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Friendly Trip to the Blood Bank in a Dress

April 3, 2022


My work situation changed numerous months ago and it has become difficult for me to make crossdressing outings occur. My wife knows, but she and I do not want our kids, neighbors, and friends to know that I am a crossdresser. So, I have to have enough time to drive rather far away from home in order to feel safe. Today, I had to go on an errand that took me across town. I decided to stop in at the blood bank while wearing a dress during this trip. I was home alone before it was time to go, so I put on my black dress and my beige cardigan with my black flats and packed up some guy clothes and left the house. If you are new here, I do not present myself as a girl. I am just a guy who likes to wear dresses, etc. occasionally.

After I wrote this post, I learned that I had gone out crossdressed on the Transgender Day of Visibility. That is a happy coincidence!

Leaving the House

Since I had the house to myself, I was able to dress in a comfortable place and leave the house. This is a very special thing to be able to do. However, since I have been able to do this several times recently, I think it is losing its beauty. I took my menswear bag and some other things I needed out to my car. I saw that there was a puddle of rainwater in the garage. I opened the door a few inches in order to squeegee the water out. Then, I got in my car, opened the garage door the rest of the way, and backed out of the garage. Then I saw that my son had forgotten to feed the dog. I paused for a moment. I did not have the nerve to feed the dog in a dress in the open. Only one of my neighbors might see me do this, so it might have been safe… but I did not do it. I texted my wife to make sure it happened when they got back. Then, as I pulled up to the end of my driveway, one of my other neighbors drove up their driveway by my house. Whew! That was a good decision!!

Estate Sale

When I was almost to my destination, I saw a sign for an estate sale. I turned into the neighborhood to go to it. (I do not know if the term “estate sale” is used globally, so I will explain. After someone’s death, their family may have an estate sale and sell the possessions of the deceased person. A “yard sale” is when someone sells possessions they do not want or need. An estate sale is where someone sells possessions that were worth keeping. At an estate sale, one can shop for furniture, tools, appliances, as well as anything else someone would own.)

As I drove, I came upon a house that was surrounded by cars. I assumed that this was it. I drove past it and saw that there were at least 30 cars at this estate sale. “That is too many people,” I thought. I drove by, turned around and passed again on my way to my original destination. On my second pass by the house, I saw a woman that I know. She goes to church with my mother. Whew! Another good decision!!

I should insert here that I often pray before I go on outings that God would keep me safe from being exposed. He has answered my prayer many times. I wonder why He would do such a thing for me… In any case, I wanted to give Him credit. πŸ™‚

Blood Bank Waiting Room

Every time I arrive at the blood bank, I think, “There are lot of cars here today!” When I go in, I do not encounter very many donors. Normally, when I go anywhere less than an hour away from my home, I feel some anxiety about running into someone who knows me. There were a lot of cars today, and I was feeling anxiety. Since the blood bank cares about your blood pressure and your pulse rate. I sat in my car and tried to breathe slowly and relax. In fact, I had been doing breathing exercises during my drive. The last two times I tried to donate blood while dressed pretty, they said my pulse rate was too high. Eventually, during those attempts, my pulse decreased to an acceptable level and I was able to donate. My hope is that I can donate blood without the extra drama of a high pulse.

I walked into the entrance. The woman at the desk asked me to go into the waiting room and fill out the paperwork. Sometimes, I have filled it out at her desk. I attempted to do it this time because the waiting room had at least six people in it. All but one were men. The woman at the desk repeated that I should fill it out in the waiting room. Ugh. I walked into the waiting room and sat near two men in their 60’s. One man looked at me a few times. The other man may have never seen me. They were both using their phones.

I filled out the paperwork and delivered it to the woman at the front. I returned to the same seat. I realized that, in this seat, if anyone came in, I would be the first person that they saw. I regretted returning to this seat. One-by-one other people were called away to donate. I drank a bottle of water while I waited. A pick-up truck drove into the parking lot. I decided that I did not want to be sitting there when the new donor came in. I went to dispose of the water bottle and I walked to the far end of the waiting room and sat down. There was a man and the one woman remaining. I was sitting between them.

After a minute, the woman started talking to me. She was wearing a cute tennis skirt with a print on it and some yellow, high-heeled casual shoes. She commented on how beautiful the decorations in the building were. We started chatting for a little while. The man was called away. We continued talking. I was called away.

Blood Bank Screening Room

I walked into the screening room and joined the young woman. She took my vitals. My pulse was 99 bpm. That is the highest pulse they will allow. I did it in one try this time! The girl was friendly and cheerful. Eventually, she left me to fill out the dreaded blood bank questionnaire. If you have never filled out one of these, they ask you about a million ways if you have any risk of having AIDS or a few other blood-borne diseases. Some of the questions are rather intimate. I answered the questions on the computer and I flipped a switch to signal that I was ready.

A different woman came in and completed the screening process. I commented that I was a bit nervous. She asked, “Is it your first time?” I said, “No, I am a crossdresser and I am dressed up today.” She never looked down at my outfit. I assumed that she had not seen what I was wearing. She just said, “You be you.” She spoke about it for minute, encouraging me not to care about what others think. I told her that I did not want people who know me to know about my crossdressing. Then she said that I was brave. She said, “I would not do it. I’m a chicken!” The moral of this story apparently is: “You be you, but I would never do it!”

Donating Blood

I was directed to an overflow bed. The donor room was full. I got into the chair by the window. I did not like it because I was located where everyone could see me. Promptly, someone got up and left a good bed. One of the employees recommended that I move to the good bed. I was happy about this. It got me out from in front of everyone who was donating, and it let me sit by the chatty woman. We started talking again.

The view from my good bed. The overflow beds are along the windows.

Eventually, a woman started my blood donation. I remembered her from the last time I donated. I donated blood in a crowded room. When the chatty woman got up to leave, I asked her to take my picture. Soon, I finished my donation. The happy girl who took my vitals disconnected me and wrapped me up.

Snack Room

I walked from my bed, across the room, to the snack room. This caused me to have to walk past every donor in the room. I did it without concern. The chatty woman and her husband were finishing up in the snack room. We said good-bye. I thanked her for talking to me. I finished up in the snack room alone.

I returned to my car and went on my way. I changed out of my dress and into my menswear and completed my outing.


Rather recently, I learned what the meaning of Gender Dysphoria is. I recommend that you look it up rather than trust my spotty definition. What I did not know was that dysphoria is a growing discomfort that comes from not living as the gender you are drawn toward being. I have said that I do not suffer from gender dysphoria. I have not had an outing in two months. But I have worn some women’s clothes around the house when I have had a few hours to myself. It is not the same as going out. I felt better after my outing. Sometimes after a significant outing, I will feel a bright, happy feeling for a few days. I had forgotten about that. I felt some of that happiness from this short, one hour outing. It is intriguing.

The older I get, the more I realize that I do not know or understand my own self very well at all.

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  1. I am hoping one day I am as brave as you. I can truly relate to decisions being made that have avoided being put in certain situations.

    • I do not feel brave. πŸ™‚ I think if I felt like I needed to present female, it would be harder to go out. I am taller than most men and I am broad-shouldered. I’m not very pretty or dainty at all! I think it would feel scarier and more embarrassing to go out in public. I have felt some of these feelings when I simply could not put together a good outfit from the clothes that I owned.
      Thank you for visiting and commenting. I do not recognize your name. Welcome!

      • Thank You.
        I have been following you for a bit.
        I too am taller than most, 6’2 broad shouldered,decent sized upper arms ( due to work ) not pretty or dainty ( I do try ). balding,middle aged man,but I do love my pantyhose and skirts and everything that goes along with it.
        I do have wigs now that my hair has started to vacate the premises
        I have gone for drives,walks around the neighborhood and even more recently went to 2 inside the bank ATMs ,but these were all in the evening or at night, very exciting to me.
        I am hoping to expand my outings this year.

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