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A Couple Errands in a Red Skirt

June 12, 2019


I had a couple of errands to take care of, so… I decided to wear a skirt to do them.  I wore my knee-length red skirt, my black top with a built-in cardigan, and my gray strappy heels.  Basically, it was a non-event.  I felt good in my pretty outfit.  Also, the errands were completed.


Me in a red skirt, black top, and gray heels while standing under a sign that I did not realize was there.  If I have any beauty, there are certainly NO benefits with it!!

Post Office

My first stop was the post office.  I had a package that was too big to drop off in one of the blue outdoor mailboxes.  I was not sure if I was going to have to go in and drop it off at the desk.  The parking lot was half full.  I was surprised at how busy they were.

I got out of my car and walked up the sidewalk.  I looked in the window and did not see anyone that I knew in line.  There were only seven customers.  Maybe only one person was in line.  A woman had entered the building when I was exiting my car.  When I went inside, she was at the mail drop off where I was going.  She turned went around the corner and then looked up from her purse.  She went into the service area.  She never looked at me.

My mail would fit into the drop-off.  I dropped it off.  Then I walked back toward the exit.  A man entered the building, but he looked at something beyond me when walked past.  He might have looked at my face, but he did not notice my outfit.  I exited.  A man walking up the sidewalk might have seen me and then looked away.  I am not sure.  All I saw was him looking at a car.  I entered my car and drove away.  It is entirely possible that no one saw me while I was there.


I stopped in at my bank to deposit a check.  It was almost closing time.  I walked in the door and up to the counter.  Two women were working.  They did not mention my outfit and neither did I.  One woman was very smiley and social.  The woman who was serving me was all business.  She has acted this way even before I came here dressed pretty.  We finished our transaction and then I left.

Beauty Store

I tried a new brand of a cream bleach for bleaching my leg hair.  I wanted to visit the employee who sold it to me, say hello, and mention my experiences with the bleach.  There were two employees working, the female manager and the girl who sold it to me.  We talked for about ten minutes.  They were friendly and talkative.  We only spoke of my outfit briefly.  I gave them my thoughts on my experiences with the bleach (they were positive).  I asked if they would take my picture.  Then I left.

Clothing Store

I stopped in at a clothing store and browsed around.  The employees called to me to welcome me.  There were several employees.  I looked in the shoes for anything in my size.  Then I looked in the tops for anything that I might wear.  While I was looking at the tops, a woman in a dress and wedge heels walked from the dressing room to the dresses area.  She was returning items that she was not going to buy.  When I finished in the tops, I also walked over to the dresses.  At some point, woman in the dress came rather close to me while hanging up dresses.  I looked toward her and said, “I love your dress.”  It was a colorful lightly patterned dress.  It had a similar construction to my green, navy, and white dress.  She thanked me and said, “It’s old!”  We spoke a little more before she finished and walked away.

I finished my browsing.  I walked back toward the exit.  I passed a woman who was walking toward me.  She glanced at my skirt as I walked toward her.  I smiled at her.  She smiled back.  I passed the woman in the dress at another dress rack near the door.  She did not speak to me.  When I opened the door, someone called to me.  I turned.  It was the employees thanking me for coming.  I waved and exited.

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  1. Pat permalink

    Another wonderful outing. I am very proud of what you do.
    I love the skirt and it goes great with the heels.

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