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Intriguing Blogging Boost

November 4, 2018


There is a blog that I follow.  It is called Femulate.  Stana, the blog’s author, posts a couple times per week.  Although, I do not walk the same path as Stana concerning the way I present when I crossdress, I appreciate her content and style.  Apparently, I am not alone.  Stana’s blog is well followed.

Recently, Stana asked people to send in their favorite Halloween picture.  I pondered it and sent in an old image with a link to the blog post on Joeypress from where the image came.  It was a picture of the time I volunteered at a clothing store while crossdressed.

Stana featured my picture in one of her posts and included the link to my blog that I had provided.  Then, this happened:


It was fun to jump from my normal ~250 views by ~80 visitors to over 3000.  It was also rather intriguing, to me.  Notice the views per visitor.  Views per visitor is normally around 2-3.  Sometimes it goes up to 5.  Throughout the boost from Femulate, my views per visitor stayed around 5.  I do not know what this means.  Historically, my views per visitor stay between 2 and 6.  Every now and then, a new reader comes along and I will have a one-day boost where my views per visitor is higher because that one person read many posts.

Perhaps, this pattern is actually an artifact of how WordPress works.  If they count all N blog posts on the screen as being viewed when you come to my homepage, then one visitor reading one post would get me N views for that one visit.

Anyhow, thank you to Stana for featuring my picture and exposing my little blog to her readership.  It was a kind gesture.

If you are interested, that “Followers 65” in the corner did not change much through this experience.  A few people started following, but not many.  Many of those 65 “followers” are other bloggers who have blogs about unrelated topics.  I have always assumed that those bloggers are just trying to enhance their following by associating with numerous other blogs.  I get notices of such new followers when I post a new blog post.  I assume that my new post is on a list of new content somewhere, and these bloggers start following all of the blogs that posted content on that day.  It IS definite proof that the target blog is active, I suppose.

Apparently, a lot of my visits are to the handful of blog posts where I mention Halloween.  A lot of people search using strings such as: “Halloween as a girl”, “crossdresser Halloween story”, etc.

Below is a list of top hits on my page on October 9th.  Apparently, these words and their combinations result in more hits: Halloween, pantyhose, wife, girlfriend, party.  Those posts are normally the ones shown in my “Posts & Pages” section of my WordPress Stats page.

hitlist is a forum where the topic is men incorporating women’s clothing into their masculine lives.  It is a forum for guys like me.  (However, I found out the hard way, if you call doing this “crossdressing”, they will ban your post from the forum.  Apparently, “crossdressing” is NOT what is done there.  They prefer the term “Fashion Freedom”.  I have used that term here on occasions.  It is a good term.  However, I am not offended by the term “crossdressing”.

Once, I posted a picture on Skirt Cafe.  The picture was one I had previously posted on this blog.  One of the members of the forum recognized it.  He said, “Oh, You are Joey from Joeypress.”  It was rather pleasant to be recognized!

I do not blog for money.  When I post on other forums, I do not promote my blog.  Perhaps that is a factor in why by blog does not have the following that Stana’s blog has.  Perhaps her blog is just really good…

I started this blog so that I would have a history of the things I have done stored on a site that is under my own control.  If other forums where I have posted stories of my experiences go away, I will still have my copy of my stories on my blog.

So, I supposedly do not blog for you.  I do it for me.  But… that is not entirely true.  I could just write this in a non-public blog.  I appreciate your comments.  I guess I want to share…  So… maybe I do some of it for you.  🙂

Thank you for visiting!  🙂

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  1. Pat Scales permalink

    Stana’s Femulate has been around for years and is one of the top rated and most visited blogs dealing with folks like us. Her link to your blog under your photo is the key to the spike in visits to your blog. I like both blogs

  2. ADDENDUM: I revisited this blog post and read it. I noticed it had four likes. I clicked on two of them that I did not recognize the avatar. One was for a blog by an Indian woman who writes poetry and develops games. The other was for a recipes/food blog. It is a nice example of what I wrote about in this article.

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