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Same Dress, Different Day (More Errands)


I had more errands to run, so I left my “go bag” containing my outfit from yesterday’s outings in the car.  I am ashamed to say that I wore the same outfit for two days in a row, but I will defend myself that I only wore it for a few hours total.  Today, I had a few more errands to perform during lunch.  I put back on my green and navy patterned dress, my wedge sandals, and my navy cardigan.

Here is a picture from yesterday:


Green and navy patterned dress, navy cardigan, brown wedge sandals

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Several Errands


I wanted to wear my new green dress.  So, I did.

I had a few errands to run.  I wore my green dress, a navy cardigan, and my brown, espadrilles.  I felt beautiful.  I received numerous compliments.  It was just like Christmas when I wore my red dress with the gray heels.  I am not sure if the compliments are in response to the shoes or the whole outfit.


Green and navy patterned dress, brown espadrilles wedge sandals, and navy cardigan

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Mini Purge


When a crossdresser decides to stop crossdressing, they often will discard all of their feminine articles.  This is commonly known as “purging”.  It eventually is regretted by many people because they return to crossdressing, and they have go shopping to replace their clothes.  There is a blouse that I used to have before one of my purges that I miss sometimes.  It was perfect, and now it is gone.  Yet, I still crossdress.

Well, I performed a mini purge this weekend.  I was not trying to stop crossdressing.  I was just trying to clear out clothes that I simply do not wear any longer.  There were a few items that I did not have the courage to part with.  I might want to wear them again, regardless of the fact that I have not worn them in a long time.

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Errands and Indulgence


I had wanted to have a crossdressing outing over the weekend.  It did not work out.  I had the clothes already in my “go bag”.  I decided to have an outing on Monday instead.  I wore a gray, knee-length skirt, a black and white patterned blouse, and black flats.  I call this my invisible outfit.  I have worn this and felt like people were less likely to give me that familiar glance.  However, this time, I did not feel invisible in it.  I suppose the outfit is more obvious than I realized.

(Please pardon how blurry this picture is.)


My (not so) Invisible Outfit.  I am wearing my new black wedge heels in the picture!

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Lunch, a Haircut, and Some Errands


I have not been out of the house while dressed pretty in a long time!  Furthermore, I have not worn pretty things in the house very much in the last few months.  I have wanted to, but work and life have been squeezing me more than previously.  Well, this week, I needed a haircut.  I determined I would do it in a skirt.  It took me a full week to finally get enough free time to do it.  I also took care of several errands.

For today’s outing, I wore a black and white striped top, a blue jean skirt, and my white canvas Keds sneakers.  I absentmindedly forgot to get a picture of myself.

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Just an Observation


If putting on pantyhose was an Olympic event, doing it with a Band-Aid on your thumb would double the technical difficulty points!

First Time Crossdressing In Public


I have not had many crossdressing outings this year.  Work and life have consumed very much of my time and energy.  This past Sunday, March 31, was the Transgender Day of Visibility.  I would have liked to have gone out in public.  Last year, I went grocery shopping and went to church.  It was not possible this year.  On Monday, I looked on-line for pictures, videos, or stories of people going out on Sunday.  I found nothing from this year.  I read people’s “first time out” stories instead.

That inspired me.  Here is my first time out story:

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