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Dermatologist Trip 2.0


Three weeks ago, I went to my dermatologist about a spot on my face that looks like a mosquito bite. It has been there for a month or two. I decided to go to the appointment crossdressed. That was my first time going to a medical appointment as a man in a skirt. It was good outing. Today, I had a follow-up appointment. I wore a black dress with brush stroke accents, a taupe cardigan, and black wedge heels. It was good too. I also did quite a few other things.

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A Confession and a Shoe Store Outing


There is something that I have not talked about on my blog. I battle/live with anxiety. I worry and fret. I doubt myself in some large-scale ways. I was not always this way. I used to be confident about some parts of myself — to a fault. Now, I feel like I am inferior. I feel like a failure in many facets of my life. Intellectually, I know that I am not as bad as I feel. Unfortunately, intellectual ideas are not very strong against emotional ideas. For example, no one ever said, “I am convinced that the lion at the bottom of this tree is not hungry, so I will climb down.”

My anxiety has grown strong lately, due to work, I think. I started going to a counselor about it. She has been helping me to stop dwelling on the past, or the future, or the imagined. She is helping me to be mindful about here and now. I am getting better at it. I can pull myself out of anxiety pretty well these days. I have been seeing her for over 7 months. In my first session with her, I told her I was a crossdresser. On many of my visits with her, I have dressed pretty. A couple of times, I had a minor crossdressed outing before or after my meeting. I have not written about these outings to the counselor’s office because I wanted to keep that part of my life private. I was also trying to avoid saying, “I am a crossdresser and I have issues.”

With that background, I went to a meeting today, and I wore a khaki pencil skirt, a white top, and a black and gray striped cardigan with black wedge heels. I wore a pair of my favorite pantyhose that I recently discovered were for sale again, “Shimera everyday sheer pantyhose”. These were not in my ideal color, but they were still very pretty and comfortable.

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May I Have Some Feedback?


According to my wife, I break a lot of blogging “rules”. I am not concise, I do not use a pretty theme, etc. I just write up what happened on my outing, fix the grammar bugs that I can see, and add some pictures when I can. I think my greatest concern is that I write such long posts that some people do not read them.

Is there anything that I should change about my blog? Also, please let me know if there is something that I should NOT change.

You can leave a comment on this page. WordPress allows you to leave anonymous comments. Or, you can e-mail me at (jjjjohanne at If you would like, you could even send me a private message to jjjjohanne on the forum.

Thank you for being out there and knowing I exist! 🙂


Crossdressed at the Dermatologist


I have a spot on the skin of my jaw that has been there for a few months. I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist just in case it is something bad. This office is across town from my home. As the appointment approached, I started getting the idea that I could dress up on this outing. Then, I got the idea that I could go to the dermatologist in a skirt. They probably would not document any lifestyle choices I make onto my chart. So, I did it! It was just fine.

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Invisible in Shorts


I needed to go to my doctor’s office to get some information. It would be a quick in and out visit. I decided to wear some womenswear that might look enough like menswear as to not draw anyone’s attention. I wore some white ladies’ shorts, a black and white striped shirt, nude pantyhose (Leggs Sheer Energy in Light Support so they would be invisible), and white Keds canvas sneakers. As far as I could tell, no one at all perceived that I was crossdressing.

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Friendly Trip to the Blood Bank in a Dress


My work situation changed numerous months ago and it has become difficult for me to make crossdressing outings occur. My wife knows, but she and I do not want our kids, neighbors, and friends to know that I am a crossdresser. So, I have to have enough time to drive rather far away from home in order to feel safe. Today, I had to go on an errand that took me across town. I decided to stop in at the blood bank while wearing a dress during this trip. I was home alone before it was time to go, so I put on my black dress and my beige cardigan with my black flats and packed up some guy clothes and left the house. If you are new here, I do not present myself as a girl. I am just a guy who likes to wear dresses, etc. occasionally.

After I wrote this post, I learned that I had gone out crossdressed on the Transgender Day of Visibility. That is a happy coincidence!

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Crossdressed Grocery Shopping Inception


I have been taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. Therefore, I have not been going out in public very often. This has greatly reduced how much I get to crossdress. Other lifestyle changes have really reduced how many outings I have had as well. I really wanted to dress pretty and get out of the house, but I simply have not been able to for many weeks. I have had a few minor outings, but they were rather insignificant. Today, I had the day off from work and I arranged with my wife for me to go to the next town over and do our regular grocery shopping, while wearing a skirt. I wore my khaki skirt, and a black top. For shoes, I started with black wedge heels, and later, I changed into black flats. I was just a man in a skirt out in public. It was a good outing, but at some points, it felt like that movie, Inception.

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Ten Years Ago


Back in 2012, ten years ago as of this writing, I decided that I wanted to collect the stories of my crossdressing experiences onto a platform that I controlled. I collected experiences that I posted on the two places I primarily posted in those days:

  • LAUF (Legwear As a Unisex Fashion) forum, a forum where men write about wearing pantyhose, tights, and other forms of “legwear” with their menswear. (They will block you if you talk about wearing skirts, or being a “crossdresser”, etc.)
  •, a forum where mostly male-to-female transgender people and crossdressers write about their lives.

I collected all of these stories and attributed dates to them the best that I could. Then, I started backfilling with stories of my earliest crossdressing memories. Eventually, on February 29, 2012, I posted my first post onto this website,

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2021 Christmas Shopping Outing


Every year, I go Christmas shopping while dressed pretty. “Dressed Pretty” == me, as a man, wearing a dress or some other women’s wear. I normally go to a town about an hour away. Last year, I went to a town that was slightly closer, but smaller. This year, I went to a new town because it had a better weather forecast. I wore a black dress, black pantyhose, black shoes, and a deep red cardigan. I have crossdressed in this town once before, when I bought my car. Today’s trip was not very pleasant. There were plenty of very pleasant experiences, but there were some negative ones that overshadowed the whole day. Probably, my attitude was what made it unpleasant, not the negative experiences…

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Tights in a Masculine Halloween Costume


My family went to a few Halloween events. My kids asked me to dress in a super hero costume that I have used for several years. This costume includes black opaque tights. This year, I wore my black Hue Luster Tights instead of the black tights that I normally wear with this costume. The normal tights are matte and more opaque. No one in my family seemed to notice the difference. No one in public mentioned the tights or seemed to pay much attention to them.

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