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Man in a Green Skirt

August 6, 2022


I went to a meeting that I go to every other week. Normally, I crossdress to these meetings. This time, I wore something that I have not worn in a long time, my green maxi skirt. I wore a form-fitting, black tank top, and a black cardigan, and my black, stiletto, bootie heels. All I did was dress up, go to the meeting, change back into menswear, and go home. I was not going to post about it, but my friend told me the skirt deserved to be posted on my blog.

I used to wear maxi skirts with dark pantyhose in the summer because I did not shave my legs during “shorts-wearing season”. Eventually, I discovered the idea of bleaching my leg hair. Now, with my skin-colored leg hair sufficiently hidden under skin-toned pantyhose, I dress the same all year long. My maxi skirts have been neglected. This particular skirt has a lovely fabric. It is SO silky touch. Someone told me that it is called, “liquid knit”. It feels great. It also slides even MORE silkily against a slip. I find that it is an excellent experience every time I wear it. I think that this is the first time I have ever paired it with a black top. The outfit works well, I think.

There is an uncomfortable resemblance in this picture to the painting, “Whistler’s Mother”.

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