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Quite Black

November 8, 2020


Several days ago, I bought some black opaque tights at the mall. A sales clerk helped me by answering my questions and even making suggestions. I decided to return to the mall to see the sales clerk. I decided to wear a black dress, those black tights, black high heel booties, and an autumn sweater duster back to the mall to see her.

The Tights Purchase

Perhaps it was a year ago that I saw a woman wearing black opaque tights that were shiny. Normally, opaque tights are matte (not shiny). I asked her what brand they were. She said that they were “Hue” brand. I looked for shiny black tights in hosiery section in a couple stores, but everything appeared to be matte styled.

Several days ago, while I was at the mall, I stopped into the hosiery section and saw Hue tights hanging on the wall. I took a look and saw some tights that appeared to be shiny. The label said they were “Luster Tights”. I thought, “I found them!” (Since then, I wrote a review about Hue Luster Tights.)

I asked the nearby sales person if she could answer questions about tights. She said she could. I asked her whether this brand’s sizing ran big or small. She said that the sizing on the package is reliable. I said, “The label says they fit up to six feet tall on the label of both the large size as well as the extra large size. I am slightly taller than that. My weight might work with both sizes as well.” She said I should buy the extra large.

Then, she did something that surprised me. She said that I might want to also consider pantyhose. She went over to the pantyhose and told me that the black pantyhose are also very dark. She proceeded to try to inform me about pantyhose as if this was my first purchase. I told her that I own some black pantyhose already. I was shopping for tights.

She assured me that the extra large tights were my size and she told me they were on sale. I took a pair and she checked me out at the cash register. She was friendly, complimentary, and encouraging. She never expressed any presumptions about why I was purchasing women’s hosiery. She acted like she was so delighted to meet me.

I decided that I would visit her in the store when I eventually wore the tights.

The Mall

Fast forward to the present.

Today, I went into the mall at an entrance where the nearby parking lot was small. I walked into the mall and turned immediately into the clothing racks. I was too close to home to behave confidently. As I walked in, a saleswoman who was talking to another saleswoman stopped mid-sentence. I looked over at her. The woman she was talking joined her by looking at me. Then, they said “Hello,” and returned to their conversation.

I looked around and did not see anyone whom I knew. I made my way around the store, avoiding people. A couple of times, the store narrowed such that I had to walk into the center aisle to get into the next section.

When I got to where the hosiery and other accessories were located, I spotted my salesperson talking to another customer. I busied myself looking around. Once she was free, I walked up to my salesperson.

She was very complimentary. She had a nearby employee give her opinion. “Look at him. Doesn’t he look nice?” The other woman was also complimentary. Her compliments seemed sincere, even though she was kind of force into giving it. I talked to my salesperson for a few minutes. She acted like this was one of the greatest things for her, to have me. She told me that she told her family about me when she got home on the day of my earlier visit to the mall. She wanted to keep in touch. Apparently, I had made a big impression on her.

I asked her to take my picture.


Since it was late, and I never want to stop wearing pretty things after a short time, I went to a restaurant while still dressed pretty. I have eaten here before in a skirt. The owners are quite friendly. As I said, it was late. Only one table in the restaurant was occupied.

I ate in the restaurant. I have not eaten in a restaurant more than five times since March 2020 (COVID-19 pandemic). The waitress told me that she liked my shoes. I asked if it was too much. She said, “No. You look nice. Really, you look great.”

I ate my meal in peace. No one else seemed to pay me any attention. One of the owners arrived. He saw me and said hello.

I finished my meal and paid. I walked out and said good-bye to the owner. When I was by my car, he walked up and started talking to me. I stood on the sidewalk in a dress and heels talking to this man. He mentioned that his wife was arriving.

When she drove in, he went over and talked to her briefly. I waited in my car because I wanted to say hello to her. She came over and greeted me. She hugged me, complimented my outfit, and asked me where I bought my shoes. Then she started talking to me as well. There we were, in public, talking on the sidewalk, with me in a pretty outfit. No one cared. All was well.


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  1. Great outing. Very successful. I love the outfit you are wearing. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. David permalink

    Lovely (as usual) Joey! Nothing better than a little black dress. You wear it well. And the layering with sweater top is such a nice finish. Really a very well done ensemble. Stay well.

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