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Tights in a Masculine Halloween Costume

November 4, 2021


My family went to a few Halloween events. My kids asked me to dress in a super hero costume that I have used for several years. This costume includes black opaque tights. This year, I wore my black Hue Luster Tights instead of the black tights that I normally wear with this costume. The normal tights are matte and more opaque. No one in my family seemed to notice the difference. No one in public mentioned the tights or seemed to pay much attention to them.

These Hue Luster Tights felt better than I remembered. They have flat seams in the panty area and a 4 cm waistband. They stayed in place very well (I put lotion on my legs before dressing). When I took these tights off, I had minimal marks on my body left from them. They did not cut into me.

These Hue Luster Tights are prettier than I remembered. They were not as opaque as my other tights, but they were plenty opaque. Perhaps, if I had leg hairs, you would have been able to see some of them on my upper leg.

While outside in the cool autumnal evening breeze, my legs felt warmer than my upper body. The shirt I was wearing let more air through than my tights.

The tights were very nice to touch. I think that they were as soft and silky as pantyhose. When I rubbed my legs together, they felt similarly nice as support pantyhose.

So, what did I do in my tights? I acted like a super hero in my words and posture. I ate dinner in a restaurant. I went to a church fall festival. I visited my mother’s house. I went trick-or-treating with my children. I watched a little bit of the World Series.

The irony of this manly, hero costume is that most of it is women’s wear! The top is a black stretchy top (seen here). The shorts are my wife’s. The tights are from the women’s department. I was wearing shapewear underneath to help my figure look more trim and young. If it were not for my cape and boots, I would be completely crossdressing in this outfit!

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