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I Finally Had A Minor Outing!


I recently posted how I have not worn a skirt in a long time.  That helped motivate me to pack up an outfit and go out yesterday.  I took my red A-line skirt and my black top that has a built-in cardigan.  I wore nude pantyhose and black flats.


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It has been over a month…


I have not worn a skirt in over a month…  Something is wrong with me!  My doctor put me on a new medicine that has reduced my motivation to watch what I eat and has reduced my motivation to do several things, including dressing pretty.  I have put on some weight, and I feel like I do not look as good in my outfits.  I still think about dressing up and I still plan on doing it, but when the opportunity arises, I react with, “Not now, it would be too inconvenient,” or something like that.

Otherwise, I am doing fine.

If you would like, I could write posts about all of the things I am doing in menswear.  But, that would be even more boring than the mundane things I do in a skirt.  “Today, I wore blue jeans and got my hair cut.”  “Today, I wore men’s shorts to the grocery store and bought a watermelon.  No one reacted at all!”

Thank you, if you are following my story.  I originally created this blog in order to store my stories in an environment that I have some control over.  These days, when I write (or when I do not write) my posts, I think about the handful of you who interact with my stories.  It is for those kind people that I write this post.  Thank you for finding my silly life worth watching.  Thank you for being kind enough to post comments.

Thank you!!

“I Probably Shouldn’t Say This…”


I was walking through a parking lot and I saw a woman getting out of her car.  She was wearing a green, navy, and white patterned dress.  (It was rather similar to the one I wore here.)  She was wearing low black heels and a green cardigan with it.  I was wearing menswear.  I glanced over at her several times as I approached the building.  She was on her phone.  She did not notice me.

When I got inside I had to wait on the elevator.  She finished her call and walked into the building.  I held the elevator for her.  She got into the elevator and I pressed the button for her.  We started going up to our two different floors.  I looked over and said, “I probably shouldn’t say this, but here goes.  I am a crossdresser and I own a very similar dress.”

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Church and a Event


I had a very free evening (my family is out of town), so I decided to go to a church service in a nearby town while wearing a dress.  It was a little difficult to find a church that was having activities on a Wednesday night.  I wanted to find a church of the same type as the church I grew up in, and with the same type of people that I went to church with.  I could not find a good match.  I did find a somewhat similar church, but not the same.

Consignment Shop

After work, I drove to the same consignment shop where I changed last night .  I stepped in and asked the owner if it was OK if I changed again.  The owner was happy to see me, and she seemed surprised that I had a second dress.  She told me that I was always welcome to change clothes in her shop.

There were at least five customers in her shop.

I went to the dressing room and changed into my patterned, multi-colored, above the knee dress and a black cardigan with my black wedge shoes and nude pantyhose.


Multicolored dress and black wedges with a black cardigan in the consignment shop.

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Swing Dancing!


I decided to go to a nearby town and go swing dancing at a regular event.  I packed my green, navy, and white dress, two pairs of shoes, and my navy cardigan.  I went to work.  By the end of the day at work, I realized that I was not very distracted all day about my plans.  It was not very exciting.  I am becoming accustomed to going out.


Green, blue, and white dress.  Navy Cardigan.  Brown sandal espadrilles.

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What Do The Neighbors Think?


My whole family is going on a trip without me.  Today, after they left, I decided to put on some ladies’ wear and walk around my yard.  I put on some nude pantyhose, dark gray shorts, a white top, and white Keds.  It was not a conspicuously feminine looking outfit.  I went outside and spent some time in the yard.  It was very pleasant.

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A Couple Errands in a Red Skirt


I had a couple of errands to take care of, so… I decided to wear a skirt to do them.  I wore my knee-length red skirt, my black top with a built-in cardigan, and my gray strappy heels.  Basically, it was a non-event.  I felt good in my pretty outfit.  Also, the errands were completed.


Me in a red skirt, black top, and gray heels while standing under a sign that I did not realize was there.  If I have any beauty, there are certainly NO benefits with it!!

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