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Inside the Bank in a Skirt and Heels

August 7, 2021


We had a collection of checks that needed to be cashed. I packed a long, stretchy skirt with a black and white, brushstroke pattern, a black top, a red cardigan, and my black heels for the errand. My bank is allowing customers to come inside again, for now. So, I left work, changed into my pretty clothes, and looked forward to seeing my bank friends in person for the first time in over a year.


I walked in and encountered an employee near the entrance. She told me that I had to use the Zoom-like teller on the wall. She did not look down at my outfit. An employee who knows me saw me and said, “Hi!” from within her office.

I went to the place for the remote teller. The woman who appeared on the screen is also the person who services the drive-thru. She was friendly as usual. She has gotten her hair cut shorter. During my transaction, a woman and her teenage daughter passed me and used a nearby terminal. They finished before me. Another teenager came into the bank and was standing at a counter near the entrance. When I was finished, I had to walk past this teenager. She looked toward me in a disinterested manner. I stopped at the door of the office of the woman who knows me. We started talking. I stepped inside. Eventually, I sat down. We had a long, pleasant conversation. She complimented my outfit several times. I asked her to take my picture. I committed the rookie mistake of standing in a back-lit setting… We talked some more and then I left.

This skirt always makes me look like my knees point inward. It makes me wonder if, perhaps, they do point inward and I have never noticed! πŸ˜€

Clothing Boutique

I went to a clothing boutique that I occasionally visit. I shopped around some and spoke briefly with the employees. I found nothing that I needed and left.

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  1. Too bad you could not lighten the background as it does look like a great outfit, even in the “dark”

  2. Chris D'Orso permalink

    I am thrilled to have found your blog – we are leading very similar lives, Joey! It’s really wonderful to just be yourself out in the real world. πŸ™‚

    • It is a pleasure to meet you. Welcome. I looked up your name to see if you had a public story. You sound, from what I read on your Instagram, like you are living in a skirt in public around family, friends, and co-workers. I want to know more… Thanks for dropping a comment!

      • Chris D'Orso permalink

        Yes! It’s really wonderful. Happy to talk more – drop me a message any time.

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