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Second Vaccination in a Skirt

April 24, 2021


A few weeks ago, I received my first COVID-19 vaccination while wearing a dress. It was a pleasant, non-event. (Every outing is a non-event….) I went in for my second vaccination today. I wore a khaki skirt, a blue shirt, a white cardigan, and my black wedges. I think that it would have been better if I had worn some brown shoes with this outfit, but I only have one pair of brown shoes, and they are slightly unpleasant to wear. (I always present male. No bra, no wig, no makeup. I am just a dude in a skirt.)


I arrived at the pharmacy. I walked in and spoke with the lady at the vaccination table. She took my information and updated my vaccination card. She interacted with me like nothing was abnormal. I walked to the back of the pharmacy and found that there was no line. I waited. A woman was seated, receiving her vaccine. She looked at me briefly.

A man came around and asked me to follow him. He seemed less confident in the first minute of our meeting than he did for the rest. Probably, everything became routine once I was seated. He educated me about what I needed to know. He gave me my shot.

Waiting Area

I sat down on an aisle and waited for 15 minutes. This is a requirement because some people have an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine. While I sat, I started speaking to a woman who was also waiting. She had different color paint smears on her blue jeans. I asked her if she was an artist. She was. She told me about her business. She teaches people how to paint and make art. She gave me her card and invited me to her business.

I asked the woman to take my picture. She happily complied.

A man joined us on the aisle. Here I go jumping to conclusions about people… He “looked” like he might be gay. (His mannerisms and his outfit hinted to me that he might be gay.) He had been behind me in line briefly. I wondered if he was looking to sit on the same aisle as me. He came in from the opposite direction as most people. He did not join my conversation with the woman, however.

Eventually, I said “It appears that my 15 minutes are over.” The woman, who had been waiting longer than me got up to leave. The man wished us well.

Clothing Store

I drove to a shopping center where some restaurants are located. I wanted to eat lunch while dressed pretty. The restaurants were rather busy by this point and I chickened out opted not to eat at them. I decided to go to a clothing store. This store seems to target African American clientele. I find African Americans to be more warm and welcoming to me when I am crossdressed. I have shopped here before and occasionally found shoes in my size. I walked in and went to the shoe section.

While I was browsing the shoe section a woman with spectacular hair joined me. I complimented her hair. She thanked me and we started talking. We may have chatted for 15 minutes. Yesterday, the verdict of guilty on all counts was delivered by the jury in the trial about the death of George Floyd. The police officer was found guilty of second degree unintentional murder. This is a major event in the black and brown communities in the US. Apparently, it is rare that a policeman gets punished when he kills a black man. There was a lot of emotion in the community (on either side of the issue). I asked her what she was feeling. She said, “Relief”. She explained that she had been dreading the degree of angst that would have ensued if there had been an acquittal. We continued talking about life, politics, God and faith, etc. I really enjoyed getting to meet her.

I asked the lady to take my picture. Then, I attempted to take a selfie with her, but I failed to take the picture with my no-name GoPro-knock-off camera.

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