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Grocery Store and Clothing Store Outing


I went on a short, evening outing.  I stopped by a grocery store and a clothing store.  It was uneventful, except that I made a friend.

I wore my knee-length black skirt with my purple top and a black cardigan.  I wore some jet black Sheer Energy Leggs pantyhose and my black wedges.


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Spanx Pantyhose Review


This is my review of Spanx Firm Believer Sheers! High-Waisted pantyhose.


Front of the Spanx package

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Crossdressed to the Barber Shop


I returned to a barber shop where I have crossdressed many times.  I wore my khaki skirt, my black top that has a built-in cardigan, and my black wedge heels with nude pantyhose.  I felt like I looked rather dapper.

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Special Lunch and Bank Outing


I needed to go to the bank during my lunch break.  I packed an outfit and made it an outing.  I brought my green, white, and blue dress.  I also brought a blue cardigan and my brown heels.  I forgot to bring the belt that I wear with this dress.  I am eager to hear if it is fine without the belt.


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Lunch Outing


Today, I wore a black skirt, a black and gray blouse, with an unbuttoned green shirt as a cover, with my black wedge heels.  I felt good about this outfit.  Sometimes, I thought that the green top did not hang as beautifully as I would have liked for it to hang.  I also tucked in my top, which is not normal for me.  I think I like how it worked out.  I also rediscovered that I love this lined black skirt.  It is not restrictive and it fits well.


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Haircut and Other Errands


I took a long lunch break and completed of a list of errands.  I decided to wear some heels for this outing.  I also wanted to wear my new cardigan.  I wore my black dress, my new brown and black cardigan, my new Spanx pantyhose, and my bootie heels that I bought for a party.  I have only worn these shoes a few times.  I feel a little bit ridiculous in them because of how high they are.  I am a tall man in flats!  Well, this man in a dress and heels went on a marathon of outings in this outfit.


Apparently, I was the only one who felt like my shoes were silly.  Everyone else thought they were fabulous.

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Shopping While Crossdressed


I had a gift card for a department store at the mall.  I had visited the store a couple times in menswear looking for something to buy.  I decided to go back there dressed pretty so that the clerk could help me with some understanding.  I arrived just as they opened to avoid the crowds.  I wore my black skirt, my purple blouse, and my black cardigan.


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