skirt is a knee-length, gray pencil skirt.  The top is a silky black and white patterned blouse.  I also wore a red pull-over shirt so that my chest hair did not show.  I wore my go-to black flats.

I was mostly invisible.

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Road Trip Dressed Pretty


Today, I went on a road trip to a town a couple hours from my home to see some family.  I wore a red skirt, a white shirt with black horizontal stripes, a black cardigan, nude sheer pantyhose, and black flats.  My skirt fell to just below my knees.  I could wear such a short skirt because my legs look shaved because I bleached my leg hair.  (If you are reading all of my posts, I suppose you are growing sick of hearing about the bleach thing… Please accept my apology.)

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Shorts and Pantyhose at Lunch


Today, I bleached my leg hair a second time with Jolen Cream Bleach.  Today, I wanted to wear more sheer pantyhose and find out how obvious or non-obvious my leg hair was.  This is an extension of my experiment from yesterday.

During my lunch break from work, I changed into some black ladies’ shorts, with skin-toned, rather sheer pantyhose on under them.  I took off my socks and wore my athletic shoes without them.  I wore a men’s polo shirt on top.

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May 2018 Haircut


Yesterday, I bleached my leg hair with Jolen Creme Bleach.  Today, I pulled out something shorter than a maxi skirt to wear!  I wore a black, knee-length dress (just above the knee), nude Sheer Energy Active Support pantyhose (these are thicker pantyhose that cover leg hair better), light brown strappy espadrilles sandals.

Beauty Supply Store
First, I went to the beauty supply store where I bought the Jolen Bleach Cream.  I wanted to show off my legs to the girl who helped me so she could see how well the product worked on my leg hair.  I also wanted feedback on how noticeable the hair was.  She was not there, so I did not stay very long.

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Using Jolen Cream Bleach to Lighten Leg Hair Color


I am a guy who likes to wear dresses and skirts on occasions.  I like women’s clothes, but I am still a man.  I do not wear make up or wigs.  I do not own a bra.  I am just a boring, average guy — except for this crossdressing thing.  Not very many of my acquaintances know that I like to crossdress.

Like many crossdressers, I like to go out in public when I am dressed pretty.  I started shaving my legs a few years ago.  That allowed me to go out in public in short skirts and feel pretty and not look tacky.  However, in Spring every year, I let my hair grow back out on my legs.  After that, I am restricted to wearing maxi skirts throughout the Summer if I am to cover up my hairy legs.

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