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October 14, 2017


On a recent trip I went on, I traveled on an airplane.  I was seated near the back near two flight attendants.  I bashfully admitted to them that I was a crossdresser.  (I was not dressed pretty at this point in my journey.)  I asked them what brands of pantyhose did they recommend.  One said hers were from Nordstrom.  I believe she said they were the store brand.  They were very pretty.  I decided to drop by a Nordstrom and try some of their pantyhose.

I went to a nearby Nordstrom.  I wore ladies black shorts, my red men’s polo top, nude pantyhose, short white socks and my men’s running shoes.  Beautifully dressed women were everywhere!  Fashionable women shop here.  The clothes on the racks were beautiful.

If you have ever seen the episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza goes to a nightclub full of beautiful women and models, it felt kind of like that.  I had found some secret, mystical world!

I walked through the store.  I found the shoe section.  There was a whole wall of size 12 and size 13 shoes!

I left the shoe section without trying any shoes on.  I saw where the hosiery section was.  As I walked toward it, I continued marveling at the nice outfits women were wearing.  I actually said, “This place is like paradise!”

I only saw one brand of pantyhose in the hosiery section.  The size chart suggested I needed plus size.  Since the next size down was close my size, I decided to ask.  I found a clerk who was roughly sixty years old.  I asked her for help in hosiery.

When we arrived, I said, “Sometimes I wear pantyhose.”  She said, “Alright.”  Her expression changed slightly resembling uncertainty.  I went on explaining that a flight attendant said she was wearing Nordstrom pantyhose.  The store clerk told me that some Nordstrom stores carry fancier brands than this store did.  She showed me the choices.  She told me her experiences with the sizing and the stretchiness.  She took me to another counter where there were only a few pairs of pantyhose in other brands.

I made my selections and thanked her for being understanding.  She told me about a trans customer who presents female who shops there.  She no longer seemed uncertain.

I stood in line with the beautifully dressed customers.  Eventually, it was my turn.  The cashier glanced all the way down me.  I wonder if she noticed my hosed legs after seeing the hose packages in my hands.  If she did, she never gave me any indication of it.

I hope to come back here dressed pretty and ready to shop!  I might need to bring a lot of money.  This place seems expensive!

I went to a restaurant that I have frequented for years in menswear (sometimes twice a week).  I have recently visited this restaurant in a skirt on a couple of occasions.  I ordered food to go.  There is one male employee here who has given my feet long stares when I have crossdressed at this restaurant.  He before looked down to see what I was wearing.  The waitress who took my order also took a couple glances.  They all still treat me like normal, but now they look to see, “What is he wearing now?”

Since this trip occurred, I re-visited this restaurant in all menswear.  I noticed a few glances down to see what I was wearing.  When I left, several people were gathered near the hostess area, similar to a previous visit.  I turned and waved to them all, just like I did the time when all of us were standing in the same places but I was in a skirt.  Just like the other time, they smiled and waved back.  I have never had a destination that I have frequented in both modes of dress.  This is SO intriguing!

Since I have gone to this restaurant a few times in pretty clothes, I think that they treat me the same way as before.  However, I believe that they pay closer attention to me than they used to.  I think I have stopped being one of the many customers, and have become more identifiable.

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  1. Pat Scales permalink

    I admire your discussing pantyhose brands with the flight attendants. I think that for a CD like us it is a soul baring and scary proposition to discuss something like pantyhose but for women it is a normal bit of casual conversation that seems to flow easily and naturally.
    From your trip to Nordstrom’s you learned that fashionable women when out shopping for fashionable clothes will sometime dress fashionable. I have noticed that myself. I suspect it is universal. THe internet if full of collections of WalMart shoppers so I guess it is true at the other end of the spectrum.
    You also learned that the ease of your Nordstrom’s shopping experience was made nicer because the sales associate had prior positive experience with a trans customer who presents female. That 60ish year old sales associate can now add her positive experience with you to her life’s learnings.
    I hope you find the way to patronize Nordstrom’s while dressed. Perhaps you can avail yourself of some of their large collection of large sized shoes.

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