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Out and About Donating Blood

August 2, 2021


The blood bank has been pinging me pretty hard about donating. Apparently, the blood supply is critically low. The last time I gave blood was the first time I ever donated blood while dressed pretty. Their need, plus my lovely experience last time, made me excited about going again while crossdressed. I wore a black blouse with white accents, a khaki skirt, nude pantyhose, and black wedge heels. It was very nice. It was better than last time! Three women complimented me, one man sort of hovered around me, and later a woman and her granddaughters talked to me.

Blood Bank

I left work, changed into my pretty outfit, and went to the blood bank. Without much hesitation, I walked in. At the counter, I was asked to fill out some paperwork. I stood beside another man at the front counter while we both filled out the form. I spoke briefly with the woman at the counter.

I went and sat in the lobby with two other men. After a couple minutes, I was called back by a very perky woman. We entered the interview room. She complimented me saying, “You look lovely today!” I mentioned that I was nervous, but she told me that I had to be myself. She took my vitals. My pulse was 101, which was too high. (nerves) 100 is the max acceptable pulse rate. She left me to fill out the questionnaire. She came back and gave me some water to help me relax while I worked on the questionnaire.

After I finished the questionnaire, another woman came into my room. I mentioned that my nerves were why my pulse was high. She checked my pulse rate again. It was 98. She told me that I looked great. She assigned me to a bed. In the bed to my right, there was a woman donating blood. The woman smiled at me and said, “Hello,” as I got onto the bed.

A third woman came to take my blood. She was very sweet and friendly. Me being crossdressed did not seem to be significant at all to her. I really enjoyed talking to her. Eventually, a man came over to check on the woman to my right. He must have been in charge. A young man joined him. I think he may have been a trainee. Then they stood around, waiting. The man in charge took several glances at my legs. That made me self-conscious, because my leg hair is not bleached enough. The hair is somewhat visible at close inspection. A third guy came over and stood nearby too. I do not think that the woman needed that much attention. I wondered if they were there to gawk at me.

I asked my phlebotomist why the woman needed so much attention. She did not know. I looked away from the men toward my phlebotomist. I figured if he is trying to look at me, then he is doing so freely now. After a few moments, I looked back their way. Only in-charge guy was paying me any attention. He was looking at my legs again. He made eye contact with me for a moment and then looked away. Eventually, they went away and the woman to my right continued donating.

I asked my phlebotomist if she ever has crossdressers who donate. She said, “You’re my first.” Then she said, “…but it has been great.” The first two women had complimented me on my appearance. This woman complimented me personally. It was very nice of her. I asked her to take my picture. Once my blood was flowing, she took the picture.

Then, she surprised me and said, “We need to get one of your smile!” and she took a close-up picture.

Eventually, she said that the machine was complaining that I was not bleeding fast enough. She went and got the man in charge. He came back over and started investigating. He started talking to me casually while he was inspecting everything. He lingered for at least ten minutes, until I was almost done. He tried to make conversation with me. “When were you born?” “Do you have big plans this weekend?” Men normally do not go out of their way to make conversation with me when I am crossdressed — or when I am not crossdressed.

Years ago, when I wore a skirt to work on Halloween, one of my co-workers hovered around me a lot. This guy at the blood bank behaved a lot like that. This guy made me wonder if he had some uncommon attraction to what I was doing. My first thoughts were that he might be a crossdresser, or a guy who is attracted to hosiery (whether by wearing it or by appreciating it on others). Later, I thought, he might be homosexual. I did not ask, and I suppose I do not care.

I finished up and went to the snack area. I ate some crackers and drank some water. Two other men eventually joined me in the room. One of the guys started searching for something in the cabinets. I said, “You must be a regular, if you know where to search for things!” He started laughing and said, “Yes.” Otherwise, we all minded our own businesses.

Ice Cream Shop

After giving blood, I decided that I wanted to get some dessert before returning to work. I went to an ice cream shop that I frequent when I am in a skirt.

When I walked in, I encountered a woman standing near the door. I complimented her on her bright purple shoes. She thanked me. At a table, there was a grandmother with two elementary school-age girls. The grandmother was facing away from me, and the girls were facing toward me. I walked up to the counter. In the COVID-19 plastic barrier, I saw the girls’ reflection. They were not looking at me at all. I was impressed. I thought that one of the girls had looked right at me when I entered… Perhaps, she did not see me sufficiently to realize what was going on. Who knows? Perhaps she lives around this stuff…

I ordered my dessert. The employee, who is normally there, greeted me and tried to remember my normal order. She welcomed me back, because it had been a while since I was last there. She told me, “It’s good to see you again!”

I took my dessert and went outside to eat it. After a little while, the grandmother came out and sat at the other outdoor table. She said to the girls that it was too cold in the restaurant for her. They all glanced over and saw me, but none of them did more than glance. I think they still had not seen my outfit. The woman sat down, but the girls kept standing.

One of the girls took another look and saw my shoes. Then she looked away and did not look back. The grandmother started talking to me about their day. They had seen a movie. I asked which one. All three of them started talking to me to answer my question. The girls eventually went back inside. The grandmother was very chatty and kept talking.

When the girls came back outside, the grandmother stood up to leave. She saw my crossed legs. She paused a quarter of a second when she saw them, and then kept on chatting. She told me about other movies that they have seen and recommended them. The girls continued contributing to the conversation. By then, they had all walked past my table and stopped on the other side of me, still talking. I was in full view. It simply did not matter to them. The girls were not amused or distracted by a man in a dress at all.

I continued eating after they left. When I finished, I went inside to discard my trash. “Purple shoes” and her friend were approaching the exit at the same time I was. I held the door for them. They said, “Thank you.” There was no indication that they were concerned with me, until they walked toward my car. The driver eventually realized that she was going to the wrong car. Purple shoes was following her as if she was going to also get in on the driver’s side. They realized their their mistake and mentioned it. I asked, “Oh, so you’re not going to take my car? …OK.” I believe, in retrospect, that they were both very distracted by seeing me and knowing that I was coming out the door behind them, that they could not complete simple tasks easily. Now, THAT is interesting!

We smiled, and said good-bye as they got into their car. Their car was the same color as mine. It was parked beside mine (on the other side).

With that, I went back to work (in men’s wear).

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